1. Too many women are reluctant to report sexual abuse because they are afraid of the conservative reactions: “Boys will be boys” or “She was asking for it,” etc.

    Kavanaugh is a slime.

    1. Society had no problem in believing grown men who said they were sexual abuse by Catholic priests when they were children which cause Catholic church to payout millions of dollars to these individuals but now there’s a problem when grown women say that they were sexual abuse when they were young girls, there seems to be a problem in believing these women.

      1. Brett Kavanaugh is just another privileged upper middle class reprobate that believes a judgeship is a birthright. Professor Ford came forward and Kavanaugh was reduced to tears. He showed the world he is just another sniveling shit. Totally unqualified to judge a pie eating contest let alone legal cases that effect the lives of every American.

  2. There is no way this person will ever be a fair and impartial judge. If there was a chance before, its gone. Too much to resent. And he will. Keep up pressure now. Not because he is guilty,just because we can never trust that his decisions are not spite based.

      1. That response was spiteful. Imagine how Kavanaugh feels. I never said he was guilty.I just said the point of no return had been reached. He will never be unbiased. The whole process is badly tainted.

  3. Either way he in January 2019 the Democrats will go for impeachment against him either as a Supreme Court member or in his old position if he goes back on the D.C. Appeal Court because the Democrats will be control and that will cause 45 not get to be reelected in 2020.

  4. What will he be impeached for?You dems have got to get your head out of your collective asses. You lost the last election because we had 8 years of Obama bullshit and you ran Hillary

    1. Judges can be impeached, the investigation will continue for Kavanaugh, in fact watch for these women will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday. More information will come out about Kavanaugh plus these 11 white male Senators are so scare that they can’t do there job they were elected to so they had to hired a female attorney to question Dr. Ford, what a joke, they had no problem in questioning Anita Hill.

      1. Remember the Benghazi Investigation by the Republican House of Rep. against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that found nothing against her, well that’s hat is going to happen to Brett Kavanaugh and hopefully as long as the Benghazi Investigation.

        1. From Rolling Stone:

          Despite Kavanaugh’s categorical denials of the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford — who claims Kavanaugh violently sexually assaulted her in high school — and Deborah Ramirez — who claims he pushed his exposed penis into her face against her will while they were students at Yale — the credibility of the accusations seems to strengthen by the day. On Monday, the New York Times published a story about the sexual and alcoholic references on Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook page, belying his claim on Fox News that he spent his devotion to sports and studying while at Georgetown Prep precluded him from partying. He also addressed Ramirez’s accusation while speaking with MacCallum. “If such a thing had happened, it would have been the talk of the campus,” he said. “The women I knew in college and the men I knew in college say it’s inconceivable that I could have done such a thing.”

          The first part of the statement is correct, as Jane Mayer, one of the report’s authors, pointed out on Twitter.

          The fact that people were talking about the incident after it happened is one of the tentpoles of the claim’s credibility. The New Yorker cites multiple students who detail hearing about it second-hand, several of which were able to corroborate the account independently of Ramirez. “We found classmates had been talking about this for weeks,” Mayer said Monday on CBS. “There’d been an email chain of Yale classmates of Kavanaugh talking about ‘will this thing come out’ long before Christine Blasey Ford came forward. We felt the public ought to know about this.”

          Ronan Farrow, the report’s co-author, took care of the second part of Kavanaugh’s defense, that those he knew at the time say “it’s inconceivable that I could have done such a thing.”

          James Roche, a software industry CEO who was Kavanaugh’s roommate at the time, released a statement on Monday to supplement the New Yorker‘s reporting. In it, he wrote about how Kavanaugh was “a notably heavy drinker, even by the standards of the time, and that he became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk.” He went on to note that he became friends with Ramirez and trusts her account. “Based on my time with Debbie, I believe her to be unusually honest and straightforward and I cannot imagine her making this up,” he wrote, adding that he believed “[Kavanaugh] and his social circle were capable of the actions Debbie described.”

  5. ***The republicans have the votes, so what if it takes a few weeks to investigate these past charges. If he’s clear then its a done deal & time to vote! Whats the big hurry before the mid-terms anyway? Both party’s are guilty of wanting there cake when they want it, it serves no purpose but to raise more doubt among voters, no? ***

    1. The best thing for Brett Kavanaugh would be for him to ask for the FBI to do an investigation so that there is no doubt that he didn’t any of these things that other women are saying, plus if these women are lying they would be charged by the FBI, that would be a win, win for Brett Kavanaugh.

          1. Depending the time frame physical evidence is only kept for a few years after conviction and denigrates over years and is useless.
            Someone comes in with a story 10 years old there is not much that can be done in most cases

          2. An FBI investigation of a SCOTUS nominee has a lower evidentiary threshold than a criminal investigation. They don’t have to prove fitness for the job, not guilt or innocence.

  6. Kavanaugh has already been caught in a lies concerning his involvement with the selection process of Judicial nominees during the administration of Bush “43” — including lies about not being involved with the pilfering of Democratic Party e-mails in this regard…

    In regard to allegations against him of sexual assault: There is nothing surprising about such behavior by drunken, rich-kid preppie types… That doesn’t mean that all such types engage in sexual assault, but it does lend itself to taking allegations of sexual assault, by two very credible victim-witnesses, very seriously… Certainly, there should be an FBI investigation prior to testimony about such sexual assaults by these two witnesses, such that the witness testimony can be given within an objective framework… (And it is very difficult to believe that two, middle-aged, professional women, one a very successful academic and social scientist, as well as being a spouse and parent, would want to totally up-end their lives, for any reason, by way of giving false testimony about their private lives of many years ago if there weren’t substance to their allegations… The risks are too great and any possible rewards far too unlikely… They are believable and must be heard…

    It is very doubtful if such witnesses would be properly motivated/conscience-bound to testify against Kavanaugh if he weren’t being appointed to such an extremely-powerful, long-term position of such long-term, national importance… That is why they weren’t motivated to come forward earlier, when he was being considered for much less impactful appointments…

  7. The democrat party obstructionists failed to derail the confirmation by citing issues relating to Kavanaugh’s judicial record, so they switched to a smear campaign.

    Appears that Jeff Kohut has joined the merry band that watches ‘The View’ for unbiased analysis of current events.

    1. The way that the Republicans obstructionist did with Merrick Garland when he was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Obama, they didn’t allow any vote and the Supreme Court had only 8 members on the court for 400 days.

  8. Considering the years Kavanaugh (working under Starr) investigated the Clintons and couldn’t pin anything more on them than lying about sleeping with that woman, and Lock Her Up is still the rallying cry at Trump events, why is he even seen as a credible candidate by the far right? Am I missing something?

  9. If the Senate “plows through” with Kavanaugh’s nomination while ignoring credible reports of his sexual deviancy that’s a cover up.

    The Weinstein effect is in play here. After one woman came forward others followed. There are too many to ignore or dismiss with patronizing chauvinism.

    1. Some of charges that were bought against Bill Cosby go back further than 36 years and these women were drugged and didn’t remember everything that happen to them plus you have 45 saying what he does to women. Now there are three women who have come forward to make charges against Kavanaugh but I hope the Republicans vote Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court, please.

  10. This is getting simply fascinating.
    The best defense he has right now is “I may have been a drunk in high school and college but I sure would have remembered raping a girl wouldn’t I. And if I did but can’t remember than it doesn’t count. Does it? And I really won’t do any of that if you make me a Suprmem Court Justice. Thank you very much”

    1. The only members of Congress supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination are the chauvinistic old boys that have to face the 36% that still believe Trump is doing a great job. Stop embarrassing yourself, Tom. The GOP is goring itself to death.

      1. Tom the kid Mackey Kohut are all people that do exactly as the democrats tell them to do.the kid is so stupid he does not realize democrats will in at least 4 or 5 cases be voting for Kavenaugh.
        The democrats have done nothing for the working people of this ccountry.

    2. That’s great, one less highly educated fool who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else, that’s why the Republican Party in Bridgeport will always be a joke with members like Tom White always being right, white.

      1. The republican party will always be at the bottom of the barrel because we have an 80% + [- minority population. They believe their reverends and anything they have to say. Many of the reverends are helped financially by who ever is mayor.
        these politicians year after year come into the minority districts like fucking Santa clause and promises the people the world. In the end they get bubkus.
        Lets see what gets done with all our state reps minus 1 minority, the majority of the council is minority as are all boards and commissions and the BOE. HOW ARE WE DOING???
        i have voted democratic for the past 57 years!!! NEVER AGAIN

        1. Andy, let’s say that everything that you are saying is true, why should any black support and vote for a Republican anywhere in America? Even Colin Powell who is a black Republican couldn’t support 45 for President, in fact you don’t even hear or see him anymore and the same for Condoleeza Rice.

          1. Coldoleeza Rice just testified before congress last week she is very active. No one knows where Powell is but he is up in age. Ron you da
            nced around what I wrote.

          2. BTW Ron now that I and every white or non black or hispanic want is th minority benefits as we are by and far the minority population of Bridgeport.

          3. Andy, you are the one making the statement about how blacks are being used by Democrats so tell me what are the advances of being a Republican for blacks and tell a few things that they have to help blacks with having voting rights.

          4. Brett Kavanaugh served as White House Staff Secretary while Rice was Secretary of State for President George W. Bush and Rice was also President Bush’s National Security Advisor and with this background and experience Ms Rice has no involvement with President 45. Ms Rice serve on the College Football Playoff committee as a members until 2016. You would think that someone like Ms Rice would be a role model for the Republican Party along with Colin Powell, I wonder why they are not.

        2. ***Stop crying Andy while you & yours were active in the dem. party you got some political breaks, etc.. now that your not active anymore they can’t do anything right & its the minorities fault. You claim to be a nationalist now & have your blinders on preaching Trumps dumb ass policys & circus performances as being great for america! You spew your name calling on OIB but never go to any of its fuctions; I wonder why? Maybe someone there will finally put a pie in your wrinkled dry face! Somebody stop the world & let raggedy Andy get off he’s tired & needs a nap. ***

          1. Hey dumb ass tell me one political break me and mine got for being active dems> Come on make something up.Why should I go to the functions I dont agree with most of you do nothings
            .I dont like what you write so what makes you think I would enjoys talking to you?Maybe you can try just come on over your threats mean nothing. If I cant handle it my so will be glad to do it

  11. So Andy,

    Brett Kavanaugh broke down during the Senate Judicial Committee hearing, blamed the Clintons for all his trouble. Broke down and bawled like a calf being weaned from mother’s milk. He cried and moaned and sniveled because he saw his privilege circling the bowl. He was not brought down by the Clintons. He was called out by 5 women that have the strength and fortitude Kavanaugh will never have.

    1. Brett Kavanaugh did his version of Clarence Thomas of crying every time he mention his father just like Thomas did about his grandfather, hell, when Thomas got finish talking about his grandfather I was to vote for Thomas grandfather. Brett Kavanaugh will get the votes to get on the Supreme Court because the Republicans don’t mind losing the 2018 and 2020 elections because the Supreme Court is that important to them. Brett Kavanaugh was unhinge, he truly lost it and this guy is going to be fair when a Democrat lawyer comes before the Supreme Court, hell no, this man was bitter and angry and he played to 45’s base. Lindsey Graham really was unhinge, he’s now 45’s new best friend, I hope he took his meds after this performance.

      1. You know Mackey if only once you could get something right. Graham responded to outlandish requests an statement made by Durbine and another senator.BTW numbnuts Graham voted for the last two dems before the court

    2. 4 of those women stories have been found to have no basis in fact. In fact the one who stated that she saw Kavenaugh at 10 rape parties opened herself up to charges as well as civil suits.
      Your hero stated she was afraid to fly yet she has flown all over the world. She say she told noone other than her husband about the attack but then went on to say she talked to people on the beach about her story and then decided to write the letter.Now she is trying to control this sham second investigation. Enough is Enough

  12. Hey kid what were you watching he got emotional talking about his kids and his wife. Is that a fucking sin. The person who got attacked provided 3 witnesses who the FBI said did not know her and did not see what she happened,
    Today is a proud day for democrats They questioned a supreme court nominee on his high school year book and its contents. Sorry kid I know you dont have a year book.
    Ou senator Bloomanthal should be ashamed of himself his questions were stupid and so was he.
    My all time favorite black ass hole corey Booker did another great job of looking like an ass hole.
    I watched almost the entire hearing and the dems got their heads handed to them. They made the MCCarthy hearings look like Sunday Mass

  13. What America saw yesterday was Brett Kavanaugh acting like President 45, attacking the Clintons, the media, the Democrats, the Democrats on the committee challenging them on how much beer do they drink. Kavanaugh acted like a true Republican political operative. Kavanaugh was asked 17 times for him to call for the President to have the FBI to do an investigation to clear is name but Kavanaugh doesn’t want Mark Judge his beer drinking buddy clear Kavanaugh and his family from the embarrassment and Kavanaugh could say that everything was looked into and that he’s telling the true but no, he doesn’t want that to happen. Is this the temperament of someone to sit as a Justice on the Supreme Court, hell no but the Republican Party will sell their soul especially those white female Senators to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

  14. Here is a look at 2 of the democrats favorite sons.
    1. Corey Booker admitted to sexual assault as a grammar school student

    2. Dick Bluementhal stated yesterday once a liar always a liar. Did he forget the lies he told about serving in combat during Vietnam.


          1. The point is you brought up Ted Cruz’s father I did not I was talking about to people involved in this sham

          2. Andy, do you think that Brett Kavanaugh has the temperament of someone to sit as a Justice on the Supreme Court and to be fair and unbiased in making decision after his pro Republican Party comments and anti-Democratic Party and his blaming the Clintons, blaming the Clintons, what did the Clintons do to him?

  15. It is Clinton Pac money along with money from George Soros and former Mayor Blumburg that are funding these protesters and paying people to harass Kavenaugh and his family.
    Ron let me ask you how would you react if people you dont even know came after you and your family? How would you react if some women said she saw you at 10 different rape parties. How would you react with the treatment the ass wipes in the senate gave him. Everyone of those senators deserve to be fired. If you say you would keep still when given the chance to talk then you are a bigger bitch than I thought you were

    1. I would want the best investigation around to bring out the facts that charges made against me are not true. Even if all of the charges against Brett Kavanaugh are found to be not true there is no way that Brett Kavanaugh has the temperament to sit as a Justice on the Supreme Court and to be fair and unbiased in making decision after his pro Republican Party comments and anti-Democratic Party out of control and unhinge job interview in front of millions of Americans. What is in it for Dr. Ford to come forward to tell her story? There are many other conservative Republican candidates that 45 can select to be on the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh should working in the White House along with Steven Miller like he did when he was working for President George W Bush

  16. You know Ron you never answered the question .How would you react if you and your family were attacked like he was. Now they are going after his coaching of basketball time with his daughter and her friends. Read below

    1. Andy, I did answer your question, I said, “I would want the best investigation around to bring out the facts that charges made against me are not true.”

      Brett Kavanaugh is in the similar situation as Bill Cosby, remember that some of those women didn’t remember a lot of things that happen to them but he was found guilty and some of those charges were longer than 36 years. Andy what if Dr. Ford had acted the exact same way as Kavanaugh and said the exact same thing to the Republican Senators do you think that it would judge the same way?

  17. I am going to write this and I know piss off a bunch of people but whats right is right:
    Dr Ford came forward 36 years after the alleged incident
    Dr Ford never filed a police report
    Dr Ford never told her parents
    Dr Ford never told a friend
    Dr Ford has no medical prove an assault happened
    Dr Ford The first person she told was her husband
    Dr Ford Three of her witnesses have stated she is wrong and they know nothing about her alleged claims
    Dr Ford 36 years she waited until this man was nominated to the second most powerful job in America.
    Dr Ford I fairness she did not want this information made public but Senator Feinstien or one of her employees leaked her letter
    Dr Ford has not provided any credible evidence this incident happened
    Does all this mean that any man at any time with no evidence can be accused of the same thing and we are to consider him automatically guilty?
    The democratic senators on this committee are the lowest of the low. Blumenthal you are a Schumer piss boy.
    Now I understand the dems are going after the judges coaching record. Are we going to take sworn statements from kids.The dems are low life pieces of shit

    1. Andy, let’s say that everything that you said is right, everything, so I’m giving you that, there is no way that Brett Kavanaugh should serve on the Supreme Court base on his wild outburst,his pro Republican Party comments and anti-Democratic Party out of control and unhinge job interview in front of millions of Americans. Kavanaugh demonstrated that he can not be fair and objectivity to serve on the highest court in America for a life time. Lindsey Graham needs to stop his campaign for the Attorney General after 45 gets rid of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Graham has turned his back on John McCain legacy.

  18. Ron how many times do I have to respond to your non answer. Kavenaugh is a Republican just like Ginsburg and Soto Mayer are democrats.
    What now the democratic party is made up of victims? Let me tell you those Dems on the panel that did the questioning should all resign they are not examples of what is america they are examples of what has been screwing the poor in this country.
    I said in an earlier post after 57 years of voting democratic and working for the party I am changing affiliations because I dont want to be linked to people like Feinstein or Bluementhal

    1. Andy my reason for saying Kavanaugh and his wild outburst, his pro Republican Party comments and anti-Democratic Party out of control and unhinge job interview in front of millions of Americans is because that has NEVER happen before that any candidate having a job interview for the Supreme Court actually attacking another political party and attacking individuals. Andy that would a great move for you to make by becoming a Republican. Candidate 45 won by playing the victims card that white males were losing their power in America to those “other” people who don’t look like you and 45 and that it’s time to take their America back and go back to old ways like in the 1930’s and ’40’s where women couldn’t vote just like blacks and blacks were second class citizens.

        1. So Andy, why was Kavanaugh answering questions from the Senators? He’s was up for a promotion where the U.S. Senate has a legal role with “advise and consent.”

  19. *** You cannot reason with the devil that wears blinders cause his vision is tunneled. Only see’s what they want to see & hear what they want to hear. Its heart is filled with fear & malice and will say & do anything to defend its ways. Its tactics is to create doubt & confusion while spreading its hate! Rhyme & reason nor the thought of morality can reach its senses, for their is none. It uses the freedom of those that shed there blood to defend it, as an excuse to push their propaganda for their own selfish benefits for change, good or bad is not in their way of thinking. So to those that still have a heart & soul, I say do not despair for good will always conquer evil & light will over shadow darkness in the end! ***WHAT SAY YOU***

        1. *** Raggedy andy went to the 8th grade at age 16,then on to a girls high-school & graduated, wow! Got a political break to get on the Bpt. F/D & was a lone wolf not liked by the rake & file for he was quick with his mouth yet showed no real back-bone! This is obviously a fictional story for those that may find it amusing, no? ***

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