Ned: Ganim ‘Old Politics As Usual’–Joe: Ned Can’t Win General Election Without My Supporters

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Democratic-endorsed for Governor Ned Lamont appeared Sunday on WFSB’s Face The State hosted by Dennis House who asked, “Why should voters choose you over Joe Ganim?” Ned answered, in part, “He’s sort of old politics as usual. I’m gonna bring a fresh start and a real change to Hartford … I’m the first guy as governor in many, many decades who started a business and created jobs here in a state that’s near the bottom of the barrel in starting businesses.”

When House asked Lamont if he’ll support Ganim if Ganim wins the primary, Lamont retorted, “I’m not going to have to make that choice, we’re going to win this primary.”

To that comment, Ganim responded in a statement:

“Democrats throughout Connecticut should feel insulted by Ned Lamont’s refusal to say whether he will support the winner of the August 14th Democratic primary for governor. His failure to rule out supporting the winner of the Republican primary if I were to win the Democratic primary is a major insult to Bridgeport and the tens of thousands of Ganim supporters in cities and towns throughout Connecticut, and to the entire Democratic Party. Ned is playing with fire if he thinks he can win the general election without the support of Bridgeport and those supporting my candidacy.”

See House interview above.



  1. I’m a Democrat.
    I’m from Connecticut.
    I’m from Bridgeport.
    That is exactly how I would have answered the question.
    No insult intended.
    No insult taken.

  2. Ganim is the Democrats best choice in November. Here’s why:

    Many Republicans could beat Lamont. If you think Ganim has baggage, Lamont’s is even worse. He carries all of Malloy’s dirty laundry and many voters will switch parties. Unlike Lamont, Ganim can shield himself from Malloy’s poor ratings.
    Ganim represents a new challenge and the obvious strategy didn’t work out well last time, did it?
    Every Democrat in all 169 town and cities in Connecticut will have the chance to vote for Bridgeport’s Mayor on August 14th.
    Advantage: Ganim

        1. How pray tell is Ganim going to shield himself from Malloy’s reocord. All he ever asked of Gov Malloy is to do for Bridgeport what he did for Hartford. For New Haven. For Stamford. And so on. If Malloy accepted Joe Ganim’s proposal all CT would’ve been is bankrupt sooner.

  3. Joe Ganim had his chance to make a deal with Ned Lamont and to be a team player and to make sure that Bridgeport issues are on the table but no, this is all about Joe. A lot of had thrust in you even if we disagree on certain things we had faith in you to still be honest but that thrust is gone now because you didn’t look out for those who had thrust in you but you left those voters behind because of your selfishness to be governor.

  4. I love the quote from Ned Lamont “both of us wanted to make some money”, “I took on the cable TV company’s and started my own Cable TV Business and Joe wanted to make some money too”.
    “And he went into becoming the Mayor of Bridgeport”.

    Nice shot Ned!

  5. Lamont isn’t just the endorsed candidate, he’s the default candidate, too. His supporters are borderline indifferent.
    Ganim’s supporters are revved-up, enthusiastic and act as Ganim’s ambassadors. On August 14th, their polling spot will be their embassy.

  6. Joseph P. Ganim is a liar and a thief. Oh, let’s not forget he’s a convicted felon and disgraced attorney. A panel of three Superior Court judges found he does not possess the moral character to practice law. Now he wants to be governor of the Land of Steady Habits. Right.

    According to the antisocial spouse of a member of the Ganim administration Little Joe is doing this for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport. Right lady. If pigs had wings… Little Joe Ganim should have started working for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport the day he was sworn into office. Now he’s too busy running around the state with his one man show.


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