Mayor’s Gala Packs House, Raises Money For Nonprofits

Av Harris
Oy vey! City Communications Director Av Harris auditions for Dancing with the Stars with Vincencia Adusei, president of Vase Construction Services. Sue Katz photo.

The Mayor’s Masquerade Gala brought out an eclectic group of city supporters and stakeholders to Testo’s Restaurant over the weekend on behalf of several not-for-profit organizations. Miss Connecticut Tiffany Teixeira of Bridgeport who finished in the top 10 of the recent Miss USA competition was among the luminaries. Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Gina Malheiro and her crack team of organizers packed the ballroom at Testo’s. Photo highlights follow.

Ganim, Texeira, Herbst
Mayor Joe Ganim with Miss Connecticut-USA Tiffany Teixeira of Bridgeport and Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst. Okay, no one is looking at this photo because of Joe and Tim. Sue Katz Photo.
Malheiro, Lyons
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Gina Malheiro with City Councilwoman Michelle Lyons. We’d love to see Michelle wear this at a council meeting. Sue Katz photo.
Paoletto, Gaudett
City Council member Anthony Paoletto mugs for camera with mayoral aide Tom Gaudett. Hmm, is that water or wine in Tom’s glass? Sue Katz photo.
Av Harris dances
This was just too much to pass up. Av Harris masquerades as a dancer. Testo’s Restaurant ballroom will never be the same. Sue Katz photo.
Gala committee
Gala committee members enjoy photo gathering.

Gala committee



  1. Well, first let me say how stunning everyone looks. Second let me say apparently Michelle Lyons, my councilwoman was the only participant who understands what masquerade means? Third, the gala committee looks like the entire guest list and since I know many on the list I find it strange at best that I was not aware of this charity event that was for a very good cause. That’s okay, Goodwill industries has been the recipient of thousands of dollars from me over the past nine weeks. So I feel good about that. I won’t lose sleep over it. I have to believe there was a public notice somewhere and I did not see because I have been busy taking care of family business. Looks like a fun time and I am glad they made money for charities. Someone needs to look up the word Masquerade. 🙂

  2. Steve, you had to be invited in order to attend. Believe me, you didn’t miss anything of any significance.

    Looks like some quality individuals were there, but then you have Mayor Ganim, Gina Malheiro, John Gomes, Anthony Paoletto, Danny Roach, Tom Gaudett, Nessah Smith, etc. What do all of these individuals have in common? None of them know anything about effective governance.

    Mayor Ganim did not attend the Annual Parent Convention and Gina Malheiro and Alma Maya attended in his place. I asked Gina “Is our Mayor unable to attend today?” Gina stated he had other “commitments” and was unable to attend. I said “of course he did. I’m sure he didn’t want to face BPS parents.”

    They both spoke on behalf of our absentee Mayor. Neither had any prepared remarks nor could they speak intelligently about the empowerment of parents.

    The Convention Committee found out 30 minutes before the program started Dennis Bradley would not be attending or speaking. They asked me to speak in his place.

    Without mentioning Mayor Ganim by name once, I made it clear he was a lying politician who was messing with their children. The parents definitely knew exactly what I was saying. I received a lot of hollering and applause. Gina and Alma were cringing. LOL.

  3. I have received several calls from Thomas Hooker residents about Nessah and Anthony walking with Stallworth. I also received calls that Nessah was knocking on doors with literature for Dennis and Stallworth last week. These constituents were so pissed off with her. I asked them to stay focused on this election. City Council elections are a year away and I believe we have two great candidates in the works for that election.

  4. I also met with Marilyn Moore. I will be working to help her in Park City Magnet and Wilbur Cross. I will do everything in my power to defeat McCarthy.

    1. Well, this is a political blog after all. It’s pretty commonplace to discuss political views on a political blog.

      I am supporting Ed, Marilyn and Charlie Coviello. I will not be supporting Dennis, Tom or Andre. I never reference “destroying” anyone, therefore I would appreciate your not putting words in my mouth.
      When I knock on doors I discuss candidates’ public positions, attendance records, voting records, etc. That’s called doing your homework. I don’t attack or discuss candidates’ personal lives or personal history.

      I keep a list of proposed bills I would introduce if elected, which so far include transparency, condominium laws, union negotiations and education matters.

      I believe the sale of the airport is solely a municipal matter, however from what I have read it appears a sale of the airport may have some merit. However, the CT Post isn’t exactly the best source of factual information. I would need to know more before I took a firm position.

      By the way, if my posts trouble you, please feel free to not read them. That’s what I do.

      1. Your rebuttal is pretty silly. Certainly speaking about elected officials, candidates, or those working for an administration on the taxpayers’ dime is part of politics and the political process.

        If I take a position on a particular issue it is because I have thoroughly researched it.

        Describing me as someone who is vague is like describing Joe Ganim as a man of integrity. The two just don’t go together.

        I would suggest you skip my posts if they upset your sensibilities. I generally don’t like to respond to those who use handles and aren’t forthright about who they are anyway. Someone who hides behind a handle would be better described as “vague.”

      2. Looks and sounds like Maria Pereira just banned your butt in classic style. The Pereira haters seem to miss the fact that on the OIB blog it sounds like Maria is the only BOE member speaking up and standing up for her community and district students. There are three other BOE members who have been standing up and addressing issues with strong arguments. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the Kitchen. That’s what the coward Dave Hennessey did in classic coward fashion. I’ll be at tonight’s BOE meeting and I will confirm a few things and tie all the loose ends together. I will follow with an OIB commentary and share the details with OIB readers.

      1. Len, I think a good follow-up piece would be to inform all which charities will be the beneficiaries of the funds raised on that fun-filled evening. I know Gina worked very hard to make it happen, kudos to her.

        1. Good people of Bridgeport, on the Committee (or not), but there is nothing wrong with having a fun event for charitable purposes (with or without masks).
          If the purpose was merely fun for those attending, but with the opportunity to receive a charitable gift deduction, then it would show up in the offering, along with the names of the beneficiaries, target amounts and purposes. Any word on those? Or who the committee members are who will make the choices of organizations and awards when the fiscal dust settles? Integrity in process, and a chance for Open, Accountable, Transparent and honest in a City venue. Time will tell.

  5. This was a fundraiser? I wonder if the city council members swiped their stipend debit cards and donated taxpayer money so they could attend.
    Even better, let’s see if McCarthy arranges a contribution from the Legislative Services ‘Other Services’ account. What a guy! June is the best time to do it. It won’t show up unless JML can manage to get a final FY2016 financial report six months from now.

  6. I used to have a lot of respect for Maria and her fly in the ointment attitude, however now all I see is a vindictive, mean bully, who will stop at nothing to get even with anyone who crosses her. I’ve come to notice that even those who befriended her at some point are in her crosshairs for questioning the queen of mean. I do get her views on many issues but the bullying is annoying.


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