Multiple Violations Found By City Inspectors At Taylor’s Illegally Claimed Residence

City inspectors from zoning and fire marshal’s office found multiple violations at the industrial-zoned 155 Davenport Street that Board of Education member Chris Taylor claimed was his residence while mountain ranges of court and state filing documents shows his bonafide residence as Bronson Road in Fairfield.

Following an OIB Freedom of Information request the city provided the inspection reports as well as email correspondence between Taylor and city inspectors.

Based on the findings and documented evidence of Taylor’s Fairfield residency he’s in violation of both state law and the Bridgeport City Charter that requires elected officials to reside in the municipality/district they represent. School board member Maria Pereira initiated complaints against Taylor including one lodged with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Taylor has also voted multiple times in Bridgeport while he was a resident of Fairfield.

Taylor improvised an illegal makeshift apartment at the East End industrial building in response to Pereira’s residency assertions and media scrutiny.

See city inspection filing links below that include specified remedy timelines:



155_Davenport_-_Fire_Marshal_Records (3)

Selected findings follow



    1. I tell people all the time that I won’t start it, however I am more than happy to finish it.

      Ask Jennifer Buchanan,Kenneth Moales, and Chris Taylor?

      Now onto Tony Barr and Albert “Fluffy” Benejan.

  1. Now that the City inspectors from zoning and fire marshal’s office found multiple violations at the industrial-zoned 155 Davenport Street that Board of Education member Chris Taylor claimed was his residence is official let’s see how long
    the deafening silence is from Mayor Ganim, City Council President Aidee Nieves, the 139th district council members Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton whose district is where Chris Taylor resides, the Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala will still exist with the FACTS are now public.

  2. Chris Taylor’s father James Taylor was NOT released on bond yesterday. He is making another appearance before Judge Devlin as I am posting this.

    Something blocked his release yesterday. Stay tuned…

  3. 270 Bronson Road is a two bedroom home yet Chris Taylor, his fiancee, her two children, his divorced mother, and his father accused of murder will now be residing there.

    You know what they say. Criminals that live together stay together. This is a criminal cabal.

    Chris Taylor’s fiancee and her children are so nice and sweet. I have to wonder if she has serious self-esteem issues. Is she being emotionally abused, isolated, and demeaned?

    James Taylor was released today once his passport was turned over to the court.

    1. As I stated previously, 50% of what I uncovered regarding Chris Taylor has not been made public.

      Mark my words, Chris Taylor is going to be arrested and sent to prison. Mayne he and his father can be cell mates.

  4. That’s right Derek. Let’s hope I apologize and I resign isn’t all that happens with his egregious behavior. Mayor Ganim, what say you?

  5. A leaflet campaign is one of the cheapest ways to inform the population of the politicians misdeeds and corrupt and self serving actions. If every school parent gets info on how the city really operates and wastes their tax dollars it could be a start for better voter turnout to vote the bums out.
    Just a thought. More to come……

    1. @Rich A
      Getting information out is important, BUT
      you make assumptions that don’t hold up

      Every school parent is not a citizen and eligible to vote
      Every school parent that is eligible to vote may not be registered or bother to vote
      Every school parent is NOT paying taxes

      Drop the word every from your idea and get started getting information to registered voters who have kids in the schools and get unregistered adult citizens registered to vote…………………….

      Otherwise as much as 50% of leaflets will be wasted on ineligible recipients.

      Mrs. M and I pay property tax in Bridgeport which is wasted/poorly spent, but as non residents we can’t vote these people out.
      74% of the misspent BPS dollars come from residents in the other 168 CT municipalities and this malfeasance is resented.
      No, Donald Day…we don’t object because the kids are not white. We object because of decades of mismanagement of Bridgeport and corrupt/dishonest politicians, employees, etc.

        1. @Maria………………
          I am not accusing the BOE of the misspending……
          But every cent spent on utilities, custodial, supplies used by/during Lighthouse after school programs is misspent. It should be spent to benefit BPS students during the official school day.
          All the money spent on text and workbooks such as K-4 Math in Focus that lay unused was misspent.
          The money the BOE was forced to pay for SROs who were sent off campus for other police duties was misspent.
          The money continually spent on searching for and hiring new administrators and superintendents is questionable.
          How many tries should it take to get a competent permanent principal for Bassick High?

          I know you have the best interests of the BPS students at heart. I can’t say that about most of the members of the BOE…they act as marionettes with Ganim/Testo pulling the strings. The spending they authorize is money misspent, because it meets another agenda, not that of the BPS.
          And the fool on the BPS who is now a paid mouthpiece for Charter Schools>>>>>any penny she votes to spend is suspect of being misspent.

          It doesn’t matter which town I live in. We all have a stake in the education of our state’s children.
          I brought to your attention (last school year) a cafeteria manager dumping unopened cases of romaine lettuce in the trash, because she decided students don’t like salad. Never mind that the menu is set by the nutrition center admins and students in other schools eat the salad that is supposed to be part of a set lunch. The same manager would not bother to serve vegetables to the K-2 lunch wave, tossing those prepacks in the trash. Grades 3-8 got the vegetables. The school lunches are paid for with tax dollars, be they city, state or federal. When the food is trashed and not served is it misspent money.

          1. In the last 20 years, the Board has had 5 Interm/ Permanent Superintendents.

            The only firms ever hired to conduct a Superintendent search was for John Ramos and Aresta Johnson. It was less than $100,000 over 20 years. There was no search firm for Vallas or Rabinowitz. We do not utilize firms to fill any vacancy other than the Superintendent.

            The Board did not misspend tax payer dollars for SRO’s, Lighthouse, or lunch items.

            When the BPD refused to follow our directives by utilizing our SRO’s to perform police work we eliminated them. I lead the charge to have the Lighthouse Program cover their utility costs, supply costs, and custodial costs. They had not contributed $1 to cover those costs for 26 years. One employee making decisions to discard vegetables is a poor reflection on that employee not the Board.

            I don’t know about these books you are referring to, however we have to purchase new elementary school math books which we recently approved.

            We have a $251,000,000 Operating Budget and your assertions have been answered. You cannot point to a single significant example of “misspent taxpayer funds.”

  6. Quit whining, Marshall. You’re getting investment income from your Bridgeport property… If you’re losing money on it, then exert some common sense and sell it… (You’re renting it to SHU students?…)

    In the meantime, review CT history since the abolition of county government — especially in regard to the construction of the 25-8 Connector/creation of the Route 8 limited access freeway (but not to forget the corruption-arranged link-up of Trumbull to the Bridgeport sewer system) — and one will see (if they’re not blind/stupid) the deliberate deconstruction of the Bridgeport tax base/theft (redistribution/diversion) of the Bridgeport tax-base by Trumbull (especially), Shelton, and Stamford/the Gold Coast… This was corruptly engineered and signed off by state-government (politicians) lackeys on behalf of their handler$ with financial/political interests with respect to the aforementioned beneficiary municipalities…

    Bridgeport was mugged, raped, and robbed by the Gold Coast/suburbs — an ongoing situation for over 60 years…

    Bridgeport’s condition is directly related to the greed-based politics described above. Quit blaming the victim! (And quit whining!) Bridgeport is owed, perhaps cumulative billion$ in purloined tax base/opportunity costs… Time for Bridgeport leadership and our state/federal delegations to demand compensation on our behalf… Bridgeport should be sharing in the Trumbull, Shelton, Stamford, et al. tax-base revenues… Forget about the (relative) underpayment that the state tosses over the fence to us at the end of GA session every year…

    In regard to the Chris Taylor/BOE issue, his letter of resignation from the BOE should have been demanded/received by now…

    1. Jeff, is Mayor Ganim on vacation or on a sabbatical because you would think that Mayor Ganim’s letter to Chris Taylor to step down from the BBOE IMMEDIATELY.

    2. @Jeff
      No we don’t rent to SHU or other students. We have a middle agd disabled tenant who has been in place for more than a decade.
      I did not say we are losing money. I said that as Bpt taxpayers we have a right to express our opinions on how the city spends money

  7. Jeff
    I know you have a great dislike for the Gold Coast but please do not use the term “rape” to describe getting ripped of or abused by these individuals.
    It totally demeans the term and lessens the impact of the crime of rape.


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