Marooned In The Rock, ‘Boys Toy Too’

Black Rock boat
Wheels please? Bartram Avenue in Black Rock.

It’s so windy a boat blew right out of Black Rock Harbor and onto Bartram Avenue? Well not exactly, but how’d this get there? Pulled from Black Rock Community Updates, this “Boys Toy Too” has been showing up here and there. Some maroon job. Where’s Ginger and MaryAnn?

Ginger, MaryAnn
See MaryAnn or Ginger in The Rock?



    1. The owner grew up from being a boy and is now a Kid. It’s illegal to dump your toys in the City of Bridgeport. You could have given it away to your Bromance partner Rick Torres for part for his boat. 🙂

  1. Boats have hull numbers like vin numbers on cars, it can be traced to the last owner if it is not too old.

    It just goes to shows that no neighborhood is immune from illegal dumping. You see furniture, tires and all kinds of garbage dumped all over the city. The east end has been especially plagued for years on this.

    It must be easy to do since it has been going on for so long. I hope the police department can make an effort to find the last owner, that may lead to the person who left the boat. Just hauling the boat away is one thing that’s easy. Finding who did it, that another matter.

  2. Holy Shit! That’s our Boat!!! (Boys Toy Too) 1985 Galaxy twin screw.
    I lost her 3years ago in Northport Harbor Long Island, I’ll never forget that day, me and my brother Kevin enter the Wicc Greatest Bluefish Tournament on Earth $25, 000 for the heaviest Bluefish.
    We were fishing all day when I hooked this Mother of all Bluefish, this Fish was so big it took us three hours just to get that Flucker in the boat, without a net!
    My arms were ready to fall off, that’s how heavy this fish was every bit of 60 lbs. When we finally pulled that sucker into the boat he looked like flucking Moby Dick on Crestor, the only thing we had to put this fish in was that Blue plastic garbage can (see picture above), the tale fin was hanging out the top of that can a good foot and a half.
    We headed into Northport for Gas and hope that someone had a fish scale to weight this Flucker.
    Just when we pulled up to the dock this fish starts jumping all over the flucking boat snapping at us while trying to get out of the boat at the same time!
    My bother and I quickly jump onto the dock in-fear of our lives, fluck the 25K this flucking Fish wants to kill us!
    I don’t know how it happen, but some how this fish hit the trowel and out of the Harbor goes (Boys Toy Too).
    Coming back on the Port Jeff Ferry that night my bother said he thinks he saw the (Boys Toy Too) doing Donuts near Middle ground.
    The Insurance Company didn’t believe our story. Wicc refuses to pay the $25,000 and now that flucking boat shows up three block from my house!

    1. Jim Fox, wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a boat like this to the Aquaculture School and have the students restore it. You and Kevin could do the electrical work blue print etc… We can rename it, ‘OIB TWO.’ The students can then use the boat to research the Clam Beds on the Bridgeport coast.

  3. This boat is a single screw inboard /outboard engine with the out drive missing. Was the second screw a small outboard engine?

    I see a swim platform but no place to mount an auxiliary engine.


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