Stolen Radioactive Device Recovered

Update: Device recovered. Police say on Tuesday morning a resident of Douglas Street reported his vehicle had been broken into. Taken from the trunk of his car was a Troxler 3440 Nuclear Dosimeter worth $7000. Police say the device is used for measuring ground density, but if altered could expose people to dangerous levels of radiation. Also taken from the car was the victim’s debit card. It was used this morning at the Redbox located in the Walgreens parking lot at 1000 Park Avenue.

In the video above Bridgeport Police Captain Brian Fitzgerald updates the media on the case. Detectives recovered video, see below, from the Walgreens showing the suspect. Anyone with information should contact Detective Llanos at 203-581-5238.


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  1. *** Can’t believe B. Fitzgerald is a Captain even though he has about 15 years in? A blast from his early past seemed to paint him as having trouble taking orders from minority brass and a large paper trail of write-ups and civilian complaints if in fact he’s the nephew of a retired NY Metro Chief from back in the day? *** GOOD FOR HIM ***

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