St. Vincent’s Medical Center Opens Police Post, Donates Life-Saving Kits

St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation on Wednesday presented the Bridgeport Police Department with 400 individual bleeding control kits for its police officers, a donation valued at $40,000. If an officer suffers a gunshot wound or is otherwise injured in the line of duty, these kits will enable them to apply either self-aid or “buddy” aid to their partners. In addition a ribbon-cutting took place for the new Bridgeport Police Post located in St. Vincent’s Emergency Room providing an improved sense of safety and reducing response time in the event of an emergency. Steve Krauchick of Doing It Local provides video.



  1. What?
    Improve response time?
    What do they think, the police are going to sit on their asses waiting for something to happen?
    Its a nice gesture but it is also a nice PR piece.
    They donate 400 bleeding control kits if an officer is shot in the line of duty. Based on the history of officer shot in the line of duty, this is a 100 year supply.
    Again, nice gesture but really.

  2. This is a nice gesture and of course it is a great PR piece. I understand the institution is in serious financial trouble. I hear they are trying to sell the facility. Yale should take over. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Anything to support the public servants of our community is a good thing!

  3. I’m not a security or police expert by any means, but in my opinion the community is better served by a visible police presence, rather than an indoor police post. Officers should be patrolling the streets for those paying property taxes, not be posted like private security at an institution exempt from the property tax that pays the officers salary.

  4. When did we come up with excess cops for the hospital. This is a joke and a rip off. St V’s needs more than 3 cops or 9 cops depending on staffing. We the tax payer should get better protection than we are getting. This is bullshit

  5. St. Vincent’s Hospital no longer exists. it is now the Bridgeport Location of The Ascencion Hospital Group. I took my mother to the Emergency Room there in June 2017 and police officers on the scene is appropriate because what happened was criminal. Equal Time…… Bridgeport Hospital no longer exists. It’s part of The Yale/NewHaven Health Conglomerate. That is the state of the medical/health industry.

  6. Next question. How many of those opened with pomp and circumstance in the last 25 years are still open?

    Static police officer presence has proven to be ineffective and inefficient.

    This (these) are just Bridgeport taxpayer funded Ganim campaign stunts.

  7. I’m sure the residents of Bridgeport can rest easy now that police are being taken off the streets where there have been over 16 murders and moved to St. V’s. If you should ever have to go to St.V’s and there is a problem you know that the BPD are there to help you as opposed to having them in the street where you know there are problems.
    The person that thought of this still has a job?


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