For CT Republicans It’s Taxes, Not Trump

Stefanowski rally
Bob Stefanowski addresses a unity rally. Behind him are Matt Corey, Thad Gray and Joe Markley. Photo by Mark Pazniokas, CT Mirror.

From Mark Pazniokas, CT Mirror:

President Donald J. Trump generates enthusiastic crowds at campaign rallies elsewhere, but he was rarely mentioned Saturday by Republicans at a unity rally in (Southbury) Connecticut, where activists were reminded all politics is local, and the only issues that matter are taxes and the economy.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton both introduced Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Stefanowski at the rally and endorsed the candidate’s blinkered view of the campaign as revolving around a single issue–his supply-sider’s approach to slashing taxes to stimulate economic growth.

“Some people are trying to nationalize this and make this a national campaign. This campaign is not a national campaign,” said Boughton, who ran second to Stefanowski in the five-way GOP primary. “This campaign is about Connecticut. It’s about your home. It’s about your street, your neighborhood, the town that you live in.”

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  1. This is amazing, state Republicans running away from President 45 and acting like none of 45’s policies have anything that has hurt Connecticut like his tax cuts, cutting ACA (Obama Care) these are two major issues that is costing this state a hardships. I’ve not heard any of the Republican candidates who were running in the primary say anything about 45 hurting the state’s economy not even David Walker, now I wouldn’t expect Bob Stefanowski because he has given 45 a 100% rating.

  2. Yes, for Connecticut voters it’s all about taxes and the economy.
    Connecticut could use Trump’s expansionist policies to offset a tax decrease here. Cutting taxes while cutting spending sounds like a winning formula that has yet to be tried.
    Connecticut Democrats’ new platform is Borrow and Buy. It has replaced tax and spend as their new mantra.
    Reject it and give Stefanowski the veto power taxpayers need.

      1. President Trump has cut nothing. His policies are similar to
        Connecticut Democrats. To be more precise, Trump’s policies are inflationary and will eventually result in an increase in your DB package, meaning you and Trump are on the same page. (snicker)
        If you disagree, make a statement of your own or prove me wrong.

        1. We are basically saying the same thing except you want to give Stefanowski the veto power something that he doesn’t want and he wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’m saying that Stefanowski admires President 45 100% and those policies of 45 are hurting this state.

  3. When you hear Stefanowski, the Republican nominee for governor, say he wants to eliminate the income tax over the next eight years, he’s saying he wants to give a gargantuan break to the very rich and, in exchange, squeeze state services. Any questions?


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