Newton: God Help Us All

Ernie Newton with his three sons Enrico, Ernest III and Chad.

From City Councilman Ernie Newton’s Facebook page:

I have 3 Sons and not a day goes by that I don’t worry about them being safe in these streets. I pray so hard that God protect them from seen and unseen danger. We live in a world that feels Black lives don’t matter. It’s bad enough we are killing one another but it’s even sadder when people who are paid to protect us have a license to kill us. God help us all.



  1. Ernie, Pam did a great job with your sons and your comments are every black and brown family nightmare. I know that you are a very proud father.

  2. Ron
    Yes we are my son’s have had run ins with police I remember one of my son’s being arrested 3 times in one day because I stood up and spoke out against police officers conduct on the killing of a young man in my district when I was a State Representative. My son told me that an officer once told him if I shoot you nothing will happen to me. He wouldn’t tell me which officer said it. I thank God that I’ve always told them if you are ever stop by a police Officier call me.

    1. When I was growing up in the South Bronx (167th st and College ave.), and then in Harlem (116th and 1st ave.) there were people of all colors. Mostly minority’s. I don’t recall many kids I knew who had run-ins with the police. What I do clearly remember is what my father told me. He said that if I was ever brought home by a cop because I was found to be doing something wrong- he would kick the living shit out of me-but good. That also applied if I just happened to be somewhere that bad shit was happening.
      And I absolutely knew that he would.
      I know that times have changed.

      1. Raised in the Bronx as well )started In South worked way north) having the police bring you home in the South Bronx is called WHITE PRIVILEGE. Many of my friends were brought to an alley or the precinct.

        1. Lol. Good one. If I had a problem and was able to choose I’d ask for the alley so my father wouldn’t find out! I’d rather take the beating from the cops than him!

          1. If you were lucky enough to come out. The difference is your dad would’ve been charged with your death. The police, especially back then, not so muchz

  3. Sure Ernie, black lives don’t matter. Any other slogans you care to chant?
    The biggest danger of harm to black people are other black people.
    What was the body count in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend? Ten, I believe.
    Always the victim.
    Nothing to do with behavior, of course.
    Now let’s hear from Mackey and Day.

  4. Retired police Chief Charles Ramsey weighed in on the horrible incident in Minneapolis on CNN’s Smerconish show at 9 AM today. Do the people of Bridgeport have to wait for another tragedy to occur in Bridgeport before Ramsey’s report on BPD is finally released??
    Where has the outcry from Bridgeport’s “politicians” been about what the taxpayers have paid for regarding that report???????

    1. Rich,you know as well as myself and 95% of Bpt,that report cast a negative light on Joe and Armando,we may never see it because of that..And speaking of Armando,where the hell is he? there hasn’t been a sighting,a quote etc in months…

    2. Rich, that’s why I keep asking about Chief Charles Ramsey’s report about the Bridgeport Police Department, what Chief Ramsey said last night was a warning to Bridgeport. Bridgeport dodge a police riot after shooting on Fairfield Ave and left a 16 year old boy who was shot dead in the street uncovered for 4 hours. Bridgeport might not be as lucky the next time.

  5. Jimfox, you asked, “Where’s the outcry from our so called Black community leaders?”
    They’re still waiting for Mayor Ganim and Mario to give them permission be mad.

    1. Don, Amen but it’s sad but true. Bridgeport is going to wait until something happen and they’ll asked, what should we do. Has the City Council asked to review the rules and policy and the training of the Bridgeport Police Department?
      Has the City Council asked to review the $25,000 Chief Charles Ramsey’s report about the Bridgeport Police Department? How stupid of me, hell no.

  6. There are protesters gathering at the police station now,some have been aggressive and were pepper sprayed.. Story developing, Ernie, check with Joe& Mario and see if they will let you go down there and try to calm them a little..

    1. Yes. And I am sure that all the people that are inconvenienced by the protesters and all the people stuck in traffic when they close down route 25 etc. will become sympathizers also!!!??
      Anyone need a new flat screen??

    2. Harvey
      First of all I don’t need anyone’s permission. I was at Mclevy on the Green stop by Stratford rally and was call by some people to talk to the young protestors on the highway. You and Don got the game twisted. Guess what I didn’t neither one of you guys there. Maybe you needed permission to come outside today. Lol

  7. Nah my Brother Ernie, I wasn’t there, but I was there in 1968 when Black’s in over 100 cities rioted and destroyed a large segment of America until we got the rights that the Constitution of America promised us when it read, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While I was doing this, You were at East Side Middle School playing hopscotch and tag.

    1. DON
      First of all you aren’t that much older than me so stop the BS. I’ve been in the struggle like many people have I’m not New to this I’m true to this.

  8. Ernie, what BS are you alluding to? I was 17 years old in 1968 and were you not at East Side Middle in 1968, so what BS are you alluding to? What struggle were you a part of in 1968, the struggle of putting on your Pro Keds on the right foot? I’m 69 years old and you? The difference between you and I during our lives, I rioted, I demonstrated and you marched as you do today and your marching has changed what? You seem to think that NO other Black did more than you or put as much on the line as you and that my Brother is a false narrative or better yet a damn lie!

  9. Hey Ernie,
    If your sons and other people’s sons stay on the right side of the law, they won’t have to worry about engagements with the police or choke holds ! And even if they are pulled over for speeding or whatever, if they are respectful to the police and show their licence and registration and INSURANCE papers, they will not have a problem. They will only have a problem if they get mouthy and step on the gas and take the police on a 115 mph chase down the street !


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