Mayor Delivers Turkeys And Toys Honoring Marilyn Goldstone’s Legacy

Marilyn Goldstone was one of a kind, an urban warrior who could tell someone to kiss off and receive a smooch in return. She got her point across. And paramount in her point was helping thousands of needy residents of Bridgeport. She did it without waving pompoms. And it often took on a life of its own. One bark from that gravelly voice snapped attention to a cause. Her legacy lives in the Marilyn Goldstone Foundation. On Friday, Mayor Joe Ganim delivered turkeys and toys to needy church groups and organizations on behalf of the Goldstone Foundation. Check out video.



  1. Gifts from Goldstone Foundation delivered by Mayor Ganim (and entourage?). Great photo-op for Mayor but City Hall focus on “thousands of needy residents” does nothing for City economic development task of Tom Gill. Or does it in some way?

    Isn’t this video creation “pom pom waving” of a sort Where is the list of items purchased by the Foundation including turkeys, expense of items distributed and the sites where the distributions were delivered listed? Were all communities of need considered? Is it possible this was a late “two-minute” drill for this “caring” administration, similar to last-minute planning for City summer programs?

    I may be off base on this opinion and comment, but holiday charity by municipal leaders is well understood by those who get it as political “show time.” Community needs for food, for youth entertainment and age-appropriate education occur each week. They are year-’round requirements. But the Mayor is not there most of the time.

    From a Deloitte advertisement this month: THE KEY TO GOOD GOVERNMENT: Treat Citizens Like Consumers.

    If there were enough paying jobs? If there were second chance jobs? If a Mayor cared to really assist?

    Citizen-voters could buy their own turkeys and gifts for their churchgoing kids, rather than be looked at as economic victim-survivors.

    What is the mindset in our City Hall today? Who will answer those serious questions?

    It is certainly positive that food and goods are being unloaded from a Mayoral vehicle this year rather than having gifts to the Mayor deposited into a Ganim trunk as happened in his first term. What concrete efforts are being made to change City Hall view of residents from needy survivors to productive consumers with choices? Time will tell.

  2. Thank you Mayor Ganim and the many who collected food and toys in her memory. Marilyn Goldstone was a beautiful human being and one of the best “ball busters” I knew. Her heart was made of pure gold covered by a wit second to none. She was always seen with her mother Dolly. I first met Marilyn when I worked in Stamford. Driving home I heard an interview on WICC requesting toys for tots. I remember taking a detour and picking up a dozen stuffed animals and dropping them off. She helped me raise a lot of money for a huge Celebrity Tag sale to aid the homeless in Bridgeport as well as help get gifts for the homeless shelters in Bridgeport. She and her partner Tom Kelly were just amazing in those days. She is missed by many and I thank Mayor Joe Ganim and the Ambulance company that still cherishes her memory. There are only a few of us left who do good without fanfare. Marilyn Goldstone was usually the one running the show. May her memory be forever a blessing. She is certainly missed in this city. We will never know the lives she has touched. She was an angel disguised as a bitch in heels. I loved her!

  3. Amen, Steve! She had a sharp tongue and a big heart! Thanks to John Vazzano, AMR, Bridgeport PD Community Services et al. for keeping her memory and spirit alive and well.

    1. Marilyn was and still is an icon in Bridgeport, never to be replaced. She never sought political attention or reward, she didn’t serve the needy only around holidays, she was a one-woman army whether collecting items or distributing them. I didn’t realize there was a foundation in her name. Marilyn would not want any mayor or political entity cashing in on her sincere generosity and untiring efforts for everyone. It’s a good thing, but I hope the mayor makes it very clear where and why this tradition started and who started it.

  4. Lisa, your statement regarding Marilyn is so correct. She was an all year ’round woman, helping the needy. I for one was a witness to said testament.
    I wonder how many of these politicians take out of their own pocket to help someone. Very few. They wait for the jackpot and take advantage.

  5. Lisa and Invincible, of course I appreciate your comments, but in this case I think it is very necessary for Joe Ganim to bring celebrity to this event. First, Joe Ganim knew Marilyn Goldstone and second without Joe’s celebrity her memory may be forgotten as happens very often. Lisa, you even mentioned you didn’t know there was a foundation in her name. She has been involved heavily with every politician in the city. She was involved when L’Ambiance fell. I want Joe Ganim and every Mayor to be part of adding celebrity to these events. A Photo-Op for sure and a good one at that. Even if it bothers you that Joe is in the limelight but more important he adds a spotlight on the Ambulance Company that has worked tirelessly for Marilyn while she was alive and continue their good deeds to this day. That is how we cherish the memory of an individual who has done so much for so little.

    1. Steve, I don’t dispute what you say, I just hope when these events Marilyn started and maintained until her death continue, that the name of Marilyn, the woman who worked 24/7 to bring some joy to the needy, is credited and acknowledged. I expect Ganim and any future mayor to continue her legacy.

  6. Only in Bridgeport would this feel-good piece turn into a debate! Marilyn knew all about a good photo opportunity and politicians getting involved. Bottom line? Smiles, holiday cheer and helping people. That was Marilyn.

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