Move Your Car, Or Else!

UPDATE: (City Councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, co-chair of the Miscellaneous Matters Committee, has rescheduled tonight’s meeting due to the storm to Thursday, January 13, 6pm – Bridgeport City Hall, Wheeler Room A.)

This winter has become a big bite in the butt. For readers digging out, Public Works Department budget, Mayor’s Office fielding complaints. Oh that’s right, you can Tweet hizzoner if you want! The city’s gearing up for another snow emergency and officials are urging residents to follow alternate side of the street parking and snow emergency rules.

If you don’t comply, says hizzoner, the cops will make you.

“We anticipate that we will have to declare a snow emergency in the City on Tuesday evening. Our police officers will be working hand-in-hand with our public works crews to more closely enforce the snow emergency and alternate side of the street parking rules, either with a ticket or a tow,” said Mayor Finch in a statement.

If a snow emergency is declared, no parking is allowed on snow emergency streets. Check out emergency streets at

Can you imagine a snowstorm during the Feb. 22 special election to fill the state rep seat vacated by Chris Caruso? We might see more candidates than voters that day, or maybe more votes cast by absentee ballot. The potential for a storm could be just the cover pols need to push a little ABracadabra. Remember those elections that produced a win on the machines but a croaking among absentee ballots?

AB action has quieted down in recent years, especially after the federals poking around. The queen of absentee ballots in recent years is City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez, but Lydia’s district is outside the 126th State Assembly. Could Lydia be imported for some special help in the special election?



  1. This is totally off the subject–but does anyone know what’s up with Famous Pizza? They’ve been closed for a couple of weeks–no sign, no explanation?

  2. *** Towing is left for emergencies or if you’re parked in the downtown area, expect lots of parking tickets for revenue purposes from now on! Also expect longer lines @ traffic court this winter with not guilty pleas, no? *** HERE WE GO! ***

  3. Tonight on “Bridgeport Now,” 8pm to 8:30pm on Ch 88. What is Bridgeport doing for the arts in the city? Some say the arts are crucial to getting people to come to downtown Bridgeport. Surprise, it’s arts!

    Special guest:
    Kenneth R. Kahn, Executive Director
    Bridgeport Arts + Cultural Council. Find out what he has planned for the city.

    CT Post article: A dream to establish an umbrella organization to promote Bridgeport’s arts community becomes reality on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 when the recently formed Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Council opens its headquarters in one of the city’s most magnificent commercial spaces (The Arcade).

    “Can you believe this is actually happening, that we finally have an arts council with its own home?” asked a beaming Robbin Zella.


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