OIB Poll: Should Trump Agree To Sit Down With Special Counsel?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to news accounts, wants to interview Donald Trump. If you were advising Trump would you recommend an interview with the special counsel?

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  1. If The Donald has nothing to hide it would behoove him to sit down, under oath, to answer Mueller’s questions. While 45’s claims of “there was no collusion” may have some grounding in the truth there is more than enough anecdotal and circumstantial evidence to support a prosecution on obstruction of justice charges. Look at the facts: Trump fired James Comey in an effort to head off the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the ’16 presidential election. Despite Trump’s claims and those of his subordinates that there was no collusion between the campaign and Russian interests the investigation continues nd may bear fruit that may be hard for him to swallow, no matter how much ketchup he pours on it. The New York Times published a story (confirmed by at least four sources) that Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller but backed off. It goes without saying Trump would have committed an impeachable offense by abusing the power of office.

    Even money Trump does not stay in office for a full term. Even if he is not impeached Trump’s political capital will be squandered defending himself. Good.

  2. Closing in on 10 years of increasing interest on the subject of municipal governance, though obviously different from, national governance practices, I call attention to what we call “checks and balances” that keep (or are supposed to keep) the powers of any branch or office from eliminating the powers of others.
    What we see in Bridgeport is a domination by the Mayor’s office in the decades since the last Charter revision. One elected person (unfortunately elected by fewer than 25% of the registered voters) controls the revenue raising process as well as the revenue spending of operational, capital-borrowed, and grants funds. That person, the Mayor, through processes that dumbed down education for and training in responsibilities for each appointed or City Council positions, and left conflicts of interest in place, have to a large part eliminated all voices on important matters locally that would be in opposition to City Hall, to equal rights for all citizens (educations equal to those in other communities of CT), to job opportunities for all people, no matter their race, especially in City employ.
    What would it look like when Ganim2 showed up and allowed an interview or Q&A session on the record with him providing his best answers? We really don’t know, do we? Where is the City plan that clearly outlines clearly his priorities and how they will be carried out by funding changes?
    I cannot believe that the major international power who was a declared and open enemy of the US from my early youth until it folded about 45 years later was the Soviet Union…Russia and fellow traveling countries.
    So, Trump has been doing business there as an American capitalist….and likely the oligarchs who have benefited from the re-distribution of national assets under Putin and participate in an autocracy of sorts are well known to him…but isn’t that too chummy for the 99% of us who donned a uniform to resist undemocratic governments?And wouldn’t the release of his tax returns been an acid test of “money from chums”? The sooner the questions of Russian actions impacting the last election are settled and the country can get down to current issues of importance. Like him or loathe him personally for his style, substance, or daily actions, but we must keep our eyes on maintaining check and balance mechanisms in government. Local and national…..Time will tell.

  3. Oh how fast things change in America, remember when Republicans were always fighting against anything Russia but now they can’t say anything against Russia and remember how Republicans and law enforcement on local, state and on the national level the Justice Department and the FBI were all against Black Lives Matter and their protest against the police killing unarm young black males but now 45 and the Republicans are against Justice Department and the FBI.

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