1. I only got myself plowed out today and have not yet been out and about yet but hear that roads were in relatively good shape. The road on the side of my house appears to be well plowed, however the street in front of me suffered from folks not following the alternate side of the street parking preventing the plows from doing their job properly.

    1. Same think in Black Rock. One guy had his car buried by successive passes of the plowing truck. Took 45 minutes of digging to get it out, plus a jump start.

  2. The streets where the homes are more likely to have driveways and garages are just fine. Unfortunately these are in the minority in Bridgeport. The streets are passable, but in the more dense multi-family areas it can get tough passing between both sides of parking and snow piles. This is true in surrounding towns. I think the public works did OK.

  3. The city ordinance is clear, the sidewalks are to be made passable. I have to wonder why the police department or whichever relevent agency is not out citing the prpoerty and business owners of Black Rock for not clearing snow, like the apartment building a few doors up from Matty’s Corner. Oh right, Paul Ganim owns that one…

  4. I was in Bridgeport yesterday, went downtown to the ATM and headed to Stratford Ave to the club that I’m a member. The snow removal along Stratford Ave was impeccably done from downtown, past Bass Pro to the thru-way entrances. Yet when you go under the overpass where the color of the Avenue changes it was a mess.

    Why is that Mayor Ganim, why don’t the Black and Puerto Ricans along Stratford Ave get the same level of service as Bass Pro? Why don’t the homeowners and businesses get the same level of service as Bass Pro? Ernie, Enida and Ralph what’s up with that? Don’t bother the question is rhetorical.

    1. Don, nothing new here, you think seeing that Stratford Ave. and Connecticut Ave. are both one way streets that there were would street signs stating the snow emergency rules about parking on the opposite side of the street. There were times when the State would plow certain city streets if they were able.

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