Moore Crushes McCarthy, Gomes Defeats Bradley, Stallworth Holds Off Pereira

Moore victory
Moore addresses supporters Tuesday night. CT Post photo Cedar Attanasio.

State Senator Marilyn Moore on Tuesday thrashed her Democratic primary opponent Tom McCarthy running up large pluralities in Bridgeport and performing strong in suburban Trumbull and Monroe, according to unofficial returns. State Senator Ed Gomes bested school board chairman Dennis Bradley and State Rep. Charlie Stallworth defeated school board member Maria Pereira in a close contest, based on unofficial returns.

Moore, the freshman legislator, amassed major wins across the Bridgeport piece of 22nd District that covers the north and western portions of the city, all of Trumbull and a section of Monroe.

Angry high-taxed Black Rockers came out in force against party-endorsed McCarthy, the president of the City Council that also has budget authority, following their revaluation-influenced July 1 tax bills. Moore won the Black Rock precinct 336 to 91. But she also defeated McCarthy handily in his own North End neighborhood including 302 to 217 on the machines at Blackham. The heavily African American precinct Wilbur Cross was also a force for Moore where she won 386 to 100. In Park City Magnet it was 286 to 51 for Moore. She also won big on the West Side.

Overall it was not a good night for Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, a McCarthy ally. Both Moore and Gomes assert that Testa and Mayor Joe Ganim turned their backs on key incumbency relationships in Hartford. Moore and Gomes were not endorsed by the party. They won.

But arguably the biggest surprise of the evening was Moore’s performance in suburban towns where the State Senate’s only African American woman ran essentially even with McCarthy who was backed by Trumbull’s Democratic party establishment including Town Treasurer Anthony Musto whom Moore defeated in a primary two years ago. Moore, whose name recognition increased representing the district for nearly two years, campaigned in the suburbs and was aided by two key unions assisting her ground operation, the Connecticut Carpenters and the teacher-based Connecticut Education Association. Moore also received assistance from Connecticut’s Working Families Party.

Trumbull Dems strategic backing of McCarthy misfired when they criticized Moore for working too closely with Republican First Selectman Tim Herbst who’s public enemy number one for the Dem establishment, a point Herbst made on his Facebook page. Herbst contends Trumbull Democrats are run by several former disgruntled Republicans who’ve “hijacked the party.”

“Elaine Hammers is my candidate for the State Senate,” Herbst writes. “And the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee under the leadership of Tom Kelly needs serious and intense group therapy!”

For her part, Moore asserts it’s her job to work with chief elected officials to help her constituents, be it Democrat or Republican. Moore will face Republican Elaine Hammers in November.

The unofficial results in Bridgeport, Moore 2161, McCarthy 1,019. In Trumbull it was McCarthy 469 to Moore’s 468. In Monroe 60 to 58 Moore.

Gomes savors primary win. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.
Gomes savors primary win. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.

The Gomes-Bradley battle was closer with both candidates carrying their share of precincts in the city. Bradley performed well on the East Side but Gomes countered that with a strong showing in the Upper East Side including Hooker School. He also performed well in the Stratford piece of the district. Gomes also was aided by a coalition of unions and Connecticut’s Working Families whose banner he carries having won a special election in 2015 running on that line. In Bridgeport overall it was Gomes 1701 to 1571. In Stratford, Gomes 237, Bradley 113.

Gomes had to file a lawsuit to get his name on the ballot after a paperwork snafu caused state elections officials to reject his candidacy. Gomes won “without the help of the mayor, without the help of the party, all the way from the courtroom to this election.

Stallworth, an appointee of Ganim, received a scare from Pereira, the outspoken party outsider. He defeated her, according to unofficial returns, 929 to 845 benefiting from his base of support in Wilbur Cross, 362 to 154. At Hooker School, Pereira’s support base, it was Pereira 319 to Stallworth’s 184.

Charlie Stallworth
The Rev. Charlie Stallworth had a bunch of hands helping him in final week.

Stallworth, in the final week of the campaign was aided by a heavy infusion of independent expenditures from charter school supporters as well as a flyer from a political action committee based in the East End calling into question Pereira’s temperament. As a result, Stallworth outspent Pereira about two to one.

State House incumbent Andre Baker defeated multi-mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello in the fourth legislative race of the evening, 643 to 289.

Primary results by community can be found here on the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s website.



    1. I can tell you the results of John Winthrop where I was with Republican Mary Filo. Moore 216, McCarthy 123. I had the pleasure of seeing Steve’s face when the numbers were read. Here I come one more time, Steve: McCarthy has raised our taxes time and time again. It’s time to even the score, VOTE FOR MARILYN MOORE.

        1. The reason we made a good team was your last name. In Spanish, Filo is the sharpness of a blade or cutting object. Mary Filo, were you looking at Steve precisely when the results were read? The reading of results lasted about 15 seconds. Priceless!

    2. “Moore will face Republican Elaine Hammers in November.”

      It’s Hammers’ time, baby. I’ve been honing my skills with my nail gun on the side and met some members of the Carpenters Union Local 210. I assure you the Hammers will be broken in the end.

      “Bradley performed well on the East Side …”
      Come on Lennie, give me the AB numbers at least from the East Side and West Side, I have boards, lumber and plywood sheathing to nail. Don’t make me go to your house and nail your hands to the desk.

    1. You’re right Harvey, he made a grave political error by putting himself out there, the only thing he accomplished was revealing his political weakness. I doubt he’ll win his Council seat next year.

  1. Finally things are in change.
    I’m even going out to buy five “lucky for life” tickets.
    I hope this is the start of a new day for us in Bridgeport.

    1. We? Frank Gyure, what did you do to help? Don’t fool yourself by believing that blogging nonsense on OIB is doing something. I’ve seen this movie before. Just when you think Jason Myers is dead, he comes back to life.

          1. I’ve been planning for years. I’m picking on you the way you picked on me. As for “dividing,” I divided my time and effort between Ed Gomes and Marilyn Moore. Sorry for picking on you, I confused you with that Underwood character. I think he was named Frank too. Thank God we don’t fight with knives on OIB.

    2. Frank, we already have. In the next year, as we work together, we will have established a well-oiled team, with Citywide inclusion, to prepare for the next election and the big one to come. This team will consist of smart, well-informed and well-intentioned people from all areas of the City who care about trying to replace those elected officials who have seen their day, and are hanging in for self-serving reasons or because they have nothing better to do with their lives. This was my most satisfying participation in elections. The two senators who prevailed deserved it, too. They were being challenged by opponents who were hand-picked by Testo and Ganim, the little tag-team that lost. I wish them both luck as they now must deal with McCarthy and Bradley at home while Ed and Marilyn continue their service in Hartford. On a personal note to Testo, McCarthy and Ganim, don’t ever interfere in a Town Committee election in Brooklawn, the consequences are not worth it.

      1. Lisa Parziale, are there any active discussions, meetings going on behind the scenes to launch city council candidates? By this time next year, CC candidates will be pretty much in place. A year can blow by very quickly in terms of organizing a citywide challenge.

    3. Frank, that’s the right direction but you should find as many like-minded people anywhere in the City but especially at least eight others in your district who would be willing to work and serve on the Democratic Town Committee. It has been mentioned time and time again, all you need is to get five of those in your group and you control the DTC in your district, just five people. The election for the DTC is in March and it has the lowest voter turnout so it can be done with some footwork. Maria Pereira did it in the 138th district and it can be done all over Bridgeport. The first step starts with you and all the others who want change. Time will tell (JML).

      1. Ron, you’re right on that. Hopefully we can organize and assist those willing to do the legwork necessary to bring change to the DTC. There’s one thing that haunts me on a very personal level. My friend of 33 years, a man I admire for his ability to facilitate and his love of his home district, Black Rock, is letting all his efforts over three decades erode because he chose to cover Joe Ganim, leave his friends and constituents as well as his district. In my opinion, he’s a exceptional person and I miss him very much. It’s my hope he’ll know when to throw in the towel with Ganim, and go home. It’s still not too late. People are fickle, they won’t wait much longer for him to decide which option will serve him in the long run.

        1. Lisa, I believe I know whom you are talking about and I’ve never said anything negative about him on OIB because he has been fair with me even when I did something he didn’t know and he was still okay with me. I think it has more to do with the pay he’s getting more than anything else. But then again I might be talking about the wrong person. Time will tell (JML).

          1. Considering he is the owner of four bars, one in Vegas, I doubt very much it’s the money. The weekly Sunday morning 50/50 run out of Matty’s corner nets a couple thousand cash. Gotta be the title and vacation. Or perhaps the numerous city jobs his extended family has.

  2. So we’re waiting on the absentee ballots to decide the Gomes-Bradley race? I am now very glad I voted absentee (as I’m still in the hospital) and my mother hand-delivered my ballot yesterday to the Town Clerk’s Office, as allowed by law.

    I marked my ballot for Ed Gomes!

    1. Hi DougDavidoff, I’ve been calling you, get damned answering machine at least. I’m forced to go to the hospital and throw pebbles at you window at 4am to get your attention. Get well sooner. By the way, if you see or hear of a white male coming to the emergency room with his nuts kicked off, that’s Tom McCarthy.

  3. When Ganim2 presided on his first Council meeting, it became evident McCarthy had apparently grown a set. Tonight, Moore kicked him so hard I am sure he will never grow one again and a transplant would be waste of a set. Joe Ganim wanted McCarthy to leave the council ASAP as the new set was a setback on his plans. Joe Ganim needs not worry any MOORE.

      1. I heard he was seen leaving Winthrop with a pack of tissues on hand courtesy of Mary Filo. Steve behaved and did his best. Not like many who blog here and do little to nothing on primary/election day.

    1. I’m here on the rooftop of Peoples United Bank with Stevie A and Tom McCarthy, they both want to “Pull a Brody” off the roof of this city’s tallest building.
      But they both are afraid they might survive the jump and that would create a hardship for their respective families. So my suggestion was if they both jumped from the south side of the Bank’s roof and timed it just right, if the fall didn’t kill them I was sure an 18 wheeler would!
      My last recommendation to them was seeing you two guys are the last of the Finchettes, give Bill a call, I’m sure he will let you use the Tappan Zee.

      1. Jim, not to indulge these homicidal or suicidal fantasies but you state these “two guys are the last of the Finchettes?”
        I for one doubt the ranks of Finch supporters have atrophied so rapidly, but not hearing from them may be more a function of no rallying cry. For instance, would you call important members of his closest advisors, Adam, Andy and Tom Finchettes or do you save that diminutive for a select few? There was a rumor Adam was behind “team McCarthy.” Any truth to it to see how his political scorecard is working out? Andy and Tom left quite an unusual fiscal mess at the Port Authority which Ganim2 has seemed willing to clean up without comment but how do you cover the unauthorized and illegal transfer without City Council knowledge or consent of $950,000 of OPED Capital funds, the purchase of vehicles for the PA without PA approval, the payoff of a $900,000 PA debt that was paying someone 10.75% for ten years, all of which was done under the Finch administration in the last year of an eight-year reign with no financial reports and no audits? Can you make this stuff up or did it happen and folks are just embarrassed. Time will tell.

      2. Jim Fox, although I occasionally find your diatribes humorous, I fail to see the humor in any aspect of your past comment. I actually do find it disturbing. I have no idea what a Finchette is. I get the impression you make me out to be a tad more important than I am. I am impressed you put me at the top of the Finch hierarchy. I can assure you I was not and never have been. Just a volunteer. With a huge circle of friends outside the political arena. You are a friend of mine on Facebook. I think my life outside OIB is completely the opposite of your characterization of me. But as always Jim, thank you for always giving me celebrity status. 🙂

        1. Stevie A, you’re the only one on OIB singing the praises of both Finch and McCarthy; that makes you their surrogate and a Finchette on OIB. Stevie, you’re now batting 0 for 7 on OIB, this puts you in the category of an OIB Celeb. Own it!

          1. I own my reality, not somebody else’s perception of it. But I will accept celebrity status.

        2. Believe it or not, Steven. I set up a safety net and inflatable pillows on the ground all around People’s Bank Building. I and many folks want to keep you guys around, why would Jimfox encourage such a drastic and cowardly way out is beyond me. It’s like Jimfox breaking my toys and leaving me with nothing to play with. Maybe Tim Herbst should break the toys of the Trumbull DTC members; by the time next Christmas arrives, the election is over.

  4. I am SOOOOOOOOO happy Senator Moore won the primary. She is an incredible person who deserved to be the Democratic nominee. Now on to November and let’s send her back to the CT Senate for another term!

  5. I would like to take a minute and Congratulate Charles Stallworth on his win, and know it was a pleasure knocking on doors and helping you. Know the 138th will help you in anything you need/ Thank you and I wish you a lot of success.

    1. Angel, I’m glad to see you’re in a different situation than before and hopefully you don’t go back to getting upset and saying things you don’t need to say. Don’t let others drag you into anything negative and stay positive.

      1. Interesting reply. This being a fact means the two City Council members of the 138th could not deliver. One more analysis: The attempt to keep Senator Ed Gomes off the ballot wasn’t only meant to keep him out of the race. Ed Gomes’ district encompasses Rep. Stallworth’s district and by keeping him out, I’m sure the East End machine hoped it would secure a victory for Stallworth. Maria, do you feel Ed’s team reciprocated for your support?

        1. No, Joel. Every volunteer I had worked for both Ed and Marilyn in the six schools we shared.

          The 138th also sent over 800 endorsement letters for both myself and Ed. Dottie Guman also did an endorsement letter in Read and Beardsley. Gloria Carbone did an endorsement letter in Read.

          My campaign did all the work on these projects and Ed contributed his fair share of the cost.

  6. First, let me say thank you to all the bloggers who acknowledge my existence. I am extremely shy and sometimes wonder if I am invisible. I was proud of my candidate Tom McCarthy. I do know he personally did his best to contact every voter. I am proud of him!

    Congratulations to Marilyn Moore. As last time, you won the primary and I will be happy supporting you in the general election. I am a good Democrat, a team player and never had a bad word on the campaign trail.

    To Gage Frank, I am proud of this young man. Although I am disappointed in my candidate’s loss, I am thrilled Gage has a win on his resume. The difference between me and most on this blog, is I am first and foremost a Bridgeporter. I have always had friends in all camps. I do not ever burn my bridges as I usually end up working with these people on other campaigns. Of course there are individuals I could never work with and that’s life. I have spent time in the Moore Headquarters as well as Maria Pereira, I have spent time at Charlie Stallworth’s and have supported Ed Gomes. His right hand and treasurer are people I truly respect.

    Although I spent the day by Aquaculture, PT and Twin Towers, I had gone back to Winthrop School for the last few hours spending time with Mary Filo and Joel Gonzalez. Yes, they had to call two police cars on us but otherwise we got along great! Seriously, no lie!

    I accept the outcome of this election and am happy for those who worked so hard.

    Jennifer Buchanan, I know you received a selfie of the three of us to show it’s only an election.

    Ron Mackey, I am great. Totally exhausted and happy to support Moore in the general. There was no shock here! Marilyn had two great campaign organizers, Gage and Stacy. McCarthy also had an awesome group. It was Moore’s time again to grow and expand her political relationships in Hartford. Of course I wish her the best.

    Jennifer, I had pizza after I left Testo’s. If I had known the party was at Ms. Thelma’s, do you think I would not have gone to congratulate Marilyn, Gage and Stacy?

    Jim Fox and Bob Walsh, I really do enjoy your ribbing. So there you have it, folks. Congratulations to Charlie Stallworth, you were given an opportunity to really make your mark. To my on again off gain political sparring partner Maria Pereira, there is a lesson to be learned. Everything is as it should be.

    1. I honestly thought you would be at Ms. Thelma’s because you Steve do congratulate the winner and support them. And food, you love great food. As much as people give you grief on this blog for your choice of candidates, you do a darn good job of showing us how to overall be a gracious campaign worker. The photo was too much fun, made me really miss the days of standing at the polls and sparring with you. Bridgeport is very fortunate to have you, and I believe you enjoy being had.

    2. Steve, you must recycle this post each time your candidate gets taken down, this sounds like the post you made when your guy Musto first lost to Marilyn Moore and now your new golden boy, Tom McCarthy. Don’t worry, the sun will come out tomorrow.

      1. Ron Mackey, never recycled, but always heartfelt. Last time after the primary I had two Moore signs on my lawn. This is a Democracy. Sometimes we help friends because we believe in them. The sun will come out tomorrow. After all, its only a day away.

        1. “The sun will come out tomorrow. After all, it’s only a day away.” Again, Steven Auerbach, you keep lying to us. Where is the damned sun today? We are under 90 days away from Hammers’ day.

    3. As always, you are gracious. Steve, could I put in my two cents? I believe Senator Moore won by an overwhelming margin because she was always the candidate her constituents wanted. She did a stellar job in her first term, and there was no reason she should have been challenged. I’m not implying Tom Mac did not have the right to run, however that usually occurs when there’s a reason to replace a sitting official. It’s clear she is valued and respected by her peers in Hartford, they made that clear by coming to her assistance. All it would have taken for Tom was a little time to let the dust settle, show independence, and keep a respectable distance from the influence of Mario Testa. Tom’s an affable person, I believe he loves public service, but despite all that, timing is the ultimate factor. There will be a time and place for his contributions, this was not the time, and for his sake, I hope the damage is not irreversible.

  7. Even Sen. Martin Looney campaigned for Marilyn Moore today! In Bridgeport!!! 3030 Park had to realize Marilyn was far and away the better choice. Marilyn and Ed Gomes hear the people and cast votes for the benefit of the people and are not puppets. The good guys won.

  8. This election should show the voters the “Emperor has no clothes.” That’s right, both Mario Testa and Mayor Joe Ganim exposed their selves about who they really are. The plan now is to get rid of both of them, I’m talking about a real plan instead of people just bitching about it on OIB. Hey, Joe got his second chance and he didn’t respect those who gave him a second chance, he listened to them and he didn’t keep his own word to the voters. Then Joe made it worse by letting Mario back into the game, which gave us these two primaries for the State Senate and they both need to be voted out.

  9. Congratulations to yesterday’s winners. Moore and Gomes’ wins are major losses for the Bridgeport Democratic political machine. There is growing support for real change in Bridgeport!

  10. Mario Testa’s golden boy, the mayor in waiting Tom McCarthy, and Ralph Ford’s new hero Dennis Bradley have had their wings clipped and there’s a bulls-eye on them for doing nothing but wanting to replace two true politicians who really do their job for their district. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what McCarthy did to be elected a state senator. And Bradley, this guy can’t chair a meeting at the BOE, and he’s a lawyer, please. A simple lesson here in this election, do what the voters elected you to do but no, these two feel they are entitled to be state senators because Mario tells them and the DTC.

  11. I had the pleasure of driving Senator Moore around again for this election. She’s three and 0 with me driving her. I was amazed at the number of people at Black Rock school who hugged the Senator or shook her hand and told her, I got you. I was also astounded at the number of people at Blackham School who wouldn’t take Tom’s campaign literature from him or his father.

    The biggest shock and disappointment of the evening was Mary Lee passing out campaign literature at Wilbur Cross for McCarthy. Goes to show you Rev. Lee, you have no political pull and that faux pas will assuredly cost you from those who supported you in the past.

    It was great meeting the Spains and Mary Filo, holla at ya boy. Jennifer, Mary is almost as sweet as you, almost. It was also good to see Joe come to Ms. Thelma’s with his tail between his legs after eating a healthy portion of crow to tell both Marilyn and Ed congratulations even though he wouldn’t speak to me at Cross. To hell with him. It seems as if he can’t take constructive criticism so Joe I’m like a bicycle without a seat, I’m in your ass.

    1. What, no Mario with Joe? Yes, Mary is amazing. I was sound asleep and woken up by texts from Mary saying what fun she had hanging out with you and extolling your style. The Spains and Mary discovered Black Rock people who were leaning towards McCarthy and set up meetings with them and Moore. On the community FB page, some of those people are thanking Pete and Kate for introducing them to Moore, supported her because of the numerous meet and greets the Spains hosted and Mary worked to have them attend and are congratulating Moore on her victory. And let’s not leave out JML and his work to promote and support Moore. Serious CW4BB active members working tirelessly to have people of merit elected.

    2. Donald, I’m so sorry I didn’t go to Ms. Thelma’s last night. I heard you were there and I would have loved to see you. Thank you, thank you, for helping Marilyn!!!

      1. Me too, Donald. Let me let you know I’m thinking of addressing the issue of Moore having only an African American driving her around. This Puerto Rican aka Speedy Gonzalez can get her to places faster. Equal opportunity volunteering.

    3. Donald, as usual well said and written, I’m still learning. Your comment shows there is hope for Bridgeport if we can come together, yes it’s an old story but it’s true. Different districts with different reasons came out to re-elect Senator Moore and Senator Gomes not based on race, sex or age. We must learn not to take everything so personal when others have a disagreement, there is always common ground that can be reached if we try. Sometimes there is a point we can take from someone’s criticism if we take the time to see what the criticism was.

      Don, although we both have known Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes for years and they are friends, we have no problem in telling them to their faces if they were not doing their duty for the voters. They would do more than just listen and we all would go away with a better understanding and on the same page.

      Let me say this about Pete Spain. Pete and myself have been talking to each other for some time and he is truly honest, smart and has a deep love and understanding of Bridgeport and the need to make it better. We know how to disagree without being disagreeable, now we do agree on most things. There is a great American story about Pete and his lovely wife and their family. Pete Spain needs to come out from behind the scenes and step forward to be in a publicly elected position because he has so much to offer our City.

      Don, you said, “Joe I’m like a bicycle without a seat, I’m in your ass.” Don, Joe knows that about both of us because we told him to his face when we were still firefighters and nothing has changed. We had a good relationship with Joe and we like him but it was Joe who has changed that relationship by not doing what is best for those who supported him to put him back into office and what is best for the residents of Bridgeport. Let me end with your comment again, “Joe I’m like a bicycle without a seat, I’m in your ass.”

  12. Donald Day, Mary, and all who were there last night–in the room or in spirit,
    It was a humbling and memorable pleasure for us to celebrate Senator Moore and Senator Gomes’ victories with you and all the other hard-working people who supported these outstanding representatives of our city and region in the State Senate. The Moore campaign was the best campaign I’ve seen outside an Obama campaign.

    But campaigns aside, nothing matters unless you have an honest, educated person of character working for the people who can inspire her constituents by showing up, speaking up, doing what she says she’ll do without needlessly making enemies, and staying true to her principles for the greater good, all the time, even when no one’s watching. Thank you for being that rare leader in this day and age, Marilyn Moore.

    And a special thank you to the Bridgeport DTC and its decrepit soul. Yes, while we spent hours on campaigns against your “endorsed” candidates this and past summers, doing what we could to ensure your special brand of substandard governance did not soil the Senate of our state, we have discovered new friends and collaborators in our volunteer efforts, which will continue. Not a moment to spare.

  13. First things first is a 100% cheer for Senators Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes who though beset, ignored and conspired against by too many, gathered those who are equally beset, ignored and disrespected in the greater Bridgeport community. Many of you participated after volunteering and carried out your tasks. And the reward were some WINS for the community and LOSSES to the DTC that gets to select almost 97% of the folks who are elected or appointed in our City to be GOVERNANCE. Marilyn and Ed have been open, accountable, transparent and honest in their governance duties. They earned the right to return and enough people saw that to spurn the DTC candidates in a summer primary.

    I was at Madison School yesterday along with Bob Walsh, Lisa Parziale, Howard Gardner, Harold Edwards, Dave Gordon and others whose names I have forgotten. John Olson was there most of the day for Tom McCarthy and Dennis Bradley had no visible support all day. I had a chance to meet many voters and listen to their reasons for voting yesterday. Some voters of color were surprised a senior white man was supporting Marilyn as I handed out an NAACP newsletter as people left the school. The joke of the day became I lived in “White Rock” but perhaps that attempt to maintain a useful division of City voters will die a natural death now. Marilyn thanked the Black Rock effort to support her. It was not about racial division, not that it ever should have been. We need honorable Bridgeporters running for elective office as well as standing for Boards and Commissions and willing to work effectively for the good of all the people. Black Rock recognized the better candidate yesterday and that includes people who work for the City. Tom McCarthy has worn too many hats for too long, and when conflicted, has too often answered in his own favor. And that is what it’s all about and he has not in the years as labor negotiations employee been willing to acknowledge. And the damage done by conflicts is amazing. Time will tell.

  14. Rev. Stallworth, I hope you got the message loud and clear, you need to do your duty for the residents of Bridgeport. I don’t know if what your opponent said is true but you need to take care of your business as a State Representative and be on the job to serve your district. To me this election was a vote against your opponent instead of a vote of support for you. I hope you got the message and it’s not a dog whistle, it’s right in your face.

    1. Right on, Ron Mackey. “To me this election was a vote against your opponent instead of a vote of support for you …” Keep in mind Maria Pereira was in full support of Ed Gomes for Senate. Her support helped Ed Gomes stay competitive and win. I’m sure Maria will respond and continue to participate on OIB, unlike all other elected officials in Bridgeport. I’m interested on the level of AB activity in this primary cycle especially in the East Side. Who deserves to go on my AB birthday cake list?

      1. Joel, I agree with you. Let’s say this about Maria, hopefully she will back off getting into arguments on OIB because there are people who don’t agree with her. Joel, she’s better than that and she needs to stop letting other people drag her into debates. She doesn’t need to be like Donald Trump does when somebody makes a statement against him, he has to get on Twitter and fight back. Hey, it’s up to her, she can fight back and not change and that’s okay that’s her right but it won’t expand her base past the 138th district.

        Hopefully Maria will listen to Lisa Parziale and accept Lisa’s wisdom and understand the past history of the DTC. Time will tell (JML).

      2. Joel, I came up against a three-term incumbent who had the charter school billionaires and millionaires, and the East End PAC spend approximately an additional $40,000, outspending me by well over two to one.

        I don’t believe the East End PAC slanderous literature really impacted me at T Hooker School but the voters of Read, Wilbur Cross, Hallen, Beardsley do not know me well, therefore I do believe it impacted me in those schools.

        I beat Stallworth in his own voting precinct 197 to 184. I easily won Thomas Hooker School 319-184. In addition, Ed Gomes received his largest plurality in Bridgeport at Thomas Hooker. Ed received 309 vs 177 with a plurality of 132.

        In JFK, Ed beat Dennis 175 to 85 on the machines but I do not have the JFK ABs yet.

        With all this illegally coordinated effort, a three-term incumbent won by 85 votes (43 votes). There was clearly illegal coordination with Stallworth’s campaign and the independent expenditure PACs, which will be pursued.

        Reverend Lee, Wanda Geter, Ty Bird, etc. all walked with Tom McCarthy in Stoneridge and Trumbull Gardens. Tom McCarthy received 128 votes at Wilbur Cross and with no assistance, I received 154.

        Although neither McCarthy, Bradley nor Coviello came anywhere close to having their incumbents outspend them over two to one, or had an outrageous piece of literature claiming they were convicted of three felonies falsely, placed on thousands of doors 5-1 days before the election, they came nowhere close to defeating the incumbents they challenged.

        What I absolutely promise is this is not over. Not by a long shot.

        1. Maria, I have seen hundreds of elections in my tine, and I assure you, you have everything to be proud of. The number that decided the election was nothing to brag about, it still takes only one vote to decide an outcome. I know, I won an election by one vote. During my long history in local politics, I can only compare you to one person who had your work ethic, integrity, knowledge of all campaign oversight, and the character to work within them. The odds were stacked against you, but you continued to the end. You have what it takes to to be a hardworking, honest public servant. Oh, before I forget, the person I’m talking about is Chris Caruso. Over the years his ability to serve with distinction was constantly being overshadowed by the criticism of his strong will and fearless willingness to challenge the less-than-honest politicians. His attempt to be Mayor was sabotaged by those who feared him. Like you he wasn’t for sale. Be proud of the campaign you ran, and always remember, a few good friends are worth far more than the phonies who would sell their souls to the devil. We know who they are, and we know the devil, the laugh’s on them.

          1. Lisa, I remember the times Mario Testa would tell me Chris Caruso was a racist. Someone had been seeing me talked to Chris and ran back and told Mario. Even when Chris and Ed Gomes had their disagreements I remained to be friends with both of them. Lisa that was good of you to encourage Maria and I hope she pulls back on getting into disagreements on OIB.

          2. Lisa, that was a beautiful post of encouragement for Maria P. I hate to use Lloyd Benon’s words, but I know Chris Caruso and Maria P. is no Chris Caruso. I do however, admire Maria’s tenacity. Maria has the potential of being a great leader. You need to build bridges in order to keep that momentum going. Lisa Parziale made an interesting point. One vote can make or break an election. Being a novice and a stranger outside the 138th, Maria P. had outstanding numbers. Charlie Stallworth is however the winner. The winner takes it all. I suppose this is an opportunity for Charlie to do some outstanding work. There is no question in my mind Maria Pereira is working on her next quest and I am sure she will do well!

    2. Ron, that was a most thought-out message. You were honest, but not mean-spirited. All the comments and constructive criticism up to now have escaped Charlie. He’s the man I loved to see and greet enthusiastically, and nothing has changed regarding my personal feelings. If I may be as honest as you Ron, the first thing he should do is put some distance between himself and the Ganim/Testa team. It’s eventually a sure path to destruction; I hope Charlie realizes this himself as time goes by. If Joe finds a better opportunity he will move out in the middle of the night and leave those who were loyal to him holding the bag. That’s his MO and he’s become more unsavory the second time around. Run Charlie, run!!!

      1. Lisa, I do believe Rev. Stallworth has gotten the message. He needs to be his own man and do what’s right for the voters. Hopefully Stallworth will take your words to heart and keep his distance from Mario and let Joe know when he has gone too far down the wrong road and not be afraid of speaking truth to those in power and to realize his own respect has no price and needs to be his own man. Rev. Stallworth knows this very well, John 8:32(NLT)–And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

          1. Maybe, maybe not; but Stallworth can no longer sit on the sidelines and keep silent when he sees and knows the City is going in the wrong direction. He must speak truth to power if he truly cares about those who worship at his church and those he serves in his district. Sometimes there is a cost we must pay in being a leader, to lead you cannot be scared of doing what’s right.

        1. I think he will pay lip service to the message for a while and then revert back. No, I think there is almost no chance Stallworth has seen the light permanently.

        2. Ron, I jumping in here because I had a meeting today and standing in front of the venue was Dennis Bradley. He was gracious and polite, said hi and I returned his greeting. I know what I said to him after hi fell on deaf ears, but I reminded him over a year ago as we were talking about things in general, I cautioned him about being too aggressive and premature with his political goals. This time I reminded him about my advice, and suggested he stay away from the influence and empty promises of Mario Testa. Dennis may in time recover from this setback, but I let him know Testa’s days are numbered so he’d better cool his engine and keep his distance.

          1. Lisa, I’m glad you spoke to Bradley because he needs to know a lot of people didn’t like what he did. All he had to do was support Ed Gomes, yes that’s spilled milk. Bradley needs to go back and be the best he can on the BOE. Like you said, times are changing and Mario Testa will be among those who will be in that change. As of now I couldn’t support Dennis Bradley for anything. What has he really done? Nothing.

  15. The year is 2017. On the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, folks are waking up to a cup of coffee. While going through their mail, a lit piece catches their attention.

    Tired of local tax financial pain? Taxes making you feel like Lee(aving) Black Rock?

    VOTE for Pete Spain and John M. Lee for City Council. Lee(ave) the S(pain) to us!

    1. No Bob, I came straight home and when it was confirmed Ed Gomes had won too, I rested assured. If only I could get some members of Carpenters Union 210 to ‘volunteer’ and help me catch up on my project (framing), I’d have no sleep deprivation.

  16. Joel, you read Marilyn is 3 and 0 with me driving her. Why would she get rid of her good-luck driver for faster transportation? I’ll run it up the flagpole and see who salutes. Maybe I’ll drive McCarthy next time to improve his chances of winning, NAH!

      1. I still have love for Trump and I’d do it for free. Trump is not stupid, Trump would figure Speedy Gonzalez would drive him into Mexican territory, jump out of the car and scream ‘MIREN TODOS, ES DONAL TRUMP.” Translation: Look everybody, it’s Donald Trump.

  17. I neglected to congratulate Andre Baker. Congratulations to all.

    Sidebar–I went to see a great Woody Allen film this evening and dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. $12.99 Half rack of ribs, never-ending salad bar. Fries, vegetable and an unbelievable sundae. $12.99 Just thought I’d share.

    I am supporting Hillary Clinton so let’s just assume Trump is going to pull an upset! 🙂

  18. Maria, I see you donated $100 to the East End PAC in October 2015 so they essentially used your money to reduce your chances of winning. The people who donated to them in October 2015 is a who’s who of city employees. John Bohannon $1000, John Gomes $250, Mario $1500, Joe Ganim $200, John Ricci $1000 and here’s the capper, Alvin Penn for Senate in 2011 $4549. In 2016 Tom Gaudett $100.

    Ralph was removed as Chairperson on 7/15/16 and Clements Young added and did the treasure change the same day.

    1. Don, here’s what I don’t understand. What did the residents of the East End receive for the East End PAC? What candidates did they support and what did those candidates bring back to the East End in jobs, businesses, re-development?

    2. Donald, that PAC has always been used for political retribution, depending on the election and candidates running. I wouldn’t contribute a dollar to Ford’s PAC. You did the research, and it shows the contributors for this cycle were all aligned with the Ganim/Testa operation. Sorry, with the exception of Maria. She doesn’t go back far enough to know the history of this money vehicle. I’m sure she believed she was contributing to a respectable PAC.

  19. The $100 was donated for the September 2015 Primary for mayor.

    A judge isn’t going to buy any changes 15 days before the Primary and Ralph’s wife was still the treasurer on August 2, 2016 when the fundraiser was held to fund the slanderous piece of literature.

    We’ll see what a judge has to say.

  20. Oh, you’re absolutely correct Maria, she was listed as treasure and on the same day as the Chairperson change, the treasurer changed.

    The literature they put out about Ed in support of Bradley was repulsive and an affront to decency and the years Ed worked on behalf of Bridgeport and its residents. The East End should be asking itself, what in hell has Ralph done as District leader to make your neighborhood a better place to live, to work and to raise a family? What has Ralph done to bring a single job to the East End that didn’t benefit him, his family members or his friends?

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