Battle Under The Big Top? Lauretti Ponders Bridgeport Mayoral Run

Lauretti ringmaster
Mark Lauretti’s Barnumesque look.

Fire up the political rumors. One of the 200 or so guests who strolled into the heated big tent on Stratford Avenue for Wednesday’s East End market announcement was Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti who knows something about the big top and big tent as a former Barnum Festival ringmaster.

Mayor Mark is seriously considering a run for mayor in Connecticut’s largest city. Why? The Republican has enjoyed popular success in Shelton for three decades, but is itching for new opportunities. His run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination faltered last year when he failed to petition his way onto the ballot after not reaching the 15 percent support threshold for ballot access at the state party convention.

Lauretti has deep roots in Bridgeport as an athlete and coach. What would a Lauretti candidacy look like? As a Republican candidate, or as a petitioning candidate reformer? Could he soon be a resident of Bridgeport?

The highest profile opponent to Mayor Joe Ganim is State Senator Marilyn Moore.

Hmmm, let’s see how the Lauretti watch shakes out.



  1. Lenny any word as to how Moore intends to challenge Ganim? Is she going the democratic primary route? How can anyone ask for monetary contribution without clearly stating what the money is for? Gees, not even an exploratory committee.

  2. Lennie, you should censor any ass-hole who uses vulgar expressions as was used above.

    Who does ‘The Bridgeport Kid’ think he is, a new Democrat Party Member of Congress?

  3. Tom’
    Am I missing something here? Is the language that you used not vulgar? Are you held to a different standard? If I were to use vulgar language, I would use the word that you used to describe you. So in the interest of decency lets not use that word in the future, we can substitute it by saying someone is making a Tom-White of themselves.

  4. Yes Tom, I made a “commented intended to be witty” and you just made one that was just plain stupid. As usual it appears that you are either under the influence or maybe did not take medication that has been prescribed for you. Tom please stop, you are really making a Tom-White of yourself.

      1. Tom,
        It is clear that I am no match for you or your co-author Johnnie Walker. For many years Andy Fardy R.I.P. used harsh language. I don’t recall you ever voicing any objection to his language. I never met Andy or THE KID, are they different in some way that would cause you to object to the language of one and not the other?

          1. LOL I wasn’t aware that you consult with Johnnie Walker so early in the morning. Have a nice day.

  5. Wow! The height of condescending arrogance!! This guy is the ultimate carpetbagger. Here we have a guy that is serving as the mayor of another town, who was not born in Bridgeport — someone that can’t even claim a long-term-resident history — that wants to “try something different/take on a new challenge,” by way of a rationale for running for mayor of our city…

    Such arrogance and pomposity should be unimaginable.

    Surely, this type of arrogance — coming from a guy that only recently dodged a municipal corruption bullet in which his favorite developer, Bob Scinto, was convicted and served a year of jail (6 months) and home confinement (6 months), followed by 18 months probation — can’t be taken seriously…

  6. Mark, you can’t go back home.
    After taking businesses out of Bridgeport, taxes out of Bridgeport, squeezing the livelihood out of Bridgeport most people don’t know you anymore and those that do, don’t like you anymore.

  7. A lot of Bridgeport residents haven moved to shelton in the last 10 years. Shelton is full of former bpt residents. Also derby and ansonia has alot of former bpt residents

  8. *** As a Democrat, a Republican with the record of keeping taxes at bay in Shelton like Lauretti has, would be a great welcome in Bpt. Especially after so many years of stale, go no where democratic political city rule ; as long as Lauretti is not a Trump supporter that is? Its obvious that a one party continued rule in Bpt. is not working & does not seem to be getting any better. Example # 1 on the continued Democrat political debacle, Bpt. public schools; need I say more? ***


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