Mr. Attention Dennis Bradley Invites You To His Party–Free Food, Drinks, Music

State Senator Dennis Bradley knows how to throw a party, some that can get him into hot water and poise the attention of state and federal law enforcement officials.

Reassured of reelection in three weeks–campaign life can be lonely for Republican challenger Josiah Israel, outflanked by party affiliation 15 to 1–Bradley is throwing a “USA for Bradley 2020” campaign party in advance on Friday with free food, drinks and live music.

Work hard, play hard, party hard. That’s just the way Bradley likes it. Come 2021 Bradley will find out if a federal investigation proves to be just a toothache or a life-altering extraction.

Bradley fancies himself an attention-junkie showman who can morph into character with a simple turn of his flashy Maserati. It can draw attention.

His campaign finance report shows his candidate committee raised just $270, for the latest quarter filing, from a single donation that of East End District Leader Ralph Ford. Bradley can use his own money to finance the party, but it was a law-firm financed campaign party a few years ago that jabbed the attention of federal authorities to look into his campaign and business dealings.

For Bradley, it started with frivolity March 15, 2018 as an Ides of March campaign event at Dolphin’s Cove in the East End formalizing his announcement that led to election to the State Senate.

Bradley noted in a media advance, “the day marked by history as Caesar’s pride and destruction will mark Bridgeport’s humbleness and rebirth. For God will take the stone that was discarded and use it as His cornerstone … Bringing the classics back to Bridgeport politics. It’s about time we raise the bar.”

The State Elections Enforcement Commission ruled that Bradley had raised the bar in more ways than one, violating state law by leveraging roughly $10,000 in law firm funds to finance his election, including free drinks and food at Dolphin’s Cove. It led to the watchdog agency rejecting his application for a general election grant under the state’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races.

Even his named campaign committee, “Attorney Dennis Bradley for State Senate” left residual reminders: is he promoting his profession, his political career, both? What is the purpose of mixing your profession with your run for public office in the same filing?

Prior to the Covid outbreak the federal government impaneled a grand jury in New Haven that heard from witnesses associated with his 2018 run for state office including expenses financed by his law firm, donations made and where the money leads. There’s more to this story that the feds are looking at regarding his law firm, political business dealings.

Some of the federal investigators looking at Bradley are the same who secured recent guilty verdicts from former Chief AJ Perez and ex Personnel Director David Dunn for rigging the top cop test in 2018.

Having fun yet?



  1. This idiot couldn’t have couched this party as a COVID-19 seminar? He is just proving that he is one of the people that is associated with what IS the cesspool that Is known as Bridgeport.
    Changing the subject, Maria’s letter to the Connecticut Post should have preceded the article about this guys party She and her actions have a lot more to offer for the betterment of Bridgeport, wouldn’t you say? How would the public know what is going on otherwise?
    Again, imagine if there were more people like her.
    Meatball sub anyone?!

  2. Realizing that I may be crucified for putting this out here but “Mr Attention” & “President Pinocchio” are these terms of endearment? You’re starting to sound a bit like the ones you write about … a playground bully.

  3. Despite favorable conditions, throwing a victory party before election day is like declaring yourself the winner before the game even starts!
    Un-sportsmanlike behavior is a bad career move for any lawyer entering politics.

  4. Is Dennis for real??..We are in the middle of a global pandemic,and this tool is throwing a party at a yacht club with FREE food and drink and a band??? The place will be packed..How irresponsible can he get???..Shameful,obviously thinks of no one but himself..

  5. Dennis Bradley is a fool. He started his political career by going to school on Madison Ave with two of the best that Bridgeport had to offer. The problem is he quit school prior to getting his degree in Beating the System with a Minor in Bullshiting People and Raising Money. Now like one of his teachers the Feds are looking at him too. The wise old teacher is still teaching on Madison Ave and he isn’t being bothered by the Fed’s, AGAIN!

    1. Don,the school moved to Suburban Ave..The teacher has class most mornings outside, around a table on the side of the building,but I would guess that since the Feds seem very close to indicting Joe,the teacher “teaches” covertly these days..

  6. Dennis Bradley Invites You To His Party–Free Food, Drinks, Music at the Move Yacht Move, sounds like the perfect super spreader, will the City’s Health Department montior the COVID-19 requirements.

  7. What’s the difference between Donald Trump, Joe Ganim and Dennis Bradley?
    Give up?
    NOTHING. They are all in love with themselves and will do anything to stay in office.

  8. “His campaign finance report shows his candidate committee raised just $270, for the latest quarter filing, from a single donation that of East End District Leader Ralph Ford,” this must be a misprint because we are talking about the current elected State Senator Dennis Bradley and he only has $270 or the latest quarter filing and only one person has made a donation and that’s the district leader, Ralph Ford, where’s the love, no where’s the money.

  9. It’s almost Halloween.
    He’s tall, dark and gruesome and he’s throwing a party.
    He’s willing to exchange germs with you if you’re willing to do the same.
    All you have to do is drink his drinks, eat his food and dance to his band.
    What could go wrong with that?

    Vampires avoid daylight for a good reason.
    Don’t trust the night.

  10. Lennie or anyone willing to Just for clarity…..does the Board of Fire Commissioners have the allotted members to hold a quorum? They are scheduled to have a meeting next Tuesday…just asking for a friend…

  11. There’s still time to attend Dennis Bradley Invites You To His Party–Free Food, Drinks, Music at the Move Yacht Move 5:00 til 7:30 tonight, cash will be okay.


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