Moore’s Message: Take Nothing For Granted, Women’s Rights On The Line

Lamont Moore
Ned Lamont addresses canvassers in Bridgeport on Saturday with Marilyn Moore looking on.

Ned Lamont spent Saturday morning in Bridgeport schmoozing city ministers for support, rallying campaign canvassers to churn out a vote and heralding his friend Marilyn Moore’s return to the State Senate currently locked in an 18 tie among Democrats and Republicans with control of the upper chamber as well as an open seat for governor on the line Nov. 6. Lamont and Moore have built a political alliance strong enough that the Democratic nominee for governor asked her to join his ticket before working out a lieutenant governor partnership with former foe Susan Bysiewicz. Moore faces a contested race from Republican Rich Deecken, a Bassick High School teacher, in the multi-town district. She urged canvassers to take nothing for granted given the capricious political environment.

With about three weeks left to election day and Lamont facing what appears to be a competitive race from Republican Bob Stefanowsi, the message was identify the vote and bring it home. Lamont is focused on unaffiliated voters that swing statewide races in Connecticut while galvanizing urban voters in heavily Democratic cities such as Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford. He wants a Democratic legislature and allies such as Moore returned. And Moore wants Lamont as governor.

“It doesn’t do us any good with a Republican governor that vetoes everything we do,” Moore told a couple of dozen canvassers Saturday morning at a Democratic headquarters on Capitol Avenue as they prepared to door-knock neighborhoods. “Ned understands business, unions and working families … women’s rights are on the line.”

Since defeating incumbent Democrat Anthony Musto in a primary four years ago, Moore’s profile has grown as she navigates the disparate needs of her Bridgeport and suburban constituency. She is co-chair of the Children and Human Services Committee. She is also Senate Democratic co-chair of the General Assembly’s Bonding Subcommittee where she employs influence over where state dollars are invested.

If Lamont wins, and she’s eager for a state commissionership, she’d be the type at the top of the list. But what if the State Senate is locked in an 18 tie again? If she wins reelection and vacates her office that means a special election to fill it.

Right now Moore’s not interested in the what-ifs. Win and see how it plays out.

She also knows she’s not a favorite of Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, an old-schooler who’s into that “respect” thing. Moore does not suck up to some of the local party leaders like Testa, preferring an independent-minded profile. As a result, some party regulars are running a stealth Dems for Deecken campaign in Bridgeport. For Moore ally Ed Gomes, who is retiring from his State Senate seat, it’s not surreptitious at all. At 82 years old the political warhorse tells you exactly how he feels. If he likes you he tells you, if he doesn’t like you he’ll let you know, and in your face.

“I don’t like some of the people in this party,” he said Saturday morning. “Marilyn does what’s right.”

Meanwhile, with just weeks left, it’s all now about identifying friends and dragging them out in a political world where “friends” can be termed relative.



  1. My question is why would there be a “stealth” Deomcratic campaign for a Republican? If you want to be a Republican be one. But why a stealth campaign? What do you have to lose? Must be something.

  2. I’am appalled, that chairman of DTC is sitting on his hands again, sniffling like a little girl who just lost her balloon.
    Maybe that’s better for Nad, after all Mario nearly delivered Bridgeport for Ganim.
    Maybe it’s time for Testa to pack it in?

  3. What are women’s rights versus rights for all American citizens?

    Females are a protected class but what ‘rights’ are threatened?

    Is there an actual answer or is this just the usual anti-Trump rhetoric to get votes? (Obviously so)

    1. Tom White, you are so wise and smart, there are more women than men in America and they have so much power, why they are in charge of plus they run, awwww, Tom White help me here because you are so knowledgeable tells us who has more power and control in America, white men or women?

    2. ding ding ding, we have a winner. This is the same tactic Democrats takes at every opportunity. “Women will die, woman will lose blah”. It’s all lies, it never happens, yet people buy in to the rhetoric. I have no fear of losing any of my rights. My paycheck? That is another discussion.

  4. Marilyn is worried about Marilyn. It’s not that complicated. She speaks one truth and will vote another. She is more married to the Unions in CT than she is Bridgeport or the state as a whole and protecting women, well it’s a good sound bite in the age of #metoo but when she had the opportunity to hold predators feet to the fire, she opted not to. Marilyn is more in tune with #meme.

  5. Cindy, your bias is showing and it’s kinda ugly. This is the Marilyn Moore that I know. After reading this Cindy tell me if this lady doesn’t care about protecting women?

    Recognizing the rapid increase in morbidity and mortality rates among low income minority women with breast cancer, Moore founded and became President and CEO of The Witness Project, which seeks to address and reduce breast cancer mortality.

    In addition, Marilyn has tackled the war against hunger by serving and being a member of several boards in Connecticut, including, End Hunger CT, Network Support Team Connecticut Food Systems Alliance, and the Food Solutions New England Coalition.

    As a result of her unwavering passion and dedication to fighting for food and health equity in Connecticut, the City of Bridgeport has formed the Food Policy Counsel, which integrates all agencies of the city in a common effort to improve the availability of safe and nutritious food at reasonable prices for all residents, particularly those in need.

    Cindy, you can support anyone you like without the lies, innuendo and fabrications that your post alludes to.

  6. Donald, I did not lie as I did not address any of those things and one does not need to be exclusive of the other. After working with the Senator in Hartford, I have seen, first hand her bias and no it’s not pretty either.

    Given the choice, she will choose the unions and her party, or at least the Malloy portion of her party, every time. It’s not bias; it’s experience.

    1. While all the things you described are wonderful and she can continue to do without being a Senator, they do not address the opportunity she had as a Senator, to stand up for women at the peril of losing Union support. She chose the Unions and their pensions. It was “safe” for her to do so, as it would pass without her. But it wasn’t the right thing to do. It was the political thing to do. Sen. Gomes was wrong.

  7. Cindy, what you profess to know is purely anecdotal evidence and to buttress your post it would have to be empirical evidence. Go ahead I’ll wait. Lies, innuendo and fabrications. That seems to be out of the 21st century Republican handbook, Lies, innuendo and fabrications. I’m waiting.

  8. No lies. She voted against the bill to take away the pensions of employees convicted of sexual crimes. Nothing anecdotal about it. No innuendos. Simple facts. You can defend her as much as you like. You can’t reverse her vote and the perception that goes with it.


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