What, Me Worry? Nah, Says Resolute Chris Taylor–Not Quitting School Board

Chris Taylor channels Alfred E. Neuman.

School board member Chris Taylor, for all the attention he’s receiving for living in Fairfield while manufacturing an illegal residence in a city industrial zone to mollify criticism he’s not a resident of Bridgeport, packs a mighty sense of determination.

Quitters never win and winners never quit”, Taylor told CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart on Wednesday. “I am not leaving the board or politics.”

City inspectors from zoning and fire found multiple violations at his illegally claimed residence.

Would he do it the same if he had to do it all over again?

Or maybe in the words of Alfred E. Neuman, “In retrospect it becomes clear that hindsight is definitely overrated!”

It’s been a mad few months for Taylor on a personal level, be it his own controversies or the far more serious issues facing his father whom Taylor just bailed out of jail after being charged with the murder of his ex-wife.

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor’s holding firm.

Taylor’s sense of humor added levity to the intense mayoral campaign of 2015 when Bill Finch was ousted by Joe Ganim. He promised voters “free laptop computer for every household, major credit card with $300 limit regardless of credit, free cable and internet, free bicycle for each child and guardian.”

Speaking of bicycles, Board of Education Chair John Weldon, Republican Town Chair Mike Garrett and Mayor Joe Ganim are pedaling a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to Taylor’s election issues. He’s being investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission per a complaint issued by his nemesis fellow board member Maria Pereira. Taylor, a Republican, was elected to the school board in 2017.

Both Weldon and Garrett assert let’s wait for the results of the investigation while Ganim’s issued no word.

As for his living quarters, after notification by city inspectors to cease and desist, Taylor adds, “All I want to do is comply. If I can’t, I’ll purchase a home somewhere else in Bridgeport or move into one of my rental properties.”



  1. The lack of leadership from Mayor Joe Ganim is simply unacceptable, not a single word from Mayor Ganim one way or another, nothing while the direction and the business of the children education is involve.

      1. If Chris Taylor receives mail at Davenport Street, that’s his residence for now!
        It’s nice that are city inspectors are playing politic on this issue, they must have a lot of time on thire hands.
        Keep up the good fight Chris, yu’ll win this one!

        1. Jim Fox, the state statutes governing voter registration and serving as an elected official state otherwise.

          If you reside at a “dwelling” for 14 days you establish residency which requires a eviction. 155 Davenport is not zoned as a “dwelling” therefore Chris Taylor cannot establish residency.

  2. John Weldon isn’t going to say anything until Mayor Ganim tells him to and Republican Town Chair Mike Garrett has no incentive to say anything, why should he care? Mayor Ganim’s silence is deafening and he won’t say a word until he’s forced to make a move by the voice of discontent from the voters and it doesn’t look like they really give damn.

    1. Mike Garrett looks absolutely horrible as the leader of the Republican Party. Let’s remember that the Republican Party is in no way an opposition party. They are completely subservient to the corrupt Democratic Party for the few crumbs they are offered.

      John Weldon is also an absolute disgrace. Not a peep from him about his running mate Chris Taylor.

      I was arrested on September 11th that had absolutely nothing to do with my role as a school board member yet he had so much to say about my “behavior’ in the CT Post.. Chris Taylor is facing multiple felony counts with overwhelming evidence against him and John Weldon has been mute. Well the SEEC is investigating so we have to wait and see. The hypocrisy and lack of leadership by Danny Roach’s, Dan Shamus’, Mayor Ganim’s, and Mario Testa’s puppet, John Weldon, is astounding.

      1. For those asking where I’d Ernest Newton and Eneida Martinez on Chris Taylor’s illegal “residence.” You now know where Newton is on the issue.

        Ernest Newton is standing by his buddy Chris Taylor. He believes Chris Taylor lves in Bridgeport although he knows full well it is an absolute lie.

        What would anyone expect from the likes of Ernest Newton?

  3. Everyone made valid points. Is anyone else seeing the official GOP reaction? When asked about Chris Taylor’s illegal dwelling on Davenport Street RTC chairman Michael Garrett said “you could go to many homes in Bridgeport and find building code violations and zoning violations.” Are you bloody serious? That does not legitimize the Davenport Street address. Typical GOP response: “Everyone else is doing it so we should be allowed to…” You need to see a doctor, Mr. Garrett, get a prescription to kill the bug that crawled up your ass.

  4. Ganim,Garrett & no one on the council wants to say a thing because each one of them have friends in positions that require them to actually live in Bpt,and they don’t.This is pretty obvious.
    When the chief of your police dept doesn’t want his family living in that town because he doesn’t feel it’s safe,it says all there is to say.

    1. Remember when AJ said he was looking for a house in Bridgeport and would move into the city in step with getting the chiefs job? Everyone including him knew that it was a lie. ‘Just tell them what they want to hear’.

  5. I believe a homeless person can run for the Board of Education or any office!
    you do not have to have a bona fide address!
    Chris Taylor has every right to sit on the BBOE!

    Ct. Courts have said that an individual is a resident of a town if they have some nexus to that particular town, and there is an intention to return to that town when absent from it. This could be some town that you have spent time in, slept in, and intend to go back to even if you are not presently there.

    1. Jim,

      You are a moron for posting such an absurd comment.

      You must be a registered voter in a municipality which requires you be a “bonafide” resident of that town residing at a “dwelling.” 155 Davenport St. CANNOT serve as a “dwelling” because it is zoned as Light Industrial which prohibits any and all residential. occupancy. Zoning issued a cease and desist order effective tomorrow because it is prohibited from being utilized as a “dwelling.”

      You have absolutely no clue about what the statutes are regarding registering to vote or serving as an elected official in a municipality.

      1. Maria Pereira, Chris Taylor or anyone can use a Park bench as their address, dwelling, place of abode of anything you want to call it. Indeed, anyone can use a park bench as their voter address and vote in the district where the bench is located. What’s “absurd” is that you claim to be a perfect researcher.

        1. Joel, you are absolutely wrong.
          Read the voter registration statute under Title 9 before you post absolute nonsense.

          Really, a park bench that has no valid address can be used as a voter registration address.


          1. You said it, Maria. He’s CLUELESS. Best reason to not engage with Frodo of the Nine Fingers.

  6. Maria, Flattery will get you nowhere!
    If a homeless person can vote, and they can, you do not need a “bonafide address to sit on the BBOE or any other Board!
    Now show me a Statute that say’s otherwise!!!

      1. Jim,

        I attended the School Building Committee Meeting followed immediately by the Students and Families Committee Meeting.

        Generally, you should your own research BEFORE posting completely baseless assertions.

        CHAPTER 143
        Section 9-12

        “Who may be admitted. (a) Each citizen of the United States who has attained the age of eighteen years, and who is a bona fide resident of the town to which the citizen applies for admission as an elector shall, on approval by the registrars of voters or town clerk of the town of residence of such citizen, as prescribed by law, be an elector, except as provided in subsection (b) of this section. For purposes of this section a person shall be deemed to have attained the age of eighteen years on the day of the person’s eighteenth birthday and a person shall be deemed to be a bona fide resident of the town to which the citizen applies for admission as an elector if such person’s dwelling unit is located within the geographic boundaries of such town. No mentally incompetent person shall be admitted as an elector.”

          1. Jim Fox’s “beliefs’ are irrelevant. What IS relevant is the state statutes that govern registered voters and elected officials.

            You must be a “bonafide” resident of Bridgeport residing in a “dwelling” with in the municipalities borders.

  7. Chis Taylor sounds like he thinks that the trouble hat he has brought on Bridgeport is all about him… It isn’t. It’s about the city and his political friends… He seems prepared to take “everybody” and the city’s reputation down with him. Extremely selfish, arrogant, and foolish/lacking in pragmatism — and his supporters’ recognition of the political danger that they are in would seem to indicate that they are oblivious/numb to reality…

    The s—-storm is coming!… Put on your raincoats and boots!…

  8. I’m ready for the attack, and I really don’t care. This is one guy who has brass ones, a true Soprano; all that research and he’s not worried. Why should he be, look what’s been going on in Bridgeport and no one gives a damn, so he’ll let the cards fall where they may. I don’t condone any of it, but after awhile it’s just another sitution! Save the ink.

  9. I want everyone to know that my research uncovered very serious issues related to possible bank/mortgage fraud.

    This is being investigated by another agency outside of the SEEC.

    Chris Taylor is likely going to prison.

      1. Gotcha kid! Just another day in Bridgeport. Prediction: most won’t like this, but Senator Moore will put her responibilities as a Senator first, she won’t abdicate if her time is needed in Hartford, special session or other. Joey G. slides in basically without a serious challenger. Here’s the rub, Joey G. wants out not in, but the Mayoral office pays and right now he like everyone else needs an income. They say “watch what you ask for,” Get used to it. For those super qualified candidates who will be running for an office, and not expecting the endorsement, do it on the second line. Many of us are very good at splite voting, and some have enough of a base to pull it off. This is especially true when it comes to district primaries, easy breezy!!!!

  10. Lisa, you are absolutely correct that Senator Moore takes her Senatorial duties quite seriously and nothing comes before her commitment to that. Having said that, as you know the Regular Legislative Session Adjourns June 5th which would leave her calendar empty to take Bridgeport back from the Big Bad Wolf and his cohorts. May I suggest that you get in where you can fit in. Moore is better!

  11. There could be a special session and I’m sure the Bridgeport delegation will be pushing for that in order to keep Senator Moore in Hartford.

  12. Ron, you and me go way back. There was only one time in over forty years that the Black and Hispanic pols came together, and that was done by the esteemed Charles Tisdale. I was just a wanna-a be young woman at the time, but I’ll never forget it because it’s never been done since. Here’s what I observe happening. The Hispanics are circling the wagons because there’s no way they want to see a Black mayor before a Latino mayor. The White pols are now the minority and can only prevail if one of our once minority groups support them. There’s nothing unpolitical about this scenerio, it happens.There’s a long-standing rivalry between these two groups, I don’t know why, my political relationship with both has been amazing. This is not about Joey G. and the Senator, this is about ethnic turf.

  13. Lisa, I spoke to this over a year ago, the distrust of the Black and Latino community against each other. I spoke to this in the context that these majority communities need to put their differences aside and come together as one, but I also said the hurt and distrust is so great that it will never happen thus eliminating the election of a Black or Latino Mayor in Bridgeport.

    The Black and Latino community’s are so used to taking a slice of the cake that they’ve lost sight that there is a whole damn cake out there. That distrust is the thing that Mario and the mayor (add any white man’s name) depend upon to keep both under the thumb of the DTC and the mayor’s seat lily white and for the most part, white males. Damn shame Bridgeport. Damn shame Black folks. Damn shame my Latinos family. Put your differences aside people and try doing what’s best for the city that you proclaim to love. More (Moore) is best.

    1. Jimfox is the most relevant person in this City. A smart, kind, witty man who I call friend. Any person speaking disrespectful of him is a horse’s ass.

        1. Jim,

          You appear to be like your neighbor John Weldon. If you cannot debate utilizing the facts just create a distraction.

          I posted facts and you posted nonsense, therefore now you want to refer to me as Frankenstein’s Daughter.

          You know what that means,,Jim. I won the debate and you lost

          I still think you are witty and hysterically funny. You are simply dead wrong on Chris Taylor.

          1. FD, Chris Taylor just might be the next BBOE Chair, so you should treat him with respect’

  14. Donald, we do think alike, why don’t our friends get it. It’s the Black and Hispanic members of this party that keep the status quo. The White’s are weak sisters, as well as irrelevant. It boils down to who wants to be first, they refuse to see the bigger picture. It would be understandable if the divide was based on alturistic beliefs, but it’s not, it’s based on greed by a few that somehow convince the others to follow. It’s disguating that a City with a minority majority has and is led by White individuals.

  15. Lisa, I’m honored that you think that we think alike as I’ve always admired your time on the council and how you always listened to our concerns.

    Having said that, in my humble opinion the problem with the divide between Black’s and Latinos in Bridgeport is based on one simple machination, who’s going to be the first nonwhite mayor. Black’s feel they’ve been in the political process for fifty years and it’s our inherent right to be that first nonwhite Mayor in Bridgeport. My Latino brother’s feel that since they are the new majority they should be the first nonwhite mayor. Until we come together as a people then the DTC and the white political leaders of Bridgeport will continue to use one or the other to stay in a place of leadership. When or if this will change doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon, if ever.

  16. We’re saying the same thing Donald. However, a black woman, who happens to be our Senator has declared. Some Latinos don’t want this to happen. Not all, but some. If there is to be a mayoral challenge, it should occur in November when all voters, regardless of affiliation, or nuetrality, can cast a vote. There is a way for this to happen, the Senator is surrounded by experienced stratigists, and she’s no novice herself.

    some Hispanics don’t want this to happen.

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