1. What’s troubling is that 28 people on OIB can listen to the explanation of 45 and not think that his refusal to call out the hate of neo-nazis, white supremacist and other hate group’s and not think that he has emboldened hate groups. It’s not reasonable to think you can be a member of a group that espouses hate toward another based of race, religion, sexual preference or ethnicity and still be a nice person.

    I absolutely remember after the election of President Barack Obama white America proclaimed that this meant that racism was then a thing of the past. Did It?

  2. Bob, that’s rich come from you.

    Day you and Ron don’t seem to mind hate when if comes to your hatred for Maria.

    Hate is hate. Racism is privilege in American. It’s the path or least resistance to channel the hate that resides within.

    How many family members or people you know don’t take to hate and don’t talk to their family members. It’s not the hate that is the main problem. It’s the level of hate, and the pain and sufferage one inflicts from their blind hatred. How that hate is produced a whole other issue. Good luck with you souls people

    As far as the Confederate flag and statues. Having them on state grounds is like have a British flag fly or King George statues an any capital building. They, the Confederate were a sovereign nation that when to war with American and lost. Just like the British.

        1. That was in January 2010 and the council accepted my apology.
          But I guess you are even so much less of a person to hold this one incident against.
          So don’t even bother. I have much more important things to do than to waste my time on you and this garbage.

          1. Bob . I’m holding anything against you. Please give my one example where Trump is hate group himself. Same garbage Bob. Just sayin. I’m glad the COUNCIL accepted your apology. This this the same COUNCIL you been bashing? SMH

  3. it,
    How many family members or people you know who hate each othe and don’t talk to their own family members. Do they do the out of the love the have for them?

  4. Robert you are severely confused about supposed hate for Maria and our feelings towards Maria. Maria has done absolutely nothing or said anything that would make us hate her. As educated and socially conscience Black men we have learned that you can hate the message and not the messenger.

    We disagree with Maria’s stance of BBOE issues, her attitude toward individuals that disagree with her position on anything and her venom that she publicly displays that we feel isn’t in the best interest of the students she vowed to educate. Make no mistake about it Maria and I aren’t buddies, associate’s or friends, she ain’t coming to my house and I ain’t going to hers, but that’s one helleva ride from hatred. All you can ever glean from OIB about us is our positions on certain issues, not what’s in our hearts, our value system or hate for any person.

    There are people that I don’t respect, none that I hate because that kind of hate is not in me as a person.

    1. Don, what you said is over Robert’s head, hate, who’s got time to hate Maria. I understand that she has had a back operation and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

    2. As socially conscience Black men that learned you can hate the message and not the messenger why is all of this Trumps fault? He’s just the messenger. I said what’s important is the level of hate. I’m not saying yours and Ron’s hatred for Maria rises to the level of violence. It’s not love or affection you have for Maria either, and your feeling for Maria are not solely based on her positions or policies on BBOE. The all powerful Maria, or a fine meal on top of a garbage lid has nothing to with any BBOE position or policy her stands for.

  5. Sooo..as of 8:45 pm 8/17/2017, we know that we have 51 Neo-Nazi,White Supremacist,Anti-Semitic members of OIB. It’s going to be curious how high that number will go.

        1. Ron you are correct “Robert” Walsh is definitely one of the 54. He maybe their leader. I’m glad you and the firebrids supports him after his pure racist tirade. SMH BAM 🙂

        1. LOL If so Ron, Walsh is my leader. I want to thank you and the Firebirds for have my racist leader’s back when he when of script and “vented” his racist tirade. Good Job 🙂

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