1. “Settle in,” Mayor Ganim and Lisa Morrissey the City of Bridgeport new Director of Public Health and Social Services are both playing word games with their comment of when Lisa Morrissey settles in, settle in to what? Settles into her new position or she settles into her resident in Bridgeport or both, the taxpayers need the answers from both Mayor Ganim and Lisa Morrissey.

  2. Ask Ganim how many times he has been tested for Covid-19. Everyone who works in his office has to get tested before they return to work. Bet he will have his office sterilized three times a day! LOL. He loves to hear himself talk. On the radio twice a day, Bla, Bla, Bla, can listen to him talk for 30 minutes can’t figure out a damn thing he is trying to say. Good job Joe! LOL

    1. Wingnut knows nothing.
      Ganim is in top physical shape.
      If he were in any better athletic condition, he’d be the oldest active shortstop in New York Yankee history!

      1. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

        You know, Lisa Morrissey could on to something, let her stay where she lives along with changing the City Charter to let Mayor Ganim to live in Easton and commute to City Hall like Morrissey.

        1. You’ve slandered me again, you double dirtbag.
          But it gets worse:
          This time you’re pandering to your arch enemy, the mayor.
          Ron Mackey is unafraid to change the law to fit the circumstances.
          (looking to the sky) While we’re at it, let’s change a few more laws.

          1. Personally I like Joe Ganim but this version of G2 is a disgrace to G1. Joe Ganim has been a part time mayor, instead of running the city after he got elected the first time of G2 Ganim was running around the state trying to run to get elected as governor and Joe got his kicked thereby losing the support of statewide Democrats for running in the primary for governor against Ned Lamont. Joe Ganim still out there as a media hog and running second to Dick Blumenthal, in his effort to get another job after Joe Biden gets elected President this November. Joe Ganim doesn’t want to be mayor.

  3. Mike Giannotti said on FB that it he heard that she is best buds with the CAO. Well I guess their must be an exception in the charter under the “Best Buds Clause” that allows for the mayor to violate the charter.
    Only In Bridgeport. Only under Czar Ganim.


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