‘I’m An American But Not Treated Like One’

When you’re a candidate on the campaign trail appealing to voters the challenge is explaining why you’ll be different particularly if an elector declares “The Democratic Party takes the African American vote for granted.” In the video clip above pulled from Mayor Joe Ganim’s Facebook page for governor, a resident of Capitol Towers in Hartford expands broadly “Stop blaming the victims. You understand? My father was born in Georgia, my grandfather was born in Georgia, his father was born in Georgia, all the way to the slave ship that brought me here. I’m an American but I’m not treated like one.”

In sleepy, low-turnout primaries persuading skeptical voters to turn out requires resilience. Primaries feature serial voters, those who reliably turn out. Convincing the frustrated voter who asks “What’s in it for me?” can make the difference between winning and losing.

Three weeks away from primaries all candidates for statewide and local office face the same challenge, dragging people out in an August vote.

primary ballot
Sample Democratic primary ballot, 23rd Senate/126th State House

The push to convince voters is now in full mode, including absentee ballots that become available on Tuesday.

Complete list of qualified candidates:

The first candidate listed is party endorsed.



Ned Lamont

Joe Ganim

Lieutenant Governor

Susan Bysiewicz

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman

State Senator 23rd District

Dennis Bradley

Aaron Turner

State Rep. 126th District

Shante Hanks

Charlie Stallworth


Shawn Wooden

Dita Bhargava

Attorney General

William Tong

Paul Doyle

Chris Mattei



Mark Boughton

Timothy Herbst

Steve Obsitnik

Bob Stefanowski

David Stemerman

Lieutenant Governor

Joe Markley

Jayme Stevenson

Erin Stewart

U.S. Senator

Matthew Cory

Dominic Rapini

State Senator 23rd District

John Rodriguez

Casimir “Caz” Mizera

State Rep 128th District

Luis Colon

Ethan Book


Thad Gray

Art Linares


Kurt Miller

Mark Greenberg

Attorney General

Sue Hatfield

John Shaban



  1. Here we go again Joe Ganim playing the race card. What does he have in common with the Bridgeport minorities? Nothing!!! He waas born into money and is now supported by the same money(daddy’s). He is still delivering a line of bullshit to the black community. What does the average black person have to show because of Ganim? Nothing

  2. Hot damn it Andy, you know I hate it when you’re right and I have to agree with you. Joe Ganim has absolutely nothing in common with your average Black man, woman or child. He has the temerity, the unmitigated guile to try to portray Ned Lamont as the rich white guy in this election yet while he isn’t a millionaire like Ned he’s certainly a hundred thousandaire, unlike any of the Black’s that he reaches out to for votes.

    Black folks don’t be fooled by Mayor Ganim and his hyperbole, don’t be fooled by his 2nd chance bullshit because thus far in Bridgeport he’s the only person that has experienced that benefit. What he has also experienced is that of white privilege where you know Black people you couldn’t get a job in McDonald’s after going to prison for seven years must less be Mayor of the largest city in Connecticut. Need I say it again Black people, WHITE PRIVILEGE, you won’t get it and you’ll never have it. Mayor Ganim does, any questions?

  3. What has Mayor Ganim done to get “reelected mayor of Bridgeport since he has been back as mayor? Now he wants to bring that same do nothing record to Hartford for the entire state, please.

  4. Capitol Towers is a 9 story, 144 unit apartment complex for elderly and handicapped, complete with a resident coordinator to service residents needs including federal programs.

    In other words, it is tax payer funded rental housing.

    The speaker’s forefathers may have been brought here in a slave ship, but he is living, apparently, at taxpayer expense.

    What did President Kennedy say? Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you?

    The speaker is claiming he is not treated like an American? Oh, he does not have white privilege. Perhaps he should try paying his own way? I keep forgetting, he is a victim and will vote for

    Now, here are Day and Mackey to provide an afrocentric explanation.

  5. ***Taking care of our elderly & handicap american’s whom many have put into the state & or fed.tax fund over their life-long years is a responsibility that this democratic government has made a priority since the passing of the social security act. Its not “white privilege” in dollars & cents terms & probably below the yearly minimum average income in america. Whites have “no idea” of all the daily struggles that people of color deal with @ times! They simply dismiss it as lies or over reacting or just playing the race card which in certain times can sometimes make it harder for people to believe real life issues when they happen; sort of the “cry wolf syndrome”! Since Trump was elected 45, more & more race issues have submerged throughout America & the “shirt & tie” R-Wing white nationalist republicans either ignore or cry “fake news”! “White Privilege” nationalist feel threaten & continue to peel the foul smelly onion back along with showing their beastly nails, headed towards a path of destruction of the American way of life for all.*** Shame,shame,shame ***

  6. Mojo, many people lead productive lives and must rely on Title 19 benefits when they exhaust their savings and assets.
    Much of the nonsense you provided is the excuses of a growing segment of the population who have never been productive and have lived off the various taxpayer funded entitlement programs.
    This appears to be a population that Ganim is trying to appeal to.

  7. Mojo, you got it right, the plan is no longer a secret and Tom White is one of their best followers, just read White comments.

    “Steve Bannon used Cambridge Analytica to further his alt-right vision for America”
    By Curt Devine, Donie O’Sullivan and Drew Griffin, CNN

    Updated 7:28 PM ET, Wed May 16, 2018

    “The Democrats,” he told the American Prospect’s Bob Kuttner, “the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

    Bannon is, at least in theory, right: If the left is focused on race and identity, and the Trump administration is focused on economic nationalism, they probably can crush the Democrats. The problem with the plan is that, in practice, the way the Trump administration gets Democrats to focus on race and identity isn’t by focusing on economic nationalism — it’s by being racist in ways that alienate voters and undermine their economic agenda and message.

    But let’s start with what Bannon gets right. There’s good evidence that focusing white voters on racial threats pushes them toward Republican candidates.

  8. *** When any race, ethic or religious group, is restricted by design either by the government, their militia or the ruling majority people; especially over a long period of time & treated like 2nd class people or worst sometimes like animals. At times used only for the purpose of free or way under-payed labor, restricted to just the bare necessities of life, like eating welfare type foods, living in another man’s shack with no floors, running water or lights. Forced to work from sunrise to sunset & still having to pay the over-seer rent for the shack your forced to live in. State or county laws prevent the out-cast from learning to read or write. Shop or eat, drink in any white businesses, etc… Anything gained towards helping to stop the mental & physical abuse towards people of color, etc. that has existed for century’s in America is a long coming victory that took a many blood, sweat & tears to achieve. Yet even after many fought constitutional rights victory’s which whites have always taken for granted since they always had them. People of color always have had to go the extra mile just to achieve the opportunity to better themselves. So with so many limits for people of color, layoffs, unemployment, poor housing, etc.. its time to go back to the overseer type of so-called helping, “welfare”. Government handouts to groups of people of color or ethic back-grounds that have been kept down over decades to kill the spirit & most important “hope”! When they fight for a fair chance & win thru the courts like affirmative action for a hand-up to be able to compete,its called more hand-outs from taxpayers. People of color have been fighting in every American war or conflict since the beginning of this country called America, that was taken away from the real native american’s! Puerto Ricans have been fighting for America since becoming citizens in 1914. Yet were not allowed to fly their own flag in P.R, only the american flag or be jailed! In the mainland America, it was either the military, working on tobacco, fruits, etc. farms, road construction, and factory’s that made supply’s for the war effort. Yet with all that, always treated like 2nd class citizens & called derogatory names either for our accents, names, & some the color of their skin since P.R’s come in many skin shades, etc.. Throughout time there has been genocide of large groups of people brought about from racism from the majority ruling class either because of religion, skin color, ethic back-ground & sometimes even gender. Why? Politics, Power, money, hate, feel threaten, entitlement feelings, jealousy, envy, fear, control??? Many reasons for racism in general but in a country that used to pride itself as being the american melting pot of immigrants, that come together in times of trouble & help to make this country great, no? *** SO WHY CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG ***


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