Nardozzi Lawsuit Settlement, Courageous Cop Recognition On City Council Agenda

The settlement of pending litigation with former Assistant Chief James Nardozzi who filed a lawsuit charging illegal termination in January 2016, will be voted on by the City Council at the January 6 meeting.

At the start of the agenda Police Officer Carlos Carmo, who received national acclaim for stopping a runaway SUV heading toward school children, will be recognized for his bravery.



  1. Forbes just listed the state of Connecticut near the bottom of the list when it comes to doing and attracting business (43 rd).
    Connecticut used to be on or near the top of almost everything. I bet if they did a similar study on cities, Bridgeport would also be on the bottom. Like I said on a previous blog here on OIB: list all the reasons why Bridgeport is in the shape it’s in including issues like the Nardozzi firing and we know why. Total mismanagement based on dirty politics, nepotism, favoritism and political paybacks etc.
    Happy new year!!!

  2. Ha!!!!! Speaking of political payback and corruption, Judge Radcliffe ruled in favor of the city regarding the new ordinance that OPED took up for Defilippo and his scheister lawyer Willinger to change zoning and screw all other law abiding business people who play by the rules and don’t cheat the system to benefit themselves. Hopefully the final decision will be posted so people could see how his honor scolded the city in his ultimate ruling.
    So councilman/bartender and Mario’s lackey Mike Defilippo can now open his liquor store across from Mario’s pizza place. How convenient except for the parking. Blatant Corruption by councilman Defilippo , his boss Mario , Liskov, Lynn Haig et al at OPED. Bridgeport: where you have to pay to play.
    But everyone knows that.
    Cheers. !!!


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