Snow Emergency

From Mayor Finch:

Mayor Finch Declares Snow Emergency in City Beginning 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 11

Board of Education and City offices will be closed on Jan. 12

Due to the major snowstorm predicted to begin late Tuesday night and extending throughout the day Wednesday, Mayor Bill Finch today declared a snow emergency in the City of Bridgeport, beginning at 7 p.m., Tuesday evening.

Mayor Finch and Superintendent of School John Ramos St. also announced that both City Hall and Board of Education offices will be closed to the public on Wednesday. Only City and Board of Education employees essential to storm operations should report to work. Any Board of Education employees, who are normally expected to report to work when teachers and students are not, will be exempt from reporting for work on Wednesday, Jan. 12.

“If you do not need to travel during this snowstorm, I would urge you to stay home so our public works crews can clear the streets. This storm is predicted to have near-blizzard conditions, which will mean blowing snow and slippery conditions, and driving will be hazardous,” said Mayor Finch.

“Our police officers will be working hand-in-hand with public works crews to more aggressively enforce parking rules the snow emergency and alternate side of the street parking rules, either with a ticket or a tow in order clear city streets,” said Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr.

Parking is not permitted on any designated snow emergency street, and all cars must be removed from snow emergency routes by 7 p.m. Tuesday evening. Parking is not permitted on any designated snow emergency street. For safety purposes, residents and business owners are asked to comply with the ban so that snowplows can efficiently clear the streets. A list of snow emergency streets can be found at Snow emergency routes are marked with white signs with red lettering.

Alternate side of the street parking also is in effect and will continue throughout the storm and during the cleanup. All cars should be parked on the odd side of the street this evening to allow plows easy access to clear the streets.

Due to the storm, sanitation and recycling pick-ups will be delayed one day. For instance, if the scheduled pick-up day is Wednesday, it will now be Thursday.

“The City is prepared to tackle this storm – our plows are ready, streets are being pre-treated. We ask our residents to be patient. We will get to their streets as soon as emergency routes are clear. In the meantime, we urge everyone to heed alternate side of the street parking rules, or better yet, to move their car off the street into a driveway, a nearby school parking lot or a neighbor’s driveway in advance of the storm. Doing so will make it easier to get the streets cleared,” said Mayor Finch.

The Department of Public Works reminds all residents and business owners to shovel the sidewalk and walkways, including curb cuts, for pedestrian safety. Please do not shovel snow back into the street from your driveway or sidewalk. Anyone found throwing snow back into the street will be subject to a fine.

The Fire Department also asks residents to shovel out fire hydrants and keep them clear. “Keeping hydrants open and clear can save precious minutes if there is an emergency during, and after, the storm,” said Bridgeport Fire Chief Brian Rooney.

Mayor Finch urges city residents to heed all emergency warnings and to drive safely during the storm, which is expected to drop from 10-20 inches of snow in the area.

Residents on Wednesday should call the following numbers to report snow removal concerns:

203.579.3829 or 203.576.1311, Or click on the Citizen Service request button on the upper right hand corner of the City’s website to initiate a QAlert request for services.

As always, residents are reminded to call 911 for immediate life-threatening emergencies during the storm.


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