OIB Poll: Should Ganim Primary Or Support Lamont?

Joe Ganim is trying to petition onto the ballot to wage an August primary for governor against Democratic endorsed Ned Lamont. What should Ganim do?

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  1. Get out of the race! Everyone with half a brain knows that Ned Lamont the millionaire from Geenwich has only Bridgeprt’s best interest at heart. Look at the amazing things Malloy did for Stamford and Rowland did for Waterbury. Why we anyone want Ganim in Hartford doing things for Bridgeport. Lets support Lamont!! We do ot want Bridgeport to resemble Stamford at all and the only way we can guarantee that is vote Lamont. How could anyone support a Mayor of the largest city in the state with the most experience. Ned Lamont has been blessed by being an heir to a JP Morgan fortune and like Trump, supporters know that his wealth and prestige will rub off on them. Of course I am being ridiculous, Lets just be real for a moment. There are may that love Joseph Ganim and those that despise for a myriad of reasons. The bottom line, You hate Joe you vote for him anyway- You love Joe, you are out getting thousands of signatures. Either way, There is only ONE candidate that will make Bridgeport and the Urban agenda a priority. Imagine that. So support Lamont he will put Bridgeport first! NOT. Eva Mendez Zimmermen is young and inexperienced. She is Hispanic and married to a Jew. She is eloquent and aggressive. She is an activist and Union organizer. There may be complicated personal issues with her husband but the truth, she and Ganim do make an excellent ticket and will appear on the same line. It is in the best interests of these 2 candidates to form an alliance. Whatever the outcome, ALL BRIDGEPORT Residents should be signing his petition. The state deserves a choice. Let them debate the Urban agenda. Let Bridgeport enjoy months and months of front page News. Ganim is Bridgeport’s biggest cheerleader and most people signing the petition know why it is important to let Ganim have a chance. Or just sit back, let Lamont move forward and just let the Republicans win. It just makes it easier for Ganim to run again in 4 years when Bridgeport has a better story to tell. Ganim wins either way., But the city of Bridgeport need him up there now promoting an Urban Agenda. We will see. Everyone have a spectacular Memorial day weekend.

    1. The Ganim people that came to me house were asked to leave the property. They did no problem. I dont care who is democratic candidate he will lose.

    2. Steve, you are so drunk from drinking that “Ganim Aid” that Mario serving. You are so out of touch with reality. Steve you were there at the convention and there was no love, no support and no votes for Ganim among those delegates, 87% said no to Joe. Joe Ganim has every right to try to get on the ballot but he’s just slowing down the final result of failure.

      Eva Mendez Zimmermen is NOT supporting Joe Ganim, her name appears on the ballot is by chance, they are NOT a team and she will NOT say that she’s supporting Ganim because she has a big future in the Democratic Party and she’s NOT going to ruin her future behind Joe Ganim. Joe Ganim has NO Urban Agenda, Steve tell us what is that Urban Agenda in Bridgeport is and where is it? The story that Joe Ganim is telling voters is he’s a spoiled rich kid who wants things his way who can’t take defeat and step-dad Mario, can’t help him.

      In the words of that famous American poet, Mister Nelson:

  2. My prediction;Ganim will probably get enough signatures to qualify. He may use that as “trading material” even though I don’t know what he can get(maybe his law license as someone mentioned here). Probably he will go into the primary and he will face an embarrassing defeat which will further endanger any political career.

  3. Best interest at heart? You’ve been out in the sun to long. Him and Byzabitch don’t want a casino and want tolls. How are either of those in the park cities best interest.

  4. @Steve A
    “ALL BRIDGEPORT Residents should be signing his petition.”

    WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only REGISTERED VOTERS should be signing petitions. Only CITIZENS can register to vote. There are many Bridgeport residents who don’t qualify to place valid signatures on the petitions.

      1. Marshall- I think we got this but thank you for the education. You know getting signatures is good for your cardio- And getting to know your neighbors all over the city.

    1. Marshall Marcus- You are correct on Democrats can sign the petition but all of Bridgeport and the suburbs Should want to sign .And I corrected you the the day. Only invalid signatures are thrown out not the entire page. I am certain none of the signatures I have gotten will be tossed. All legit- face to face at their home. I do not stand in front of Grocery stores.

  5. I agree with those who feel that Ganim has ulterior motives.

    I believe that Joe Ganim is using this charade of a campaign as leverage to, as others have suggested, to reinstate his law license.

    The ‘Bridgeport Delegation’ to the Democrat nominating convention were (mostly) just clueless suckers who were used by Ganim.

    1. Well all , I have used up my time until June 30th. So until we chat again. Enjoy the Holiday. I am on my way to start a fantastic weekend and wish you all the same.

      Donald Day, I could be a clueless sucker- I was at the Trumbull Convention for Moore. Does it get more clueless than that? So I understand your question to Tom White completely because like you, I agree with everything Tom White says- NOT!

  6. Taco Bell is the only place where Gamnim’s retail skills have any value. Even so, Ganim’s retail ability is overstated and overrated.
    President Trump never bothered with retail politicking, using public rallies and twitter instead.
    By waging a petition battle, Ganim has already shown his true intentions and the severity of his situation.

  7. An independent with a powerful platform and $million$ campaign chest could garner enough of the R and D “disgusted with the party offerings” vote, scoop up the large block of independents, and become our next governor…

    The R’s had only one reasonable candidate that could have had the cross-appeal needed for a competitive run (David Walker). Now they have only candidates with limited cross support — Boughton and Obsitnik have some cross-appeal, but not much in the way of exciting platforms or name recognition… Forget the other R’s — they’re either scary or yesterday’s news… The D’s have Archie and Veronica, Guy What’s-His-Name of the Tobacco and Liquor Lobby, and a Joe Ganim (Bridgeporter) that has been x-ed out of the race by the Gold Coast Cabal-controlled Connecticut Democratic Party…

    But Connecticut is hurting, and pissed-off at the parties (with damn-good reason!), and is ready to vote for an exciting platform offered by a non-establishment source from a non-establishment perspective… The parties are no-longer trusted and their candidates are not viable in the face of a competent, independent challenge wielding a strong economic-development platform that speaks in terms of the state, as a whole, rather than just Stamford/the Gold Coast… (the present course/ultimate fate of the Connecticut economy — in terms of economic-development focus concentrating on Stamford/the Gold Coast, in the face of overall state economic decline/urban-neglect — can be metaphorically compared to the National Geographic documentary footage of the dead python that strangled as it tried to swallow the also-dead alligator in the Everglades…)

    Time for a change. The Parties have almost succeeded in killing the state of Connecticut…

    1. Jeff, you’re talking and saying nothing especially after your candidate, David Walker, didn’t make it. So now we’re back to your main talking point, Stamford/the Gold Coast.

  8. *** Its important for Dem’s, Local, State & Fed. levels to have strong political candidates without past & present negative political & criminal issues on record, to avoid any excuses that may give the deaf,dumb & blind Republican bail-outs an opportunity to get a win in any of the major POL-office seats across America! GOP’s shameless insecure political actions while in office during & after the Trump election, aswell their continued support or lack of a reality check towards the Trump Admin’s W/H circus like debacles; leaves no room for smart, some-what politically minded voters to support any Republican candidates while Trump & any of his supporters are still in political offices!***

  9. *** Democracy as we have known it!*** You remind me of the circus performer that would place his head in the lions mouth for an audience applause till one day the lion bites him! ***

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