Moore, Bradley Win State Senate Seats, Bridgeport State House Incumbents Victorious

Bradley thumbs up
Dennis Bradley heads to State Senate.

Unofficial returns show all Bridgeport legislative candidates cruising to wins in a large city turnout by recent gubernatorial standards: for State Senate Marilyn Moore and Dennis Bradley; for State House all incumbents, Andre Baker, Charlie Stallworth, Jack Hennessy, Chris Rosario, Steve Stafstrom and Ezequiel Santiago.

Moore had the most contested race given the city-suburban 22nd District that covers all of Trumbull and portions of Bridgeport and Monroe, but she showed once again her competitiveness in the suburbs while running up large margins in Bridgeport. She won her seat in 2014 defeating incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary on her way to a general election win.

Many Moore supporters are urging her to challenge Mayor Joe Ganim in 2019. Will she? In a chat with OIB Tuesday night she said she’s savoring another win for now, balancing her potential leadership position in the legislature with the needs of the city.

Unofficial results show Moore defeated Republican challenger Rick Deecken in Bridgeport 9,995 to 2,861. In Trumbull Moore 7,831, Deecken  8,943. in Monroe Moore 1,256, Deecken 1,692.

For statewide results see here.



  1. Yesterday, I was working as Asst. Registrar of Voters in Trumbull’s District 2.
    Rich Deecken, wife and baby came in to vote in the morning.
    Rich and I greeted each other.
    He said to me that he wanted to thank me because my comments/opinions/posts on his candidacy were all about the issues, not about him personally.
    I have stated before that I Iike Rich as a person and that he is a nice guy. I just don’t agree with his political affiliation/platform.
    His words yesterday just reinforced my view that he is a mentsch and I’m proud to know him.
    Congratulations on a race well run.

  2. Marshall, I met Rich Deecken yesterday and had the pleasure of talking to him for 30 to 45 minutes. He is very personable and likeable young man and it was pleasure to have met him.

    Having said that, Rich’s campaign left a bad taste in my mouth. Not one of his placards, yard signs or campaign literature that he passed out to interested would be voters said anything about him being the Republican candidate. This was a blatant attempt to confuse and mislead the voting public in his district. There is no doubt that this was done with the assistance and guidance of Mario and the DTC.

    Rich, you came to the banquet hall of politics, allowed yourself to be seated at the table of deceit and dishonesty by the DTC and you ate from the plate of shit served by Mario just for the possibility of being elected? Was your integrity being compromised by Mario and the DTC worth the possibility of being elected? Was your integrity enhanced by your unholy alliance with Mario and the DTC?

    Rich, what now do you tell your students about fair play, doing what right, what’s moral and what’s just? What do you now tell your Black and Brown students about not taking any shortcuts in life or compromising your integrity and working hard for what you believe in. Rich, I’m sure this was explained to you as being political strategy, but you are a grown ass man and I’m equally sure that you knew better and somehow they convinced you that you’re actions weren’t morally reprehensible, but you should have know better because you are a grown ass man. Again Rich, it was a pleasure to meet and to talk to you, but your next foray into politics should be without the benefit of an unholy alliance with Mario and the DTC because young man they’ve shown over the years that they just use and throw away and you’re better than that.

    1. Very good, that was the start of Mario Testa campaign for Ganim for mayor in 2020. Neither Mario or Joe supported Senate Moore because she will not be a robot for them as a State senator. They needed to take her down and Rich Deecken was the person they needed and use because they truly fear that Marilyn Moore will not only run for mayor in 2020 but they know that she can win. Remember, Joe Ganim needs a job and with no law license they only job Ganim has ever had was being the mayor and whatever his job was in prison.

    2. @Donald
      Not one of the yard signs I had up for Dem Candidates or their mailers mentioned party. Campaigning today is about individual, not party or platform. I can’t fault Rich for this.
      Since we have state funded campaigns, candidates are not dependent on party to raise their money, so they don’t have to mention party names at every opportunity.

      1. Did it or will it ever occur to Ron and Day that on every ballot the first thing that appears on every Row is the Party or cross endorsing party for the candidates on such Row or line?

    3. Donald Day, for a “grown ass” man like you, you sound like a kid. WTF are you talking about the DTC, your passenger Marilyn Moore was endorsed by the DTC and got a toll free ride to the ballot. No primary for her thanks to the DTC. Would Moore ever run for anything without the benefit of an unholy alliance with unions?

      1. C’mon Joel, what did Mario, Mayor Ganim or the DTC give you to clap back on me, some OT? Are you kissing these people’s ass for a little OT? Damn man you used to be better than this. What’s the going price for one’s integrity? Is it better to sound like a kid than a damn fool? What say you?

        The DTC did absolutely nothing for Senator Moore other than a meaningless endorsement which had absolutely nothing to do with any of her wins as a Senator. In fact the DTC is still mad about her beating its great white dope, Musto without the benefit of an endorsement, remember? Again, what did they give you to clap back on me? They gave the white guy Steven A a great job yet they make you a janitor. You’re so busy taking crumbs that got lose site that there is a whole damn cake out there. Small rewards for small minds.

        The DTC didn’t primary her because they didn’t want to lose money on a meaningless endorsement and that it would look like the damn fools that they are too primary a two term Senator that happens to chair the Senate committee that brings the money. Go ahead and get the OT you were promised for clapping back at me, but that doesn’t alter the fact that Democrats for Deeckens came out of 1775 Madison Avenue and it, like their endorsement of Musto was an abject failure.

  3. Marshall, I beg to differ, Marilyn Moore had signs as well as handouts that referred to her as a Democrat. EVERYTHING Rich had, placards, yard signs and handouts referred to him as Democrats for Deeckens. Marshall, that’s not running as an individual in fact that was designed to fool, confuse and discomfit the voting public into thinking, feeling and believing that he was the Democrat nominee.

    Marshall, I know the difference in running as an individual and passing out literature that is designed to hide one’s true party affiliation. Rich gave a young lady his Democrat for Deeckens handout and after he did I gave her a Marilyn Moore handout and said you know that he is a Trump Republican and she had a look of astonishment on her face and said, No Really. There’s no way in knowing how many people were confused by this or how many voted for the Republican in error. But, Running as an individual, not in this case.

    1. @Donald
      I have a Deecken Mailer in front of me as I type. I rec’d it Friday. Nowhere does it say Democrats for Deecken.
      It is mailed by and paid for by “Rich Deecken for State Senate 2018, David M. Becker Treasurer Approved by Rich Deecken”
      It may very well be that there were different mailers used in Bridgeport. I am curious if they were official mailers of the campaign with that disclaimer on them.

      It may well be that the renegade group ‘Democrats for Deecken’ produced literature and signs without the required designation on them. Do you have the handout and does it say Approved by Rich Deecken? If not this is worthy of an SEEC complaint and fine if he handed it out.

      Again, I was a Deecken opponent, but I did not see him violating the election rules. What supporters do may not be under his control. It is a shame when a nice, young man is used by career politicos for their gain

  4. Marshall, let me reiterate, Rich is an utterly delightful young man and I believe he was lead astray by some savvy political hardened Bridgeport operatives who probably had him believe that Democrats for Deeckens was a political strategy that would help him win. In reality this was a DTC push against Senator Moore and he was just being used to serve their purpose.

    Having said that, I talked to Rich at Blackham school standing surrounded by Democrats for Deeckens signs while passing out Democrats for Deeckens handouts, while never saying, intimating, insinuating that he was indeed the Republican candidate of Senate. Did he do anything legally wrong, I don’t think so, but that’s how the DTC operates, just to the right of good taste and legal. Any questions?

    1. @Donald
      Yes, I have the same question. WhT did the Democrats for Deecken literature day as to who produced them and if Rich approved it?
      You claimed ‘Everything ‘ Rich had said Democrats for Deecken and I have proof that statement is not true.

  5. Marshall, I can only tell you what I saw with my lying eyes. In fact Rich and I discussed this in great detail among a myriad of other topics which lead to believe that he’s an outstanding young man who was lead astray.

    Ask him did we meet, did we talk about those Democrat for Deeckens signs and I can guarantee you he remembers me quite well. I don’t know what he mailed, but I certainly know what I saw.

  6. Will Bradley try to do the job in the Senate in a fair and honest way? I suspect so at this point. My outside opinion: Take your win, withdraw the complaint and focus on the job you have been elected for.

    Stay on the legally paved road on your way to the goal. The short cut through the field is likely to be riddled with cow shit.


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