Nardozzi ‘Disgusted’ By ‘Hateful’ Police Statement

racial letter
This letter is under investigation; it includes false Nardozzi signature.

The Police Department’s Office of Internal Affairs has  launched an investigation into recently distributed racially charged letters that falsified the signature of Assistant Chief James Nardozzi, according to public safety spokesman Kevin Coughlin.

From Coughlin:

On September 27, 2015 at approximately 4:00 a.m. a police officer reported that he found the letter on the windshield of his personal vehicle parked in the lower parking lot on Congress Street.

Officers canvassed the parking lot and found approximately eight vehicles including police vehicles with letters on them.

The letter accuses the targeting of certain current and former Bridgeport Police Officers due to their race.

“Upon receiving this letter, I immediately directed the Office of Internal Affairs to begin an investigation,” said Police Chief Joe Gaudett. “The city and the Police Department have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of any kind, especially that of a racial nature. We will investigate the letter’s authenticity, motive and every part of the development and distribution of it.”

The Office of Internal Affairs launched an investigation earlier this week and the State’s Attorney has also been notified.

The letter uses letterhead from Police Chief Joseph Gaudett, Jr. and alleges to be signed by Assistant Chief James Nardozzi.

“I am disgusted that someone would make such a hateful statement and falsify my signature to the document,” said Assistant Chief Nardozzi. “I did not write or sign this letter nor have I made any statements that even remotely reflect the sentiments of this letter. The allegations are ludicrous and sickening.”

“The Bridgeport Police Department has one of the most diverse police departments in the state,” said Police Chief Gaudett. “That diversity is a great strength for our department. Any allegation of racial discrimination that seeks to divide our police department or our community will not be tolerated. If the investigation turns up any wrongdoing, swift, fair, just and immediate action will be taken against those guilty of wrongdoing.”



  1. We have officers targeting black police officers and then people think things such as racial profiling and discrimination are just illusions of people. Most cops do their job but then you get this bullshit. These people deserve to be fired with no pension.

  2. *** This is not good nor is it something new in Bpt as far as the separation of in-house groups like the Black Guardians, the union, etc. It’s just been kept in-house whenever possible by the administration. This should be looked into by the State Police or an outside government agency, not Bpt PD’s own IA! ***

  3. If I’m not mistaken, Nardozzi is the same guy who was involved in a racial incident with the Hispanic officers (CT Post Wednesday, October 16, 2013).
    My grandmother used to say “When the river sounds, it’s because it carries water.”
    Chief Incompetent (Gaudett) ordered the more incompetent Internal Affairs to immediately begin an investigation.
    Again if I’m not mistaken, this is the same Chief who ordered Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation on a previous racist letter (CT Post Thursday, February 19, 2015) and eight months later, no outcome of that investigation.
    If you do the math, in another six weeks Ganim will be mayor, Chief Incompetent (Gaudett) and Assistant Chief Nardouchei will be looking for new jobs.

  4. *** It was a training class incident at which Nardozzi was present and some ethnic derogatory remarks were used in the context of what the class was about and how offensive remarks of that type can be hurtful. A few Hispanic officers who felt uncomfortable with the remarks and who also had a problem with the police OT cuts Nardozzi had been brought in to curtail decided to make a stink about him not stopping the training class or reprimanding the instructor! From what other officers present at the time stated, it was more about sending an out of context protest message to Nardozzi concerning the OT than anything else! *** Go Figure! ***

  5. It almost sounds like BPD has its own “Charlie Manson” with a very sick, destructive, racist agenda, a la Manson’s infamous, delusional Helter Skelter “plan.”

    It sounds like it’s time to get the FBI/Justice Department involved to find and stop this sick, evil individual from further undermining the morale and ability to function of our already demoralized police force.

    We need decisive federal and state action on this sickening matter. Now!

  6. By and large the members of the Bridgeport Police Department do a commendable job, always courteous and professional. If some have had negative experiences with the BPD he or she needs to question their own behavior. If you act like an asshole toward a Bridgeport police officer you will be treated accordingly.

    If the department is lax in allotting manpower and resources, it is not the fault of the rank and file. They are men and women doing their jobs. To affix blame the critics should go up the food chain to the administrative officers. Gaudett, Nardozzi, et al. are just not very good managers.


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