1. Open question–Carolanne/Gomes, MJ Foster/tc, Charlie Coviello & Sparky, Jeff Kohut & the misses. Please answer these questions. How are you doing with registering new voters? How about voters who have moved & need to enter a change of address for eligibility to vote in this primary and in the general election? In order to lose voter apathy you will need to effect all changes to your favor.

  2. That’s nice. Mr. Gomes has arranged yet another come meet me. I hope it is a success. I think he should be spending more time going to the public rather than having them come to him. He takes being a political neophyte to new levels. The smart move is for Gomes to announce at this soiree he has withdrawn and has publicly aligned himself with MJ who will make a commitment to place Gomes in the highest level available in her administration. That’s a good combination.

    Besides, one or the other is going to need either’s primary votes to unseat Finch and his crew.


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