Murphy: Mass Shootings Exclusive To America

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy writes in a commentary published by the Washington Post that in United States “we choose to be an increasingly distant outlier of exceptional violence.”

On awful, gut-churning days such as Monday, I find it important to remind myself that mass shootings happen almost nowhere else but the United States. As we become normalized to the regular pace of massive, execution-style killings–Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando and now Las Vegas–it’s critical to understand that the Groundhog Day phenomenon of horrific mass shootings is exclusive to the United States. I find consolation in this fact, because if the problem is particularly American, then the solution can be, too.

Thus far, though, our response to regular mass slaughter has been, quite frankly, uniquely un-American. Our nation, in a short quarter-millennium, catapulted itself to global preeminence by solving the world’s greatest problems and exporting those solutions to the rest of the world. Participatory democracies. Open economies. Web-based communication. All American innovations to the great conundrums of the globe.

But when it comes to perhaps the oldest and most important human concern–the fear of physical harm–the United States does not lead. In fact, we choose to be an increasingly distant outlier of exceptional violence.

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    1. I used to hunt. I owned a shotgun and a .22 caliber rifle. I also practiced shooting sports, trap and skeet. I’ve known many hunters. Not one of them used an automatic weapon to kill deer, pheasant, duck, etc. automatic weapons are designed to kill humans. According to Wayne La Pierre, the NRA’s chief propagandist, the American public has a Constitutional ight to keep and bear machine guns and AR 15s and AK 47s. Ironically the only people that use them are psychotic assholes suffering a break from reality.

  1. Here is a question for Murphy. Why aren’t off duty police officers allowed to carry their service revolvers with them when they travel outside their state>

  2. The National Rifle Association would have us believe “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” well shoot, Wayne, where the fuck was the good guy with a gun in Las Vegas? The gunman killed 59 innocent people firing from a distance of 400 yards. Come to thinkof it, where are the good guys with guns to stop the gang bangers here in Bridgeport?

  3. Well here we are again with another mass shooting and this was was the worse in US history. This was beats out the previous shootings that at the time the worse in US history.

    No matter where you are on the subjuct guns are in this country and they are here to stay. What has not been addressed is the mental state of the person who is buying the gun of in this case guns. The cause of these shootings is often lost when these people kill themselves. Unless they leave a reason for their rage all we can do is wonder why. If this guy used a semi truck to run down a bunch of people would there be an outcry to outlaw semi trucks?

    The instrument used in an attack is the first item that bears the attention especially when it is a gun. Until you can get into the head of people we will never know why they do what they do. The gun maker makes a legal product. There are forms to fill out to buy a gun but there is no form to bring to a psychiatrist to see if you should not have a gun. The blame must be laid at the feet of the person (s) responsible for causing carnage.

    Let’s make the drunk driver responsible for his or her actions not the maker of the alcohol or the car they are driving.

    I do not mean to sound too simplistic but there has to be a common sense approach to identifying these people before they kill and not ask why after and then demanding more gun control. Connecticut has the toughest gun laws in the nation and we have the gun homicides to prove it.

  4. Thank you Gary.

    In a Post article from today’s paper two neighbors stabbed each other in Bridgeport. On October 1st there was another stabbing in Bridgeport, so where is the protest to outlaw knives?

    What was in the mind of three people who decided to use violence and a weapon to get their point across? Until you can change what is in the heart, the violence will continue.

  5. Since the enactment of “Obama Care” the Republicans had over 50 votes to repeal it and my more attempts to bring a repeal bill for a vote. Over the years ‘baring a tragic event like Sandy Hook and Vegas. Hard do the Democrats really fight for universal back round checks and other needed gun laws or even heath care? This sum up their efforts. PS keep this in mind the was a time when the Dems controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency.—9-11-responders-bill

  6. First let me offer my condolences to the families of those needlessly murdered in Las Vegas. The fact is this wasn’t close to being the worst mass shooting in American history.

    As many as 300 African Americans lost their lives and more than 9,000 were left homeless when the small town of Greenwood OK was attacked, looted and literally burned to the ground beginning on May 31st and ending on June 1, 1921.

    It was pure envy, and a vow to put progressive, high achieving African Americans in their place that would cause the demise of the Black Mecca many called “Little Africa”, and its destruction began the way much terrorism, violence and dispossession against African Americans did during that era. A young White woman accused a young Black man of attempted sexual assault, which gave local mobs and White men acting as police just cause to invade the unsuspecting community.

    1. Today’s and Donald Day’s wants all bad memory statues covered, removed and destroyed because they hurt their feeling. History to be deleted to make people’s feel better.

        1. Remain standing where Ron? Ron and Day if you want them wiped American history then you have to ask the question as to why the statue of Martin Luther King at his memorial should remain standing. You can’t not wipe the history of slavery with out wiping out the legacy of those who fought it. Can You.

          1. RT So you suggest to leave only the winning statues? Don’t show the losses and or the struggles?

          2. I’m not suggesting anything. On state grounds Yes. Are you suggesting American should have King George Statue and British flags
            flags flying on state Capital building to show the losses and struggles American went through to win its independents them. Or How about some Hitler statuses on state grounds and some swassiks flying on state building to show the struggles of WWII?

    2. No, the statues and flags need to be removed from state grounds not because of our history but because they “lost” the fuckin war. I don’t see many British flags flying or any statues of King George or General Henry Clinton and Charles Cornwallis on state grounds. Let’s get something straight about slavery in America. It is not an American Ideal. America didn’t even exist until 1776 and the revolution wasn’t won until 1783 and they slavery they abolished in 1800. Then America fought the Confederacy, a sovereign nation who broke away for America, on the issues of freeing the slaves. (Whites and Blacks) The Declaration clearly states as follows: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. So if people want to put down this country please remember why it rose up and the wars it fought and why it fought them. I’ll say this again slavery is privilege in America because it masks the hate that resides in people’s hearts. We talked about Puerto Rico. A Nation/State with a 100 billion GDP greater the 30 of the 50 US states, and from what I hear, most of the people living in Puerto Rico don’t even have function electric grid. While the blacks and minorities living poverty in America can point the finger at whites to blame for their poverty. What race does they, the poor in Puerto Rico blame and points their finger at for their poverty not having a power grid that is third world? Day to interject race and compare the massacre to a black massacre in America was lacked empathy. I word that has been the talking point of the left, about Trump. What I find shameless about your lack of empathy statement was comparing the police to a white mob that murdered 300 and destroyed a black community. What I find ironic about your statement was if everybody in the community was armed how would that story had end.

  7. There isn’t African American or Black history, just American history. When the veracity of truth is compromised you have compromised the history of man. A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

    1. Mr. Day You are a professor of African American and Black History on OIB. You mostly site Black History incidents, matters or periods of when you discuss any current issues.

      PS.. A reminder Black/African American History Month is the subject matter in ALL schools during the month of February.

    1. Exactly. The NRA backed the laws to prevent this from happening. And while we’re on the subject of who started what with guns and oppression of races, can we start with our history of white European settlers and their treatment of Native Americans?

      1. Gary Tobin, I find it hard to understand that you have so little knowledge of blacks. If America wants gun regulation just pass a bill to have a open and carry law nationwide where everyone over 21 can carry a gun. Then I would want every black person who is a member of Black Lives, the NAACP, every black college, every black over 21 to carry a gun . Think about it, if the black protesters who march in Charlottesville, VA each had a rifle or pistol just like the KKK, the Nazi and the white supremacist. America would pass gun regulation so fast it would make your head spin.

        1. Ron, my question was regarding the CA. state capital building 50 years ago.

          Is your comment factual or just misleading that the kkk, nazi and white supremacist all had guns and rifles at the Charlottesville, VA. protest?

          1. Ron, from “all” -to- “there were enough”.

            It turns out CA passed the law against open carry. But we all should understand that the Panthers’ actions were not the reason or the spark that started the politician’s talks or debates fon this law. Also when the law was passed the law applied to everybody in CA.

            Misleading and inflated tales are good drama stories.

          2. Gary, the armed Black Panthers their self to follow the police in California because of the way that the police were treating blacks when they would pull them over for doing nothing. White elected officials along with police departments were scare of armed blacks carrying weapons out in the open.

  8. Gary Tobin, what I am and what I bring to OIB is a unique Afrocentric perspective to articles, issues and daily life as a Black person in these United States. For the most part Ron Mackey and I fill that void with respect to OIB.

    As to Black history month being the month of February, that was instituted so that people of America could understand the accomplishment of Blacks (which were many) throughout American history that wasn’t/ isn’t in history books. As a 66 year old Black man that graduated from high school just 48 years ago the only mention of Blacks in my history books were slaves and why the civil war was fought.

    As I look over the mood of this America, at this time, it’s a Damn shame that Black history month is still needed as opposed to every history book published in America would include Black Americans accomplishments along side those of whites.

      1. Gary, suppose Stephen Paddock had a silencer on all of his weapons he used to killed 58 and wounded another 515 was black and a member of Black Lives Matter or was a Muslim? First thing the shooter would be called a DOMESTIC TERRORIST on day and think about how many more people would have been killed and wounded with a silencer.

        1. Gary, if you notice that I didn’t mention Democrats or Republicans at anytime on this topic because both political parties have used blacks to their own advantage.

          1. Gary, right here in Bridgeport you have a Republican running for governor David Walker who has NO relationship with the black community. In fact you have NO Republican running for governor in Connecticut who has a relationship with the black community. There is NO relationship with blacks with the Republican Party.

        2. Suppose Paddock had……Suppose Paddock was…… Suppose Paddock didn’t….
          You can talk like this all day. You want to change the sequence of events, inflate the damage, the pain and number of deaths to support your philosophy and/or your influences, have at it. If you want to build and curve the situation to scare people good for you.

          You sound like Hillary Clinton and Tim Caine….. Ron silencers as you speak of are used in Hollywood’s movies.

          1. Gary, suppose is used in deciding a budget, growth of the economy, North Korea, the reason is how do you counter and have a plan to offset if things change like a hurricanes.

        1. Why aren’t you a registered republican?
          “Suppose” Paddock landed one of his plane into the crowd and jumped out shooting, suppose he blew up the fuel takes and then started shooting, suppose he blew up his car under the hotel and then landed his plane into the crowd, suppose there were two people, suppose there where three people involved, suppose his girlfriend is the master mind……………
          Why isn’t Paddock labeled as a domestic terrorist? Maybe because the investigation is on going. Maybe because isis is claiming he was one of their soldiers and maybe finding or figuring out Paddock’s motive would be the best way to determine a label for him.

  9. Ron the only silence comes from the Democrats. The Republicans had 50 + votes to repeal Obama Care since it was in acted, 7 years ago. How many bills and votes did the Democrats in Washington bring or have on a universal back round check? If the Democrats in Washington fought for back round checks and laws regarding gun shows etc.I hear the voice of the Dems saying the Republicans don’t want to talk about it because they say it’s not the time, right after a tragedy like this. Which is true. That’s is a standard talking point after a mass shooting. The questing is not when is a good time to talk about gun legislation but how long are the Democrats going to take about it before they stop taking about it. Did the Republicans need the Democrats permission to talk about Obama Care and bring 50 bills to a vote to repeal it, Stop blaming the opposition for your inaction Dems. SMH

  10. Gary Tobin, there are those on OIB who get upset because Donald Day and myself keep talking about race and they don’t like it. Gary, America has NEVER had a conversation about race. Vladimir Putin the President of Russia understands America and race better than most Americans. Now you know why we bring up race.

    The Washington Post
    By Adam Entous, Craig Timberg and Elizabeth Dwoskin October 2, 2017

    “Russian Facebook ads showed a black woman firing a rifle, amid efforts to stoke racial strife”

    Investigators believe the advertisement may have been designed to encourage African American militancy and, at the same time, to stoke fears within white communities, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the probe. But the precise purpose of the ad remains unclear to investigators, the people said.

  11. Ron, the complaint that no one wants to have a conversation is bullshit. One of the first lines of defense that is spewed out from “the conversation” is “you don’t know because you’re not black”. When I here this I end the conversation because I know he/she is not listening he/she wants to preach everything that was instilled into their minds for the last how many years. Another conversation stopper is when they call me racist in the beginning of the conversation. So what I’m getting at is usual conversation you speak of really isn’t a conversation it’s a bitch session. A bitch session in hope the listener(s) will feel back and in some cases feel at fault.
    Everyone wants to tell the world how terrible it is getting pulled over by police and not knowing if they will live through it. But none of them want to tell the whole story.
    Everyone wants to tell the world there family were slaves and that someone owes them for their great, great, great grand parents being slaves and because they haven’t been paid back to their satisfaction they are being oppressed.
    Lets not forget about how the justice system is racist because the majority of inmates are black and not guilty of the crime or it’s because they are in their situation because of the racism in the country. Everyone has an excuse and it’s never their fault.

    Ron it’s not that no one wants to talk to Black people about the issues it just that anyone who talks to Black people about these issues are always wrong. When a white person gets promoted before a black people it’s discrimination. When a Black person gets promoted over a white person because they are black it’s A win.

    Being Black is not the correct answer to every question.

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