Maritza Bond Qualifies For Public Funds In Challenge Of Stephanie Thomas For State Election Chief

Maritza Bond. Photo courtesy of Frank Gerratana.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission has approved a public grant of nearly $500,000 for former Bridgeport Health Director Maritza Bond who’s taking on party-endorsed Stephanie Thomas in the August 9 Democratic primary for Connecticut secretary of the state that oversees elections and business filings.

Thomas has also qualified for a public grant.

Connecticut’s public finance program requires candidates for secretary of the state raise $86,600 in small-dollar contributions of which $78,000 must come from in-state contributors. Participating candidates may only accept small-dollar contributions–the maximum contribution is $290–and no contributions from state contractors or PACs.

Bond’s union endorsements include the UAW, Connecticut Employees Union Independent and Connecticut AFL-CIO.



  1. Some of us won’t forget her back pedaling about the Covid Birthday Bash in Trumbull for the Bridgeport Government employee…….
    I wasn’t there
    I only stopped to drop off a gift……………….

    Or the fact that her office (New Haven Health
    Gave out expired Covid Vaccinations

    Can’t trust her to do a local job competently, you can be damned sure she can’t do a state constitutional officer’s job, either.

      1. Since when is Dr. Faucci running for office and asking for votes?
        Keep deflect Robert T…..meaningless words that have nothing to do with the subject at hand

    1. I wasn’t there
      I only stopped to drop off a gift……………….

      You had to be there to drop off that gift.

      Witness the ultimate back pedaling maneuver.

      1. Surely you can understand after you uninvested me to your Birthday party. 😥

        I still want to give you the gift 🎁

        The one I bought for you before I upset you. 😡

        I know you’re sensitive and sometimes overreact and say things you don’t mean. 🤪

        But, I am sure it will pass like the wind spinning those turbines. 🌀

        Happy Birthday and reconciliation. 🎂

        You blind irritating MF 🤣

  2. NEVER say Dr. Fauci is/was running for office. It was more of reflection than a deflection on covid and the backpedaling associated with it.

    Do worry though, after the Jan 6 extravaganza of the BIG LIE. I am sure Covid will be back in full prime-time media beast mode, well to an extent. I hear Biden has covid. JS

    Are they meaningless words or do you mean the meaning of words? Like Stairway to Heaven, words sometimes have two meanings.

    Although, it has come to my attention that words can take on a life of their own. Us, vs We, Red vs Blue, Marxism Vs Freedom, THE BIG LIE vs the big lie, Democrat/Democracy vs Republican/Republic, Good, vs Great, and so on and so forth. Good luck!

    In any event, Fuggedaboutit. 🙂


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