Lord (And Taylor), A School Board Recount

As the returns came in Tuesday night, elections officials were praying … please, no recounts! Well, they got another one. A Board of Education recount between Republican Chris Taylor and Working Families Party candidate, incumbent Howard Gardner, will take place Wednesday morning 10 a.m. in the Margaret Morton Government Center.

On Tuesday Democrats Hernan Illingworth, Jessica Martinez and Sybil Allen won seats, joining three other Democrats on the Board of Education. That left three slots for minority-party representation. Incumbent Republican John Weldon and Joseph Sokolovic, running on both the GOP and WFP lines, won seats. Taylor ran ahead of Gardner 1,143 to 1,128 triggering a recount.

Gardner won a Board of Education seat as a Democrat in 2013, joining a slate that defeated endorsed Dems in a primary on the way to a general election win. He opted for the WFP line this time around.

The day before the recount a Democratic primary for City Council in the North End 133rd District will take place between former State Rep. Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas Phillips versus party-endorsed incumbent Jeanette Herron and Michael DeFilippo. The top two finishers among the four on Nov. 14 will face Republicans Michele Minutolo and Neville De la Rosa Dec. 12.

Keeley filed a court challenge of Herron’s 1-vote September primary win after a previously uncounted absentee ballot cast for Herron found its way into a recount. Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ordered a new election.



    1. Please Frank, I had the pleasure to campaign for Howard and other. After all the time I spent with Howard Gardner, ther was one important thing he should have shared with me and others, I didn’t find out that his wife was a teacher until like 6 months ago. The BOE first major action upon taking their seats was ‘Approval of The Teachers Contract’.

      BTW, It’s Chris (Tony Soprano) Taylor.

      1. And your point is Joel? Your dollar or value point? Contracts with unions have a serial nature, whether it is for two years, three years or more years, and whether it is timely and only goes forward or more likely in Bridgeport that the moment a four year public safety contract is signed, it has less than one year to run.

        Was Howard responsible for identifying a family member working for the Board on which he served? Should he, if such was the case, absent himself from such a vote? What are the rules you think apply, rather than leave half of an accusation hanging? Surrendering a physical trigger finger as you did made a statement certainly. Even without a “trigger finger” you can shoot at someone on paper, or leave things hanging like an i.e.d. Fair? Righteous? Time will tell.

        1. WTF, did you write? You obviously don’t understand the importance of disclosure. You expect all others to disclose what you demand or ask for? You’re a fart in the wind.

          1. Joel, I think disclosure is essential. When did you grok onto the concept. “Disclosure” is what I was seeking eleven months ago through the framing of an Ordinance that would have each elected, board, commission or otherwise appointed figure for the municipality register their residence address. The Ordinance was prepared and presented, then withdrawn to consider whether there should be consequences. What happened then?? Long gestation periods seem routine with the Council and then no delivery? In the meantime a chair of a Commission that oversees a much discussed municipal responsibility votes in Trumbull, or at least that was the most recent address available. Perhaps a new Council can proceed with more concern for OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST, Joel, lest you have forgotten. Call me when your “fog” clears so that I can explain what befuddles you? Time will tell.

          1. You fool, learn to take your own advice. You’ve wasted plenty of your time. Who said I was arguing, you?

          2. Joel,

            Take two steps back and slap yourself. You ought to seek proctological treatment to remove the bug that crawled up your ass.

          3. Hey kid, I got good news for you. I had the “Bug” removed and transplanted in your mothers ass.

          4. Joel Gonzalez // Nov 10, 2017 at 5:50 pm

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            The Bridgeport Kid // Nov 10, 2017 at 11:17 pm

            I’ll give it to your mother.

            HEY KID, Donald Day, was the first OIB blogger to disrespect me by mentioning my mother a few years ago. My mother has grand children who love her dearly. One of them read the blog and shared Donald Days’ post. They begged me to tell them who day was and during one of the primary or election weeks later, I had one of my nephews with me at one of the schools. My nephew overheard someone saying the name Donald Day (he made an appearance/was there) my nephew was begging me to point Day out and I refused, he got mad at me and asked me to take him home. It’s obvious that you are now JML’s OIB side-kick. You both make a good team considering that John Marshall Lee couldn’t do anything but disrespect the memory of and the family of the late Pat Crossin on this Websine.

            My mother died in 2003. I hope that your mother is still alive and reads this blog so she can see what a fine Kid she raised. You’ve been warned, you can up with your shit here but, what are you gonna do if the shit hits the fan? You won’t have time to reach for your guitar or your knife.

          5. Joel,

            My mother died eight years ago (that’s one less than your remaining fingers).

            Don’t worry, I can handle myself just fine. Don’t threaten me again, pal.

          6. By the way Joel,

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            Now YOU have been warned.

  1. I will be the most tenured board member while possessing the greatest level of knowledge on national, state and local education policy.

    I know Chris Taylor personally and do not support a former mobster with over 100 arrests serving on the school board.

    1. Being the most tenured board member while possessing the greatest level of knowledge on national, state and local education policy has not improved the education al level for the students in the Bridgeport public school system.


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