A Nudist Colony On Pleasure Beach?

Skinny dipping

Did anyone see the Wall Street Journal article on nudist colonies? It got me thinking, why not do one on Pleasure Beach. We could set the Guinness World Records for the largest nudist colony in the world. It would bring in lots of tourists with ferry service, of course. Even have an OIB party. OIB’s favorite guitar slinger Derek Brown (Bridgeport Kid) could sing us a song, Town Committee (Andy Fardy) could provide lectures on city politics, State Rep. Auden Grogins, the Blonde Banshee from Black Rock, could lead the mud wrestling card. We could even have a mayoral debate. (There’s a scary thought.) I mean the piping plovers, or whatever they’re called, need company.



    It has to be a slow news day. Apathy reigns. You know the three favorite topics are money, power and sex. And if you do a week in review we certainly have covered money (at least the streams taxpayers will be responsible for in future taxes the Mayor can’t or won’t tell us about); we’ve covered power, the type exercised by elected officials who rather smugly control info and access in sloppy ways while declaring their governance to be open, accountable and transparent and have had success so far; as well as the type of informal, but highly credible but informal power exercised by major real estate investors and a certain restaurant owner.

    But where is the sex? So OIB shoots a picture of several hundred butts that are barer than a feathered piping plover. Lennie is desperate folks, and he really is trying to get a response out of our group. Perhaps he should have used a telephoto? This does not look like a warm-water romp. Perhaps most posters are out buying Mother’s Day gifts? Maybe the recent concentration on Mayor Finch, or Councilman McCarthy is too strong? Maybe equal time should be given to Council people, one by one, or two by two as District partners to show the pictures, discuss their Committee assignments, let us know what their occupation is or was, and ask OIB to suggest what movie they could star in? Let’s get some new faces! And that might just happen if people get let in on what the “old faces” are doing for them.

    Remember, BUDGET VOTE by the Council is upcoming. Can’t wait to see the number of changes to be suggested by the Council this year, and perhaps the reasons for those changes as they reviewed and deliberated this year. Can you wait, tc?

  2. Beacon; There will be very little if any changes made to Tom Sherwood’s budget. The questions that were asked at each meeting of the B & A were for the most part self-serving for the council person asking the question.
    If the council person asked like one did why are there 21 jobs unfilled in public facilities and why are those salaries and benefit costs in the budget and they got an answer like they did, well said a not-to-happy Sherwood we are keeping the positions there in case the economy improves. No follow up, no anger and the salaries and benefit costs will stay in the budget.
    The one council person who asked a question that demanded accountability was Andre Baker. Time after time he challenged Sherwood’s numbers. Example, Baker wanted to know what savings have been realized from CitiStat. He was told they did not have that number. He was also told the number of calls have increased and yada! yada! yada! One council person attempting to help Sherwood stated it had to be working because of a lowering of liability suits. Really? Bullshit.
    You see Baker was taken off the B & A because he asked probing questions, the same reason Bob Walsh is not on the B & A.
    The council members don’t know or don’t care the city has missed 2 large payments to the pension funds. They have to know or at least I think they have to know this is not a balanced budget. They will pass this budget 18-2.

  3. Jimfox,
    We could use those fat bastards to build a new breakwater at P.B. See if Caruso is available for an anchor also.
    That photo reminded me of the scene in Braveheart when they showed their asses & contempt for their enemies.


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