1. I did not vote in the OIB poll since none of the choices reflected my view. I am just so sick and tired of this most hideous Presidential election. I am going to vote for Clinton because she is the most closest to my political views. Trump is abhorrent, an anomaly for the history books. I will not waste my vote on the quadrennial third-party candidates. Third parties need to be year-long every-year organizations with gubernatorial and local candidates and actually elected officials. No third party even comes close. Third parties are Presidential circus shows where we can wring our hands every four years and complain about the “deficiencies” of our two-party system. I’ve stop watching any political news. Absolutely sick and tired.

    1. These Presidential campaigns have become insufferably and interminably long. This Presidential cycle began after the 2014 Mid-Term elections so we are looking at a two-year Presidential race. Our “leaders” have lost the Art of Governing and all are in a state of perpetual campaigning. As it is, some political commentators have begun to talk about the 2020 Presidential Elections!

    1. Bob, were you against the attorney general a few weeks ago when he gave Hillary what amounts to a pass on the emails?
      Were you hollering when Clinton illegally met with the AG for 40 minutes on an airport runway?
      Were you upset when the Dems nominated a person under federal investigation for president? Thieves get caught eventually. WE KNOW HER PRESIDENCY WILL BE ONE BIG INVESTIGATION.

  2. Lennie,
    Some of us are over it already. If you know you will be out of town on election day, the alternative of visiting the Town Clerk’s office is open to you. Complete and sign your request to vote as absentee, wait a few moments for the office to prep your ballot and envelopes, follow the instructions and complete the official ballot.

    The election is now a thing of the past. TV watching is OPTIONAL, now. Life goes on. The results will inundate us in a week, but the coming eight days are a genuine vacation. So election emotions are over for the year. Save some energy for after Election Day. The community needs saving as much as ever. Time will tell.


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