Lamont Will Slam Brakes On Runaway DMV

Lamont in car
Lamont, DMV needs new engine.

There’s the story of the mugger who cleans out a man’s belongings. The victim looks at the mugger and says, “Can I keep my license? You know how the motor vehicle department is.” License restored. Speaking of mugging, Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont says we’ve been mugged plenty by the DMV. Opening new express centers, extending licenses and registrations, customer-friendly technology, limiting visits and increasing accountability are some of the reforms he pledged in a proposal released on Monday “to make the backwards agency more efficient and cost-effective while delivering 21st century services to Connecticut residents.” See here. As Lamont notes, some people have to take a day off from work to navigate the DMV.

From Lamont:

Let’s be honest–nobody likes going to the DMV. Wait times regularly turn what should be a quick visit into a daylong ordeal. Residents who should be treated as well as customers at any private business are subjected to extended delays, confusing requirements, and poor service. Errands that require 10 minutes in other states require a day off work in Connecticut. Even efforts to upgrade the system become mired in delay and disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

… “The DMV is emblematic of state government. It’s stuck in the past, it’s archaic, and it needs to be brought into the 21st century. Long wait times, backwards processes, and dysfunctional computer systems–we need to change how we do business. This single agency is one of the most common interactions between Connecticut families and their government, and they’ve been let down by bureaucracy. My plan will fundamentally transform how the DMV does business,” Lamont said. “This is about bringing a broken agency into the future and giving Connecticut residents the services they deserve.”

If elected, Lamont will conduct a top-to-bottom review to reduce costs, extend license and registration renewals, decrease wait times and equip town halls to provide simple services.

“If we want to lower wait times, our rules need to be guided by common sense and must aim to fundamentally limit the amount of times a resident has to actually go to a branch. That will not only save Connecticut money, but also improve quality of life,” Lamont said.



  1. Where’s Lamont’s memory?
    Ayala and Murphy were two prominent Democrats who tried in vain to repair The DMV.
    I am unconvinced Lamont can fix what Malloy’s appointees could not.
    Lamont is unwise to even mention the DMV. Maybe he needs new advisers.

  2. *** It didn”t seem that the problem was the commissioners, but the new I.T computer system that was agreed to by the State. The 2-pass commissioners were the scape-goats blamed by anti-political adversaries, etc… ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

  3. Connecticut spent millions on the new software’s installation at all DMV locations and even Lamont is upset.

    Lamont: “I don’t need a state-owned car. This one is just fine”.

    Connecticut voters: “I need a license plate, right? But the DMV is an expensive hassle”.

  4. I recently renewed my license at the DMV using the new process – you know – the one where the DMV takes my money and my picture and someone else sends me my license. I arrived at 8:55 AM. my number was called at 10:55 AM. I spent all of maybe 7 minutes if I spent THAT long getting my picture taken. my license arrived within the week. if the DMC isn’t processing the licenses, why does it still take 2 hours to get my picture taken???

    1. Lisa, a year ago this past March it took five hours for me to get my license renewed, and another 15 minutes to get a picture taken. If fixing the MVD is all he does it would be a miracle. And, I’m not placing blame on any Commissioner.

  5. Connecticut or rather Malloy stopped me from getting my driver’s license renewed at the AAA office and they just stopped those from Fairfield and New Haven counties from this benefit. This added many more people to the lines at the DMV for this service that AAA was more than happy to do for their customers. Ned, handle that please.

      1. Lisa…I called the AAA office in Milford in mid August to see if I could renew my license there before I went to the DMV. No, not at all! I complained to the clerk behind the DMV counter. her response was that AAA wanted to charge me more and DMV was not going to allow me to spend extra money. Better I should waste 2 hours in the DMV than spend 1 extra cent at AAA – even if that extra money would get me in and out in 10 minutes. of course, I could drive to any of the other 6 remaining counties in CT to renew my driver’s license – I just can’t do it here.

  6. So, Candidate Lamont, lacking any real plan, other than “more of the same,” has resorted to beating the dead, DMV horse in order to distract voters from the “whoosh” sound of businesses and middle-class residents fleeing the state…

    Lack-luster Lamont strikes again…

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  8. Ken Dixon: ‘When will Stefanowski start running?’

    Stefanowski ignores questions that are uncomfortable. He defaults to a standard mantra. “I’m lowering taxes and Ned Lamont is raising taxes,” Stefanowski says. “That’s what this race is gonna come down to. I don’t think the argument is about what the details of people’s plans (are). This is a stark contrast.”

    Fred Carstensen, professor of finance at UConn, who heads the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, told me that the alleged tax-cutting-spurs-growth idea that Laffer espouses is a fraud that caused real damage in states such as Kansas.

    “No serious economist takes Laffer seriously,” Carstensen said. “I don’t know a single person who takes it seriously. Of course, the Laffer approach would eviscerate education, as it has in several states that went to four-day school weeks and slashed all kinds of programs, stopped buying new textbooks, etc. It would also eviscerate investments in infrastructure.”

  9. Broad strokes.
    No mention of privatization.
    Must work within the constraints of the State employee union contracts.
    “I will charge the commissioner with ……….”. Good luck.

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