City Opens Police Post In P.T.

Mayor Joe Ganim and police officials on Thursday opened the city’s latest police post in a first-floor apartment in the P.T. Barnum housing project, joining posts in Trumbull Gardens, the Greene Homes, University of Bridgeport, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, East Main Street, Stratford Avenue, and John Street Downtown. A ninth police post is planned for Marina Village.

CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer has more:

“We want to increase the element of community policing,” Mayor Joseph Ganim said as he, local politicians and members of the media crowded into the new post in a vacant first-floor apartment in the housing project.

“It’s a good idea,” said Darryl Allen, who has been living in the housing project for eight years. “I have kids and later there will be a lot of kids out here–and with all the shooting that sometimes goes on here, it will be good to have a greater police presence.”

Both the mayor and Police Chief Armando Perez acknowledged that the posts, because of financial limitations, won’t be staffed 24/7 but instead will be places officers on patrol can stop to write reports and interview witnesses. Police task forces also can gather there to conduct surveillances and prepare for raids, officials said.

… The previous head of the city’s housing authority reneged on a promise to provide money for additional policing in the housing projects but Ganim said he has gotten a promise from the current administration for $160,000 up front for a possible total of $600,000.

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    1. This is great news for all of the neighborhoods. I know we have been seeing a lot more police presence in the 134th.
      This is a step in the right direction. I am certain that Scot Burns and Rowan kane will make sure that PT residents are well aware of this and hopefully will improve the climate there.

      1. An empty apartment that is open once and awhile for cops to eat their lunch is not a police post. The area needs a few cops walking the beat. And Burns and Kane have probably never even been to PT. The residents don’t know Burns and Kane so how exactly would they communicate with them. Whereas candidates for the 130th Pete Spain and Christina Smith have been to PT, they talk to the residents and have gone there to help. – Madeline

        1. Now, Bepo In the Know. You should know better than that. Burns and Kne have been to PT as Face book attests to. I understnd you are hell bent in support of the other candidates but your comments distorting the truth like Donald Trump does not make it reality. I suppose your follows are akin to to those that watch Fox News. Your insults about a young and upcoming candidate that has a lot to offer is simply just alienating any young people that want to get involved and help steer our city in the right direction.

      2. Just what PT needs,a gay white Jew from the 134th telling the good people of PT how to live and who to vote for! Lol.

        Burns could’nt find PT even if he used his Mercedes GPS.
        Kane just moved into Black Rock three months ago, he’s Danny Roach’s Pick for Councilmen of the month club.
        Ganim and Burns gave Black Rock the largest Tax increase in BR. History.
        So PT tell the gay Jew-boy from the 134th to put an egg in his shoe and beat it!

        1. Jim Fox your racist comments speak volumes as a supporter of Spain and Smith. Volumes. In light of last weeks episodes you would think that your white supremist mentality would be silenced. Like an old tired cocksucker like yourself spends time in PT? I apologize for calling you a cock sucker but sometimes people need to be outed for what they are even if they are in denial. I am glad you are supporting Spain and Smith- you can tell the constituents that you harrassed into voting for Ganim why you are a two faced unforgiving piece of trash. I apologize for that comment also but you are what you are.

          1. You supported Clinton.
            You supported Foster.
            You supported Finch.
            You supported Musto
            You supported Moran
            Need I say more!

          2. Yes Jim , I support Ganim. .. The winners of the election are not always the right choice as you see with Trump- But you can continue to support him- His days are numbered

          3. The Smith Spain campaign condemns abusive or insulting language, especially when it attempts to ridicule someone based on their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or religion.

            There is no place for such disrespectful statements — anywhere.

  1. CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer:
    “We want to increase the element of community policing,” Mayor Joseph Ganim said as he, local politicians and members of the media crowded into the new post in a vacant first-floor apartment in the housing project.

    Here is the key to the whole story:
    “Visibly missing from the press conference were any residents of the housing project.” What the hell is wrong with this picture? Again this is nothing but a photo op and a dog and pony show for Mayor Ganim and Police Chief Perez. The residents have no idea of what’s going on in PT Barnum with this so call police post.

  2. In the current climate where people generally do not want to be seen speaking to the police. The police need to give out cell phone numbers or an email address where they can speak directly to the Officer and not go through that call center. They need to have Officers stationed in the projects walking and riding bikes.

  3. Yesterday the press release from AvHarris read: MAYOR GANIM, CHIEF PEREZ TO LAUNCH COMMUNITY POLICING INITIATIVE AT PT BARNUM APARTMENTS…Bridgeport Police Community Services Division to Cooperate with Patrol Division to Staff Police Posts in Strategic Locations Citywide……(and there at the bottom of the release was the purpose???) Officers will engage the nearby residents for the purposes of needs assessment, community outreach, education and other various services?????

    Who was there? Dan Tepfer for the CT Post at a loss for seeing where residents were. He had to do a walk around to get some comment. No promo to PTBarnum residents at this photo op by Channel 12. Anyone from Park City Communities? No one stepped up to speak for them.
    Denese Taylor-Moye, a Council person and Marina resident spoke.
    State Rep Steve Stafstrom was present. As were City Clerk Lydia Martinez others from City offices. (Missing on this occasion to my eye was Anthony Paoletto, council person, who is usually at these photo ops all over the City.)
    When the speaking was completed Scott Burns appeared, but Rowan Kane was not in sight. Christina Smith, candidate on the Smith-Spain ballot had a conflict and was not present either. Peter Spain candidate was present from the beginning with wife Kate, neither strangers to PT.

    But I did not see Steve Auerbach on this occasion. Readers of OIB have come to understand that each election Steve picks someone to support, regardless of the issues or candidate competence, and begins to spew his “kind words” to all who will listen. Often the words are best ignored.

    This “outpost”, a single unit that has been empty at PT for some years, was reopened yesterday for the convenience of public safety officers of all kinds including Housing police, area task force members, etc. in addition to Bridgeport department members and will allow reports to be drawn up and potty breaks without a return to Police HQ at 300 Congress Street, but those types of activities have nothing to do with engaging with the community, building bridges or any type of community outreach. Had this been its true purpose, maybe one, two or more of the assembled officers could have walked around building #15 and encouraged neighbors to attend the ceremony? Maybe? There was time while we waited for Mayor Ganim to arrive! Is the PD and the Mayor serious about COMMUNITY POLICING? Was there a presence or a phone number available last night when an hour long yelling, screaming disturbance, including an altercation, continued on the other side of building #15? Not!! Bad guys? Quality of life? Photo op? Time will tell.

    1. JML as always I appreciate being mentioned in your often long dry commentary. I understand you and Pete Spain continue to put constituents to sleep with your dry diatribes. But again -Thank you for always making me feel special. You and Jim Fox are 2 very special people and when you support and endorse a candidate it is very special indeed.

      1. Steve,
        Jim Fox and I are different people, with different styles of writing, with different activities for each day, and different senses of humor. Jim makes me laugh often.

        You, sir, have opinions that have little reality outside a narrowing circle. As an American you have a right to those opinions, but you may wish to add some substance, some reality and some genuine care for others to your posturing.

        I like Pete Spain, too, as well as Christina Smith. They will do the entire 130 proud when elected as demonstrated by their previous activities, in the community and beyond. Tell us more about how incumbent Scott did on his 2015 pledges please? And perhaps what special talents Mr.Kane brings to the voters and taxpayers of the 130? Would either of them like to share with the OIB community the variety of housing problems noted in the “wealthy” 130th among residents of PT, the Twin Towers, and other section 8 supported tenants of the district? Scott has been in evidence at PT, at the Towers and in the school. But what difference has that made, and why do conditions there persist? In justice? Perhaps you find my writing too dry because what you are used to sharing is all wet? Time will tell.

        1. JML I think Burns had to make tough decisions. You have to tell people how Spain and Smith will address the money for schools and how they intend to keep taxes down. You have not even taken Kane into consideration. Do tell OIB in a laconic way how Spain and Smith will address the taxes and Schools as well as safety. I am listening. I do not vote in your district. I do know most of the wealthier blackrockers want economic development knowing it is the only way to reduce taxes. By all means in your usual dry way , inform those of us on OIB what Spain and Smith offer for the wealthy and poor constituents of Black Rock. I have not seen them at the PT gathering. did they show up? I must have missed them. I do think it is great you are walking and knocking on doors for Spain and Smith. I am not working outside my district. The North end loves Lyons and Pannicia. I am happy that I am not working on any campaighns. I just believe Kane and Burns will be the best candidates. You however live there and when you talk to residents on the other side of the district, I am sure they will agree with you. Time will tell. I am on my way to a fundraiser here in the Northend , not my district. Just going for the food! If it wasn’t for me- your bloggers would imagine that everyone hates Ganim, Burns and Kane. From the turnout for Burns and Kane the other night , you would think they had support. I guess the Sept. 12 Primary will decide. I have no skin in the game. I was just glad to see so many Greater Bridgeport Young Dems as well as DTC members at the new venue L>A. As well as local residents!!

  4. I’m no expert, but community policing should be having boots on the ground with BPD officers walking, talking and engaging the community to foster a better understanding of the complexities of living in PT as well as that of policing PT. Both have avenues of concerns that can only be addressed and understood with a continuing dialogue between residents and police.

    Until the residents learn that they can trust the police, not fear the police and understand that they can talk to the police it will never get any better for those that have to call PT home. Opening an substation there will have no meaningful impact without instituting my prior comments.

    1. Don, oh how true, trust, trust, how can the residents of PT Barnum trust Mayor Ganim, Police Chief and the police department when they do a photo op about opening a police post and not telling the people who reside there? How can they trust the police with the questions surrounding the shooting of a teenage boy in front of Walgreens?

      Don, this is so true when you said, “Until the residents learn that they can trust the police, not fear the police and understand that they can talk to the police it will never get any better for those that have to call PT home,” and the mayor and the police have gotten off to a terrible start.

  5. How many of those opened with pomp and circumstance in the last 25 years are still open?

    Static police officer presence has proven to be ineffective and inefficient.

    This (these) are just Bridgeport taxpayer funded Ganim campaign stunts.

  6. “Staffer for Ganim, chief had take-home cop car”

    By Brian Lockhart and Cedar Attanasio Updated 1:37 pm, Friday, August 18, 2017

    By Brian Lockhart and Cedar Attanasio

    And yet a 20-something, politically connected civilian employee and sometime driver for Mayor Joe Ganim was improperly allowed to bring one of those unmarked cop cars home for personal use for at least a couple weeks.

    “We like him. We’re trying to look out for him,” said Police Chief Armando “A.J.” Perez of that staffer, Louis Rinaldo. “We made a mistake.”

  7. I read in the Friday post where the Chief say the sub station is a place where cops can write reports and interview witnesses.

    I can’t see any witness who would want to be seen walking in or out of a police substation, especially in any of the projects.

    What world his the Chief living in?

  8. I read the article and you wonder if it was the same detective who was driving the mayor the same one who told this kid it was okay to drive the police car. Is this going to cost that detective his job driving the mayor?

  9. Comm. police are needed in many city neighborhood but politicians in P.T are wasting their time. How many votes can they get? Not many in this hood, not anymore anyway. Many don’t vote or care too & some are not U.S citizens, and others ex-cons that are not allowed. It’s not like the old P.T days!

    1. Here it is Stevie A.

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      1. Oh Jimmie as JML and Maria P. would say-you are too funny. But clearly your talent exceeded even my expectation. Though I appreciate the time it took for you to create that, it would have been easier to help your candidate by answering the question.


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