Newton Returns To City Council, Library Question Passes

Newton maroon
Ernie Newton back in City Council.

Third time’s the charm for Ernie Newton, according to unofficial returns. The self-proclaimed Moses of his people lost a close Democratic primary for State Senate to Andres Ayala in 2012, lost a State House primary to Andre Baker in 2014. Tuesday night he reclaimed handily his old East End City Council seat that launched his political career in 1981 and then quick ascension to City Council president.

In 2005 Newton was forced from his State Senate seat following his plea on public corruption charges. He was sentenced to five years and didn’t miss a beat in his return to city politics. A scramble is on to select a new  council president the first week of December.

Newton is appealing his six-month sentence in 2015 following his conviction on state campaign finance charges stemming from his 2012 State Senate run.

Incumbent Eneida Martinez also was reelected, according to unofficial returns.

Also, according to unofficial returns, the library question seeking 1.3 mils to finance the system passed handily.



  1. Ernie has had his problems, but he will give a strong voice to the East End and hopefully with the CC’s new editions a tide will roll into Bridgeport that lifts all districts!

    1. DC Faber, he is going to have problems with people on this blog. He will get more question from JML than he got from all investigators he has come in contact with.

      1. Both Ken Flatto and Nester Nkwo predicted gloom and doom over the Library question. The people of Bridgeport have made their voice heard. Both should resign. Ganim will be taken care of in 2019.

        1. Ken Flatto is a whore, loyal to whoever is responsible for his employment. I wouldn’t trust him for the time of day. All the “doom and gloom” shit about the library referendum, please… If taxes go up it will be clear Joe Ganim cannot serve two masters. It’s either the Democratic Town Committee chairman or the people of the city if Bridgeport.  Trim the fat, Joe. Cut the bullshit jobs from the payroll, cut the unnecessary expenditures. You promised transparency. Let’s see if you remember to know how to cut the crap.

          1. Ken Flatto has a skill set that indicates experience in public accounting as in governmental fiscal affairs. He has also faced voters at election time and survived the experience and served.

            He is currently employed by the City of Bridgeport as Finance Director (and along with Nestor Nkwo, director of the Office of Policy Management) has become the public face of money issues for the City.

            The words of these gentlemen regarding the Library issue is a consequence of their City employment with Ganim2 calling the shots, then their personal regard for the damage of loss of millions from the State to the current budget relative to a potential $1 Million increase in the 2018-19 budget from a voter favored referendum. This is the CONFLICT OF INTEREST struggle that faces folks when your boss gives you instructions that may run counter to your personal instincts and beliefs, isn’t it?

            Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules! And if someone has appointed you to a job or placed you in a position of influence and power where your income resource may be put at risk, then you follow their direction.

            Name calling in such instances may be less effective than to remember that these gentlemen are conflicted as a foundational principle, and may be releasing a partial truth that is made to sound like a whole truth. Ganim2 is a pro at that. Question authority and the statements that are made? Time will tell.

  2. Congratulations Ernie on your victory. Just remember my brother the people elected you without the help or endorsement of the party and they fully elect you to govern without the best interest of the party in mind. This election was by the people, for the people and they have spoken now it’s up to you to answer their call. Good luck Brother.

  3. Ernie, congratulation, remember you don’t owe Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa anything so don’t start now kissing up to either one of them. Ernie, stay OFF of Only In Bridgeport and do your job serving your district.

  4. Just great another convicted political criminal elected to the council. The people of the east side are getting what they deserve. I wonder who will serve in Newtons place if he gets sent to o prison again for a politically connected crime. You mean these residents dont have a better candidate? Shame on Bridgeport

  5. The people of the City have spoken to fund their Library System appropriately, providing resources fairly and justly throughout the City. The Finch administration attempted to silence that community undercurrent when the Library referendum was first raised. It was a Finch defeat, the first of several.
    So the bridge of understanding and cooperation that should obtain between Library “trustees” and City administration was nowhere in forceful public evidence for the past two years and those trustees decided to use the same tactic from the CT statutory playbook.
    And the administration responded by letting Joel Gonzalez become the voice of opposition to a YES vote? And he claimed that my support for re-setting the Library budget back on par with where it was previous to the revaluation, about $1 Million higher than current, made be a “rapist of democracy”? And robo calls from Waterbury CT by the DTC according to listeners urged, among other things, to vote NO on library budget? And the DTC spent how much money on that, Mario Testa? And the 90 members of the DTC of course had met together to discuss this anti-public financing question, and voted on it publicly, not in secrecy? And the NO vote proponents objected to the stealth and assumed conspiracy of the referendum sponsors? Can your imagination conjure up such absurd “management” of public business? If it can, perhaps you can write a local work of fiction to be offered by the Bridgeport Public Library? Time will tell.

  6. i guess im just an ass……bpt you deserve everything you deserve and has gotton over all these miserable years……Ernie Newton …really…..holding a seat after his past…….don’t give me this everyone deserves a 2nd chance crap……AGAIN1 STEP FORWARD 3 STEPS BACK….CONGRATS BPT.

  7. The people of the East End don’t owe your punk ass an explanation about who they elect or why they voted for Ernie. Let me tell your punk ass something the residents of the East End know that Ernie isn’t without his faults, but they also know that anytime they call, Ernie is there for them. How many other CC members that don’t have the baggage of Ernie ignore their constituents after being elected?

    Ernie may not be your preference, but who goes a Damn because you don’t live in his district.

  8. Day you are the only Punk Ass on this blog. You were that way on the FD and you are that way here. BTW who was the black Fire Capt seen sniffing coke at Newfield park while in uniform

  9. Day why dont you just say Andy Fardy when you are writing some of the lies and racists bull shit you write. Why dont you take care of stuff in Ansonia and stay the hell out of our business. I am sure the people of Ansonia are thrilled with getting a wise mouth punk like you in their city

  10. You’re a clown Andy, always have been and always will be. Our Business? I see you’re still trying to grasp the concept of a blog. I’ll be in Bridgeport’s business until the day I die and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about that and like a bicycle without a seat I’ll be in your ass.

    Read a book or something to broaden your horizons because it’s shameful that a person can be this ignorant for this long.

  11. Day this is the best you’ve got. You will be in my ass? Really. I didnt know that was your preference. Okay but really you don’t live here and your racist rants are getting tiresome as are those of your idiot friend.

  12. Unfortunately for citizens of the United States of America
    there is no Federal, State, or Municipal punishment for violating the oath of office that is taken with one’s hand on the Bible, raising one’s right hand, and swearing to uphold the laws of the land.
    Ernie Newton, Joe Ganim, Buddy Cianci, and a plethora of criminal politician have neither responsibility nor accountability for their behavior for violating their oaths of office.

    1. Bob, My father gave me three pieces of advice before he “stepped out for a pack of cigarettes”.

      First, He said son, “don’t ever hit a woman. Pay another girl to do for you.”

      Second, “you have a little penis. You better learn how to be funny and lick a pussy.”

      Third, “you’re only a criminal when you get caught, and don’t commit a crime unless you can get away with it.” I said to him, “I thought it was don’t commit a crime unless you can do the time” He said, “son if you get caught it’s really not up to you, is it? You’re going to do if you can’t.”

      1. Given your challenged intellectual capacity it’s not surprising he “stepped out for a oack of cigarettes.” If you were my child I would have left you on the steps of the local oarsonage.

  13. Ernie “Moses” Newton is a City Councilman, not the mayor. I believe he will do right by the people in his district, unlike the felon in the mayor’s office.

    1. This is what’s wrong with liberalism. I just don’t know if it’s one’s internal need to hate something or to perpetuate racism and Anti-America in blacks, I’m betting on the latter. That is why I said, “This is what’s wrong with liberalism.

      TBK you claimed to be an educated white working-class liberal, my worst nightmare. You attack poor whites on welfare living in trailers as the reason for poor blacks on welfare living in projects. Why am I your worst nightmare, because I’m white?

      Day maybe right about Butthead, Andy, as being an asshole, I adhere to it hence the “nickname” Butthead. Personally I won’t go as far as to say “like a bicycle without a seat I’ll be in your ass.” Both of you get a room with your props; however, at least Butthead called out felony Joe, the Mayor, and felony Ernie, the city council member.

      Your liberalism condemns white felony Joe’s behavior. Yet praise black felony Ernie’s behavior. Mind you a two time felon who appealing his current felony conviction. He’s technically waiting to go back to jail, based on the decision. Things that make you go WTF.

      Being a fair person if it’s your internal need to hate, do what I do. I hate Dan Marino. I despise him, because it has no effect on him or anyone else, and if I every see him in a room. I will walk up to him and say, “Is Joe Montana here? Dan would say no, and I would say, good because I hate that mother-fuck. Can I have a selfie with you? 🙂

      1. I didn ‘t praise Ernie Newton. He does that well enough on his own. I did point out he has his priorities stripsight, representing the interests of the people of the city of Bridgeport. The people of his district know what to expect.

          1. After Ernie Newton was convicyed he held a press conference at which he declared himself “the Moses of my people.”

            Get your facts straight, you stupid asshole.

          2. And you agreed, that’s a fact, Read you own post. it says what it says. When Joe apologized for his action in Stallworht’s church. You didn’t say Joe now has the best interest of the City, did you? I don’t have time for your liberal bullshit. I said good day.

          3. PS you are doing a great job on praising Ernie on his Moses status even though he is doing that well enough on his own SMH

          4. Joe Ganim didn’t atone for his sins at Reverend Stallwoth’s church. That was only for show, a cynical performance to con the African-American community into voting for him. (He also bought votes on election day for $20.00 each.) And let’s not forget his convictions for corruption and bribe receiving. 

            Mr. Newton, on the other hand,  is not in the game for personal enrichment. He learned his lesson. From all reports Ernie was humbled by the election, a rare emotion for him. He dislikes the political status quo as much as anyone else. 

          5. You’re still a dumb ass, Robert. You think you know everything about American government and politics yet you are ignorant of the most salient details.

          6. If you think praying to Jesus or Chango or the Man in the Moon or whatever is going to solve the world’s problems okay, fine. Welcome to fantasy land.

          7. Agreed with what, Robert? The sarcasm went right over your meager head.

            Drop out of NCC. You need to enroll in a trade school, learn how to clean toilets or something.

  14. Ernie elected into office again. The Marion Berry of the East end. Unbelievable! I guess P.T. Barnum was right. There’s a sucker born every minute. Good luck East end the fox is in the hen house.

  15. Derek, listen to Mackey about Robert even you said, “You think you know everything about American government and politics yet you are ignorant of the most salient details.” Why Derek why are you wasting your time?

    1. Donald,

      I’m enjoying the exchange. Robert Teixiera is barely literate in English. I come away thinking he only reads the words he has learned during vocabulary lessons in his ESL classes, the ones with on or two syllables. (He picked up vulgarities on the street.) the more I respond the more excited he becomes. I’m hoping he overheats, throws a shoe and needs institutional behavioral health treatment.

      1. Your sarcasm on Ernie’s “Moses” took a turn towards cynical-ism when you attacked Joe. Does the two OIB black racist know this? Do the even care? Birds of feather flock together even if the don’t have the same color. I said good day. PS if you’re going to use sarcasm place a 🙂 so us low class education people know what you really mean. Thanks 🙂

        1. No matter how many smiley faces and You Tube clips you post none of it can hide the fact that you are a stupid asshole who thinks he knows everything. Ignorance is not a blissful state, Robert. Look at you. You’re a miserable human being.

          Now, go lay down by your water dish.

  16. The Bridgeport Kid // Nov 9, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Joe Ganim didn’t atone for his sins at Reverend Stallwoth’s church. That was only for show, a cynical performance to con the African-American community into voting for him.

    Talk about cynical performance to con the African-Americans. You blamed poor whites on welfare for poor blacks being on welfare. You condemn Joe the white corrupted politician and praise the black corrupted politician. And the two OIB black racist agree with you. Things that make you go WTF. I just wonder how the feel about you calling them cheap

    1. You misinterpreted what I said, Robert. I don’t blame anyone on welfare. I blame politicians for cynically exploiting the ignorance of the welfare communities in America.

      Don’t waste any nore time and money at NCC. You’re a stupid asshole. Education will not fix that.

      1. But not Ernie. He has the best interest of his constituents. I interpreted what you wrote. I won’t waste my time on yours, Ron’s, and occasionally Day racist. I said good day.

        1. American Standard English is not your mother tongue, Robert. You barely grasp words with more than two syllables. I know what I said. The only person trying to spin it into something it is not is YOU.

        2. You can say “Good day” until the cows come home. You’re still an asshole, a stupid asshole. Pray to Jesus if it makes you feel any better. Maybe after 100 novenas you will be cured of your mental illness.

          1. Derek, you notice that whenever Robert Teixeira post anything that nobody replies back and the topic dies with Robert’s post.

          2. I have no use for idiocy, Ron. This guy is a clown, nothing more. Robert has the intellectual depth of a rain puddle.

          3. “Derek, you notice that whenever Robert Teixeira post anything that nobody replies back and the topic dies with Robert’s post.”

            Ron Mackey, do you even realize what you are saying in your own writing? Obviously not! Here you are replying to RT’s comments. “…nobody replies back…” THAT MAKES YOU A “NOBODY. 🙂

        3. Robert,

          You are a fucking idiot. There are twelve-step meetings for people with your addiction. You’ll be among your own kind: 

          Step one, admitted we were fucking idiots and our lives became unmanageable because of it…” 

          When you get there raise your hand and introduce yourself: “Hi, I’m Robert and I’m a fucking idiot…”

          1. Is that why you stop going to meetings?
            “…admitted we were fucking idiots…”
            We? Write and speak for yourself.

    1. Hostility? You are either on drugs or just fucked in the head. My guess is the latter. You make no sense, your comments have virtually zero topical relationship to the theme of the threads. Your posts give truth to the old saying “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle thm with bullshit.” You”re clearly not brilliant so you’ve been trying to baffle us with bullshit. Stop that. You have absolutely no grasp of the topics of the blog.

      Keep up with the ESL classes. By the third semester you’ll be able to ask “Would like fries with your order?”

    2. You are being called stupid because you are, in fact, stupid. Accept this face of your life. Own it, live with it. It’s yours to have snd hold and keep.

  17. You’re not the sharpest knife in the draw either. You do know people can read your post and make their own interpretation,Right? The topic is racism. You are the epitome of why I say Racism in America is “privilege” to mask their hate. Racism is the path of least resistance for hate. You are a white “average educated at a public school standard” and you blamed or attacked poor whites on welfare living in trailers for the reason there’s poor blacks on welfare living in projects in America. That is a fact. Those are you words. You can try to take them back or say I misinterpreted them, but “you own them. @danmarino (I said good day you Godless liberal. 🙂 ) @sarcasmornotiftheshoefits

    1. Robert Teixeira, Have you noticed that The Bridgeport S(kid)row is now the voice of the Democratic Party? Yet, he keeps the racist mentality of the very President/Republicans he now attacks. Robert, we should get together and grab his ass off the street and put him in rehab.

  18. The subject of this thread is in two parts. One, “Ernie Newton returns to City Council.” Part two, “Library referendum passes.” Not racism. You are a stupid asshole, Robert, a pompous  asshole, and a stupid one at that. 

    Most of the others blogging here are engaged in thoughtful and intelligent conversations about the people and politics of the city of Bridgeport. Not you. You are neither thoughtful nor intelligent, despite your delusional thinking. Your perceptions are selective because of a singular lack of intellectual substance. 

    Don’t worry, all is not lost. The amphitheater bill passed. There will be several janitorial positions opening up soon. Pushing a broom and emptying garbage cans is a perfect fit for a nan of limited mental capacity like yourself.

      1. Ron,

        I’m having fun, anyone that has read my posts is aware i have a jnack for subtlety, nuance and complex sentence structure. It goes well over his head and frustrates him to no end. Have you noticed Robert reposts my comments but never denies being a stupid asshole? He must be proud of it.

  19. TBK “thoughtful and intelligent conversations about the people and politics of the city of Bridgeport.” OK

    The Bridgeport Kid // Nov 8, 2017 at 2:35 am

    Ken Flatto is a whore, loyal to whoever is responsible for his employment…”


    PS janitor lol… Clearly you are a Godless liberal. For a liberal you’re not that educated, Liberals pride themselves on being smarter than others. When it comes to an educated liberal you are the janitor of the liberals. While you get a “D” for education as a liberal. You do get a “A” for Godlessness,Good job. Although being a “D” in liberal smartness don’t pat yourself on the back to hard. It’s like get a “A” in Gym. @TBKGodlessjanitorliberal. Now go get your plunger and mop Shit in stall two. 🙂

  20. TBK It all makes sense now. Sigmund Freud” psychoanalysis suggested that the un-concision mind governs one’s concision behavior to greater degree than they know. Poor black people on welfare living in projects don’t even blame poor whites on welfare living in trailer for their current situation.
    You channeling your anger at poor whites is your subconscious mind at work showing the hatred for white educated liberals, because subconsciously you know they view with contempt because while you are white like them you are not educated like them and really part of them. You feel like you foster liberal and not accepted by them. Sorry TBK, I wrote a song about it. Want to hear it. Here it goes.

      1. The only person angry with poor whites and poor blacks on welfare is YOU. You’ve mentioned them in a bout a dozen posts. Obsession is not just the nsme of a cheap brand of cologne.

        You wouldn’t know Freudian psychoanalysis if it crawled up your leg and bit you on the ass.

  21. The Bridgeport Kid // Nov 5, 2017 at 9:04 am

    I never look at the You Tube clips you post.

    You ought to travel to the southeastern United States, to Mississippi and Louisiana and Alabama and Arkansas, places where the KKK is a shadow religion, where Jim Crow laws still exist in one form or another. Where the white folks complain about all them blacks and Puerto Ricans on welfare in the cities, complaining while waiting for the mailman to deliver the welfare checks. Then maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to understand where Mr. Mackey and myself are coming from.

    The KKK shadow “religion” You know black people go to church Right? @Godlessliberal

    1. A “godless liberal.” Oh ow, I need a bandage. 

      If you were a native speaker of American Standard English you would have been able to grok the subtleties and nuanced references to language and culture in the passage you quoted. But nooooooo, you are a stupid asshole. If you were mentally challenged you would be forgiven. Ignorance is one thing. But you’re not, you are just a stupid asshole. Proud of it too, from what we’ve seen here. You’re insecure about it too, your pedestrian intellect and mediocre English skills. 

      You are incapable of making  a meaningful contribution to OIB, of participating in the thoughtful, intelligent dialogue here. So please, do us all a favor. Fuck off, fuck all the way off.

  22. So in TBK your “native speaker of American Standard English” and your “subtleties and nuanced references to the language and culture” When you call me a stupid asshole are you really saying I’m a genius and great guy? :)Please feel free to explain the “subtleties and nuanced” in you passage for us geniuses. 🙂


    1. It would be a waste of time, effort and breath to explain anything to you because you are a stupid asshole. You only want to argue, antagonize and generally annoy others. A stupid asshole, in other words.

      Stop acting like a bumpkin from the provinces.

        1. Yes. If we took an OIB poll 99% of the respondents will agree that Robert Teixiera is a stupid asshole. 

          I still haven’t viewed any of the You Tube lonks you post. Anyone needs so many visual aids to communicate is not worth communicating with. You saw what Donald Day wrote. No one pays attention to you. Everyone here thinks you are an asshole, a stupid  asshole. It’s an assessment based if facts in evidence. 

  23. HEY stepchild of the Godless liberals. Here’s a fact for you. It was Ron not Don who made the comment. Good Job you earned that “D” in liberalism. 🙂

    While we’re at it. Till me were the so called native speaker of American Standard English subtleties and nuanced references to language and culture in the passage is seem to miss in this comment you wrote. Seem pretty straight forward. but 99% of OIB blogger think I’m stupid.

    You ought to travel to the southeastern United States, to Mississippi and Louisiana and Alabama and Arkansas, places where the KKK is a shadow religion, where Jim Crow laws still exist in one form or another. Where the white folks complain about all them blacks and Puerto Ricans on welfare in the cities, complaining while waiting for the mailman to deliver the welfare checks.


    1. Blah-blah-blah. None if that changes the fact that you are a stupid asshole. You’re so shameless you don’t even deny it. You have reposted the comment above about dozen times. I am fully aware of what I wrote. You can’t get enought of it, apparently.

      99% of the bloggers here KNOW you’re a stupid asshole without a need to consider an alternative explanation for your behavior. It is a fact you’ve proven again and again and again as if you’re proud of it or just a shameless asshole, and a stupid one at that.

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