On May Day Immigration Action Group Celebrates Ordinance Restricting ICE

The immigration advocacy group Make The Road CT on Friday will conduct a virtual town hall to celebrate passage of the city ordinance “Protection for Bridgeport Families and Immigrants” that codifies Connecticut’s Trust Act limiting communication between the Federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents and local police.

The ordinance was introduced by councilor Marcus Brown who’s challenging State Senator Marilyn Moore in an August Democratic primary.

The ordinance was years in the making with heavy lobbying and public demonstrations by Make The Road CT to make Bridgeport a sanctuary city.

The ordinance also requires the city to train municipal employees on the provisions of the Trust Act and take steps to ensure non-discrimination and inclusion in city services.

“I feel honored to be considered a champion by Make the Road CT on behalf of the immigrant community,” says Brown. “I have stood with and protested with these leaders prior to becoming a councilman and I will continue to fight for our most vulnerable communities in my capacity as an elected official.”

At the virtual town hall Bridgeport immigrants will share what this new ordinance means for them and families and discuss their fight to make their dream a reality, according to a news release issued by Make The Road Connecticut.

“Our victory showed that immigrants like me do have a voice and do have power to make change,” says Bridgeport resident Sonia Hernandez, Make the Road CT Fight Back Organizer. “I am proud of the victory we have been able to achieve. But this is only the beginning.  Our communities work hard to survive, but it’s time for us to thrive. So while we gather on May Day to celebrate, we also are committed to keep fighting to ensure that the City of Bridgeport and City Hall properly and constantly implements this new City Ordinance.“

The virtual forum will take place at 1 p.m.

Online, register here for link

Several City Council members are expected to participate.


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  1. 59-19 Ordinance Committee Report re: Amendment to the Municipal Code of
    Ordinances, Title 2 – Administration and Personnel, amend to add New
    Chapter 2.125 – Trust Act Enforcement.

    Lennie, can you post a copy of Chapter 2.125 ?

    The Trust Act is law in Connecticut, including Bridgeport. Adding it to the Bridgeport Code of Ordinances does not make it more enforceable in Bridgeport.

    It will provide a stage for nitwit Bridgeport city council members to pander to an element of the population in Bridgeport.

    Does Connecticut’s Trust Act include a provision allowing municipalities to require training of its employees on provisions of the Trust Act?
    Has the City Attorneys office signed off on the content of this ordinance as compliant to State laws and is legal?

    Perhaps Sonia Hernandez, Make the Road CT Fight Back Organizer and illegal alien, will provide an update on the status of her pending deportation.


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