Mayor Selects Annette Negron To Fill School Board Vacancy, Will It Be Challenged?

Negron, Ganim
Annette Negron receives oath from Ganim.

Update: Board of Education member Maria Pereira had raised questions in the comments section about back taxes on a Jane Street property owned by Annette Negron. Negron told OIB on Wednesday that she had paid off the back taxes that had been sold to a tax lien company prior to her joining the school board. She added that she had apprised the mayor of the situation and promised to resolve the issue prior to her swearing in. She also said she would forward the paperwork as proof that the tax issue was resolved.

Original story: Mayor Joe Ganim on Saturday tapped Republican Annette Negron to fill the Board of Education vacancy of Dave Hennessey, elected as a Democrat, who had switched his affiliation to the GOP. On Monday Ganim issued the following letter to City Clerk Lydia Martinez:

“This is to certify and confirm that on Saturday, July 23, 2016 in my capacity as Chief Elected Official for the City of Bridgeport, I administered the Oath of Office (copy attached) to Annette Negron who I appointed that same date to the position of Member of the Board of Education of the City of Bridgeport pursuant to authority vested in me by Conn. Gen. Stat. 7-107, effective immediately.”

The statute reads as follows:

Sec. 7-107. Vacancy appointments by selectmen. Except as otherwise provided by law, if any vacancy occurs on any town board or commission, and such board or commission has power by law to fill such vacancy but fails to do so within thirty days after it occurs, the board of selectmen or chief executive authority of such town may appoint a qualified person to fill such vacancy until the next municipal election.

“Except as otherwise provided by law” could be key language if this appointment is challenged in court.

Phil Smith, a student of the Bridgeport City Charter, wrote the following in a recent OIB commentary:

With the constantly quarreling Board of Education unable to make a selection, Mayor Ganim appears to be prepared to attempt to circumvent the City Charter, which requires the Board to fill the vacancy, and make the appointment himself. Despite administration officials’ claims to the contrary there is no legal basis for the Mayor’s action. It is a power grab, pure and simple.

The Mayor’s contention that he has the authority to fill the vacancy is apparently based on Section 7-107 of the General Statutes, which provides that:
“Except as otherwise provided by law, if any vacancy occurs on any town board or commission, and such board or commission has power by law to fill such vacancy but fails to do so within thirty days after it occurs, the board of selectmen or chief executive authority of such town may appoint a qualified person to fill such vacancy until the next municipal election.”

The most important words in that section may be the first six “except as otherwise provided by law.” That’s because another provision of the General Statutes governs the filling of vacancies on Boards of Education. Section 10-219 provides that:
“If a vacancy occurs in the office of any member of the local board of education, unless otherwise provided by charter or special act, such vacancy shall be filled by the remaining members of said board until the next regular town election, at which election a successor shall be elected for the unexpired portion of the term, the official ballot specifying the vacancy to be filled.”

Two aspects of this statute deserve special note. First, there is no deadline for the Board of Education to act on a replacement. Second, neither the Mayor nor any other official has any role in the process of filling the vacancy. It is also noteworthy that this statute defers to local Charter provisions concerning Board of Education vacancies. Chapter 15, Section 1(d) of the Bridgeport City Charter provides that:

“If a vacancy arises for any reason in the membership of the Board of Education, the remaining members shall elect a new member to serve for the balance of the term vacated. The person so elected shall be a resident and elector and a member of the same political party as the member vacating such office.”

It is true that neither the statute nor the Charter specifies a deadline for filling the vacancy or dealing with the Board’s failure to act. The answer to that claim is simple. If the legislature or the framers of the Charter felt that there was a need to establish a deadline, or involve the Mayor in the appointive process, they could–-and would–-have done so. They didn’t.

These statutory provisions do not exist in a vacuum. Connecticut’s Home Rule Act, which provides for the adoption of local Charters such as Bridgeport’s, authorizes municipalities to determine their local officers, boards and commissions and to determine how they will be selected.

That’s the other problem with the Mayor’s claim that he is authorized to fill the vacancy. Connecticut courts have repeatedly held that when it comes to matters of primarily local concern, such as how local officials are selected, Charter provisions prevail over contrary general statutes.

To contend, as the Mayor does, that a broad catchall statute, which primarily applies to towns without charters, trumps a Charter provision which specifically and completely address vacancies on the Board of Education defies logic. The Mayor’s planned actions usurp the legal authority of Board of Education and, not for the first time, attempt to circumvent the law to achieve a political goal.

Our Board of Education hasn’t been able to agree about much lately. This should be an issue that every member of the Board can agree about. The Board should oppose the Mayor’s efforts to inject himself into the appointment process and take steps–-including going to court if necessary-–in order to prevent him from doing so.

Negron’s background:

State of Connecticut, Department of Education/Bullard Havens CTHS, Present-11/1997

Associate Fiscal Administrative Officer (Business Manager): I began in 1997 as a Clerk Typist and worked my way up to AFAO.  My job duties consist of all fiscal and personnel functions in the school.  Examples of these functions are: budgets for all funds used in the school, pay invoices, commit funds, purchasing of all school items, payroll, attendance, petty cash reports, sales and usage tax reports, and inventory.  I supervise and oversee three Departments which consist of 19 to 20 employees within those Departments.

Instructor (2/1993-11/1997):  I taught Adult Bilingual students part time in the evening Basic Business Skills.  In this program I taught Adults Basic Accounting, Microsoft Office, filing basic tax returns, filing, and business ethics.

Hall Neighborhood House, 11/1989-11/1997

Junior Accountant: Responsible for all accounting functions for seven State of CT funded non-profit programs.  Monthly accounts payable and receivables were done for each program.  I prepared monthly, quarterly, and yearly fiscal reports.  These reports were reviewed by internal and external auditors.  The external auditors were from the City of Bridgeport, State of Connecticut, and the Federal Government.  These were the three funders for the Agency.  Additional duties included being the Comptroller’s secretary.


Sacred Heart University – Fairfield, CT

l  Graduate MBA Program, Present

l  Graduate Certificate in Leadership, October, 2014

l  Bachelor of Science Business/Finance, May, 2001

Connecticut Department of Education- Hartford, CT

Provisional Educator, School Business Administrator (085),  October, 2005



    1. Bubba, what is it with Ganim and Republicans lately? Whoops forgot, isn’t Daddy Republican? To all my many friends who are Republican, you all know I love you and D. or R. means nothing to me, I’m just punking Ganim.

      1. Maria, I stand by everything I said and if you don’t believe me then you ask Judge Lopez. You are a liar and a user and prey on people. Maria, how many of whom you supported the first time you ran for the BOE are now supporting your run now and how many of them are actively putting their name out there in support of you, especially the original group of supporters? Tell us all and tell us who they are. Maria, make that phone call.

    2. Bob,
      I have known Annette and her family for more than 30 years and think highly of her. Her father, Ralph Segarra was a member of the Council during the Paoletta administration. Annette and I both ran for the legislature in 1988.

    3. Since it was obvious she was the Mayor’s pick weeks ago when he suddenly canceled his press announcement, I have been researching this Troll for weeks.

      She is the Treasurer of the Caribe Youth League in which Jessica Martinez was employed with Ex $ell Bridgeport until she was let go, and was Finch’s number-one supporter of the illegal takeover and the attempt to pass a charter revision to allow Mayor Finch to appoint the BOE. Connect the dots.

      She is identified as a “classified” employee at Bullard Havens Tech with the title of “Associate Fiscal Administrative Officer.”

      She is also a certified “Tax Preparer.”

      She resides on Garden Drive. She has no vehicles in Bridgeport registered under her name but her husband has several which appear to be current on taxes.

      It appears they also own a home on Jane St. in which ZERO taxes have been paid for years. My initial searches show they last paid taxes on the home in 2010/2011 and the City of Bridgeport has sold their tax liens for at least four years. In my opinion, it appears Ms. Negron is a tax deadbeat.

      I love when those who don’t pay their taxes want to make decisions regarding tax dollars from those who DO pay their taxes.

      If I am right, and I believe I am, Joe Ganim just picked another tax deadbeat to serve in a critical position.

      It doesn’t really matter, she won’t be in her seat long enough to warm it up.

      This will be an easy case to win and Joe Ganim will suffer the same humiliating defeats Finch did when he meddled in the BOE.

      1. By the way, a public school parent filed an injunction regarding the Mayor’s attempt to appoint a replacement, and to fill it with a Republican.

        The appearance was before Judge Bellis on the same day Ed was in court. One of the city attorneys told Judge Bellis they felt “she should have her day in court.” However, Chris Meyers stopped in and obviously saw Sauda Baraka and myself in the courtroom. The hearing was scheduled the following Tuesday.

        Just days after the attorney stated the parent should have her day in court, a motion to dismiss was mailed to her. She went back to court that Tuesday and told the Judge she had just received the motion.

        Judge Bellis scheduled a hearing on the motion to dismiss in late August, however Sauda, Ben and I were in court with the parent, therefore they knew we were there to assist her and testify.

        Suddenly, sleazy Joe Ganim swears in this troll on a Saturday, however we don’t receive his signed notice to the City Clerk until 2:00 today just hours before a meeting where Fran Rabinowitz has been cutting a backroom deal with Mayor Ganim to save the SRO’s jobs, especially the NAGE President who is an SRO, without the Board’s request to do so.

        Fran Rabinowitz apparently thinks she works for Mayor Ganim. Her actions can only be described as insubordination.

    1. OMG Phil, I remember her father. I think he served with Mayor Paoletta in his first term. I don’t remember serving with him in Lenny’s second term. What district? Phil, you have the best memory. I don’t remember Annette.

  1. She did not apply when Dennis Bradley sought applicants. She applied with the Mayor’s office, not the BOE.

    Does anyone think she believes those around her actually believe she is a blonde?

    1. Maria Pereira, you have been doing okay on OIB by not making wild comments and talking about yourself but now you make this comment, “Does anyone think she believes those around her actually believe she is a blonde?” Maria really, why in hell are you going there? Bad decision.

    2. Big bully Maria has spoken! Annette is a great person and would do a great job, however the bully will never give her chance as it’s her way or the highway.

      1. Ron and Phantom, I realize both observations of Maria are based on her delivery of the facts. Maria’s style of delivery usually reflects her frustration with blatant disregard of what we know to be legal, fair and transparent decisions of the past and present mayors. Not a defense of Maria, she’s a big girl and can handle whatever comes her way. However, what she has uncovered is the truth. I know of competent, willing candidates who were interested and applied for this opening. Why wasn’t the public notified of the interest of others and why and who determined Annette was the best candidate for the opening? I doubt anyone can argue this should have been the route to take. I don’t intend to get into the right or wrong of Ganim’s actions, it appears that will be determined by a judge. So I ask in all seriousness, what’s worse, a woman who has a unique style of delivery unacceptable by some, or a Mayor who is putting us back in court because he really hasn’t garnered any sense of honesty despite his incarceration for not following the law?

        1. Lisa, the only issue I had is what I posted, this comment Maria made, “Does anyone think she believes those around her actually believe she is a blonde?” “Maria, really, why the hell are you going there? Bad decision.” Lisa, I’m sure Maria is doing her best with what she says on OIB because you have been telling her and guiding her but she doesn’t need to make comments like she did.

          1. Ron, I agree with you. Not the way I would roll, but she’s strong-willed, and I know in time she’ll season. Don’t you think it’s worth having her as someone who takes the time to flush out facts we’d never get to know? The last time we had that was when Chris Caruso was active. A lot of people focused on his determination to challenge the status quo and viewed him as a detriment to their selfish agendas. In the beginning I bought into it also, but I did come to my senses and eventually supported him with all my might. In my opinion, Maria, in her way, has filled that void.

          2. Lisa, I’m not about making people feel comfortable about me or anything I say. Lisa I love you and Judge Lopez, I have the highest respect for both of you guys. I enjoy talking to both oof you but more importantly to listen to the wisdom and knowledge you both share with me. I will never allow anyone to disrespect you or say something Lisa, about you or Judge Lopez and not say something. Now about Maria, she has no idea about my relationship with you and Judge Lopez, that’s why I didn’t give Maria a comment about Judge Lopez on OIB, I was trying to get her to backup and for her to check on what she was saying but Maria only called Bobby Simmons and Sauda Baraka to see if I had spoken to them about Maria but she never called Judge Lopez and asked her or told her what I was saying on OIB. I respect Judge Lopez and I didn’t say anything else out of respect but Maria wanted to drop names to make it look like everybody was in her corner.

          3. Maria, I know about your phone call begging for help because you were scared and you had nobody to ask for help.

        2. Lisa, please don’t report to Ron Mackey when it is in reference to me. Don’t you notice I never respond to him? He was caught in a significant lie on this blog over a year ago stating that I had lost the support of my colleagues and Judge Lopez which after I called him on it he admitted were lies.

          He doesn’t deserve a response when it comes to me. Just let him stew when it comes to me. Otherwise, feel free to respond to any of his other posts.

          Please respect my wishes.

        3. Maria, I always respect YOU. However we’ve discussed many times I admire not only Ron Mackey, but most of those who use their names. You know me well enough to know I’m going to respond to Ron all the time. Your feelings are not mine, and in case you haven’t noticed, that’s what I tell your critics also. I admire so many things about you; I wish you would let others see what I see.

        4. Don’t you just love when someone caught in a major lie, and then admits he was lying on OIB, calls someone else a liar?

          My problem is I am too truthful and direct, and I absolutely do not lie.

          By the way, when I was locked in a recount for the BOE, it was Judge Lopez who came to my rescue and supervised my recount.

          When I called her for help, she didn’t so much as pause. She also recruited the wonderful John Bagley.

          There is a “liar” on this blog, but it certainly isn’t me.

  2. Lennie–do you have a link to the CT Post article? Just for clarification, I believe the “public school parent” who filed the injunction is Karen Jackson, who has run for BOE in the past with the support of Walker, MP, etc. No issues with that, just rounds out the full story that she may have wanted to be considered (and still may be) if/when this is overturned in court and the party affiliation issue is resolved to allow non-Republicans based on the Hennessey party-switch issue.

  3. The more you read, the sleazier this sounds.
    And any deal the Super cuts with Joe is going to have some kind of in-kind connected to it. Maybe Joe figured out they shortchanged the BOE too much in the last budget.

    1. flubadub, when I served on the Council the CT Post always checked with the Tax Collector to see if any of us owed back taxes. This was done just before we would run for reelection. These days subscribers of the paper only received one-quarter of the information they got at one time. But you’re right, all it takes is one phone call, a hit of a button, and the information is given.

  4. Why is no one talking about the fact because Maria doesn’t like the officer in charge of the school resource officers, she is actively trying to lay them all off? Does this not put all school children at risk? It has nothing to do with money but as usual, personality. She can’t get along with anyone, period. Good luck with those police response times to the schools, your royal majesty.

    1. The regular police responded when shots were fired at a vehicle parked in front of Dunbar school, NOT the school resource officers. Keeping school resource officers on the job means regular and special education paraprofessional/teacher’s aides WHO WORK DIRECTLY WITH STUDENTS IN THE CLASSROOM will lose their jobs, and there are not enough school resource officers in the district to provide coverage for all the students and schools in the district!

  5. This will be the only time I respond to you, Mr. Mackey.

    The day after the September 2015 Primary, I was awakened by an early-morning phone call from an influential Finch supporter telling me he/she wanted to represent me in the recount. I explained they would pay a political price if they did. The person said they were 100% with Mayor Finch but they felt no one deserved to be on the BOE more than me, therefore they would represent me free of charge.

    I wanted Judge Lopez, therefore I called her and without pause she agreed to serve as my supervisor of the recount.

    You sir are not only a blatant liar, you are an absolute jerk.

    1. Maria, you said, “I wanted Judge Lopez, therefore I called her and without pause she agreed to serve as my supervisor of the recount.” You try to be slick with your words but you leave out a lot in your phone call. You couldn’t get anyone to stand by you, nobody, so you make this phone call crying and begging for help because you have nobody to turn to for help. Maria, where is that coalition you were a part of the first time you ran for the BOE? What elected person is supporting your run?

      Maria, I told you some time ago you don’t know me or whom I know and what is told to me; if you don’t know then you’d better ask somebody. I don’t go around dropping names to make myself look good like you try to do. You are a liar.

  6. Maria, I stand by everything I said and if you don’t believe me then you ask Judge Lopez. You are a liar and a user and prey on people. Maria, how many of whom you supported the first time you ran for the BOE are now supporting your run now and how many of them are actively putting their name out there in support of you, especially the original group of supporters? Tell us all and tell us who they are. Maria, make that phone call.


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