Lockhart: Consulting Firm Payments Swell To $250K–City Silent On Specifics

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The cost of a consulting firm originally hired to review the city’s purchasing rules now stands at a quarter of a million dollars. The bulk of their time, the city said, has been spent on unspecified “pending litigation.”

On Tuesday, the same day the city’s law department discussed with City Council members why Guidepost Solutions was paid $152,036.59 late last year, City Hall moved forward with giving the New York City-based consultant an additional $98,393.86, according to multiple sources.

The law department on Thursday confirmed the $98,000 figure, but declined to comment further.

The pending payment would bring Guidepost’s tab so far to $250,430.45

Full story here.



    1. First step. B&A should defund through budget transfers all accounts that the City Attorney uses to pay outside consultants, outside legal fee and any other professional fees or contracts.
      Without any money maybe the City Attorneys office will be a bit more forthcoming about how taxpayers money is being spent.

  1. Let’s face it,because of how Mario&Joe run this city, you have to wonder if Guidepost’s investigation is to find irregularities or hide irregularities?.. Everything is a secret,in no other city, other than Bpt does it’s elected officials hide so much from the taxpayers, FACT!
    I really wish Maria was still here now, I’m sure there is a lot more to this. Other than Ernie,all our other elected representatives on the CC wouldn’t dare post here and anger Mario &Joe.And Ernie can’t give his honest opinions, fearing if he did, Mario would retaliate.

    1. Harvey
      I guess you didn’t read the article in today’s paper. Where i said if the city Attorneys can’t be transparent than we should not fund them for outside legal counsel. i’m co-chair of contracts and i sit on the budget committee. You may think what every you like, I don’t have to get on OIB and talk about Joe and Mario but as a member of the city council we must have a check and balance system. Our contracts committee has already started drafting Language of looking at contracts 6 months out before negotiations start with our Labor Department.

      1. Sounds great Ernie, you can draft language and look at language and draft whatever you want. But we both know, in the end,you and the other rubber stampers will always do whatever you are told by Joe.No one buys this “tough stance” in the future bullshit, so stop trying to sell it

  2. What pray tell is such a secret that taxpayer money is being spent on something that no one knows anything about? By no one I mean CC members. Oh I’m sure certain ones know but won’t say. Is money being funneled out for corrupt purposes? My guess is that it has something to do with ALL the lawsuits that the city is facing or preparing to face regarding outcomes of ALL the inept decisions made by inept department heads.
    Such as the fight in the chiefs office, Colorado Avenue, Capt. Porter suit, Capt. Fitzgerald suit, new assistant Chief suit, the scrap metal debacle, Nardozzi suit, etc etc.
    Lockhart or Lennie should put a list together of how many lawsuits, personnel matters, and other similar items are on the table now or that have been adjudicated during just the last few years. Include the legal costs, awards, time lost and overtime for others as a result of, new hire money resulting from questionable transfers/firing of employees, studies performed (Ramsey) etc. the total amount will be astonishing ESPECIALLY for a cash strapped city. It all adds up to nepotism, favoritism, bad management, ineptness and corruption. The blame goes to the mayor and the heads of departments including nice guy A.J. AND a silent Common Council.
    And you can’t make this shit up!!
    Unbelievable, unless it’s Bridgeport!!

  3. Harvey and Rich, if Maria has information she should forward it to the media, post it on Facebook, you guys can attend City Council meetings and you can post things from Maria. One thing we do know is that Maria will not be a t.e.a.m. player on the City Council. You know seeing that you guys have this love connection with Maria well help her get her own podcast.

    1. Ron, “team players” on the CC =Rubber stamps.That’s the last thing Bpt needs more of on the CC.The CC members,when interviewed about this particular fiasco used words like “disappointed”,Nieves said it doesn’t make her feel”warm & fuzzy”.Ernie was quoted saying he ‘won’t give the attorney’s office the money they request for the next budget,Ernie stop,you will give the office whatever Joe tells you to give them and you know it.Maybe if the CC members STOP trying to please Mario&Joe so as to keep in good graces and make sure they get Mario’s “blessing” next cycle,Bpt could move forward.

      .And you know what the Council will do about this?,absolutely NOTHING.None of them(except Maria) want to rattle the cage and “anger'”Mario&Joe..How about the council DEMANDING to find out the reasons for all these payments,instead of sitting there and essentially being told it’s none of their buissness how this administration spends money.??..And get ready.soon we will be told the BOE budget will have to be “trimmed” because”Bpt simply doesn’t have the money”,teachers will be let go,SRO will be layed off,etc etc.

  4. It defies credulity that the CC would continue to take the advise and/or listen to anything that Mark Anastasia says because this process further proves that he’s a liar, one that will say anything to advance the agenda of Mayor Ganim and Mario! Harvey, I concur with your observation that Ernie will give the office whatever Joe tells you to give them and you know it! The fact is that Ernie has NEVER bucked the DTC or whomever was the Mayor at the time. Stop It!

    City Council President Aidee Nieves said she was disappointed that Anastasi had not mentioned the additional $98,393 on Tuesday as opposed to being outraged and appalled that Mark Anastasia lied to her by not telling the Whole Truth! The city expects more from the president of the CC than being disappointed by the continued misrepresentations from the City Attorney’s office and Mark Anastasia. City Council President Aidee Nieves act like a leader even if you aren’t! To the CC, now that you know Mark Anastasia lied to you by omission, WHAT NOW?

      1. Harvey, there’s NO mystery here, everybody knew what they would get if they reelected Joe Ganim as mayor, they knew that they would get Mario Testa, Hamilton Burger, David Dunn, A.J. Perez but once again it was more important for Maria to do everything she could to make sure that State Senator Marilyn Moore from being mayor, Maria looked at both candidates for the Democrat primary and Maria that it more important to keep Ganim, Hamilton Burger, David Dunn and A.J. Perez in power for the next 4 years. Marilyn Moore ran the worse campaign for a Democrat primary in the history of Bridgeport but guess what Harvey, evening with a terrible campaign and a bad attitude Moore still beat Joe Ganim at the voting polls BUT it was more important to take out Moore, well mission accomplish. Maria gets elected to the City Council and Maria starts by letting her other elected council members that if they got a parking ticket that she will make it public. Thing got so bad with Maria that Samia Suliman who was Maria running mate from the 138th district is no longer a supporter of Maria, it took Maria just 2 months for her running mate to separate herself from Maria. Even if Maria was still making post on OIB nothing is going to change because of just one person getting reelected as mayor, Joe Ganim, without Joe Ganim the fall of Hamilton Burger, David Dunn and A.J. Perez would have started on the fast track.

        1. Ron you have posted the same thought in almost EVERY thread since the election. Time to move on, seriously.You’re giving Maria too much credit here. Again, if Marilynn WANTED to be mayor,she could of, she quit after the primary. Maria could have sung from the mountain tops in her support,it wouldn’t have made a goddam difference, Moore lost interest and decided Hartford was better for her.One thing for sure though, I’ll never vote for her again for any office.

          1. Harvey, I admit that I repeat the same story about Maria and Marilyn Moore because it’s true. Harvey, tell us all from the time that Joe Ganim has been the mayor of Bridgeport what person has ever beaten Joe Ganim in a Democrat primary? Harvey, you are the one who is giving Maria so much power that you believe Maria’s post on OIB will change those in power in Bridgeport.

          2. Ron, I don’t want Maria to post because I think she could “change” those in power. I would like her to post because she has first hand knowledge of what goes on in the meetings and she can shed some light on what the administration is trying to keep so secret..

  5. Lennie
    Correct me if I’m wrong but Maria can post an ‘editorial’ about whatever she wishes. This of course would be subject to Lennie’s editorial review.
    What she cannot do is post a give and take which is where she gets out of control.
    Rich, this should give you what you are looking for. Her opinion on what is going on without the emotional back and forth.
    This is up to Maria to accept. If she doesn’t then it’s the same. If she can’t get what she wants, when she wants it she goes off on everyone and everything.

  6. Harvey, I agree with all of your comments especially the ones concerning the common counsel. Those members should absolutely demand answers and transparency from and those Who are spending taxpayer money.
    Don: you also are absolutely correct that what is going on defies logic when it comes to council members sitting by and allowing this to occur.
    And Ron: Harvey’s right, you need to move on and offer some substantive suggestions rather than dwell on what you perceive to be wrongs that occurred during the last election cycle.
    Bob: you’re right and basically have echoed what I have said in the recent past regarding Maria being allowed by Lennie to at least give us some informative news about the goings-on in the big room. This is why I agree with Lisa that her suggestion for a sit down Between herself Lennie and Maria P. Happen as soon as possible and why I suggested that Maria adjust her “ways” just a bit to help things work out.
    Lennie, we are all hoping for the best.

    1. Not to change the topic but this just hit the news about a shooting that occurred this morning at 9 o’clock. Tony Barr was supposedly flag down right after this incident occurred where its reported that a man was murdered in the street. Not to be facetious but Tony Barr made a remark asking why such violence doesn’t happen in the surrounding towns but only here in Bridgeport. And now, TO BE facetious I say really? WTF, why do you think??!!!
      Unfortunate circumstance again on the streets of the City.

  7. I’ve been out of commission the last eight months because of an unspeakable reason, not exclusive to me, but for those who are a member of the “loss of a child club;” you realize that at times your brain can’t even function. Time, not enough yet, and faith, help. But, I want to let you faithful bloggers know that while my heart was torn out, my brain still works well.enough to hear you. I read your posts, and must compliment almost all of you on the quality of opinions and most of the time known, but hidden facts. We can continue to blame Joe and Mario until the cows come home, (don’t think they care, this is the last marathon for both) but as much as it disappoints me to say this, the entire blame belongs to the members of the City Council. They seem to be more interested in their warm and fuzzy (for now) friendships and social get-togethers than sitting down together to discuss fixable City administration crimes. If it wasn’t for those microphones in front of them, you wouldn’t know there were bodies sitting in those seats. I feel the same as Policemen, Firemen, and other first responders who are so reluctant to criticize their brothers and sisters, even when, at times, they may want to. It bothers me to admit that we have the worst City Council going back to the beginning of Council time. I sat for 20 years in that chamber, I watched the steady decline and people quality of members, it embarasses me because I know some of them from back in my day, and they know better, but do nothing. Don’t you guys and gals realize that they love it when Joe and Mario get blamed? It takes the attention off their lack, or willingness, to do what they were elected to do. Hopefully, my gal pal, Mary and I intend to start attending Council meetings. Not because we have any standing, but we can see for ourselves the ineptitude of some members, the gaul of those handmaids of the Mayor, i.e. Gaudett, Mark and whoever else circle the big seat. I can’t wait to start blogging about them, I’ll call them by name, and explaine what weak sisters they are. Cheers Rich!!!!

    1. Another smart post from someone who knows what it would take to maybe start to turn things around. Lisa, you hit the nail on the head and you DO know how things operate. That’s why I consistently mention the CC, at times by name (or description lol) as I also know the power they could have IF they wanted it and had the courage to do what is necessary to combat all the inequities that are plainly obvious. I’ve often said ‘imagine if there were a few more Maria’s on the CC.’ It’s not that I’m her friend (I’ve only met her very briefly a couple of times) but it would make a world of difference. I also know that people like her should either maybe “be tamed” or tame themselves A BIT sometimes, but they would be far better than the rubber stamps we now have.
      Let’s see what happens!!

    2. Lisa, I’m in agreement with you, let me start with the most senior council member, Ernie Newton, he will not challenge Ganim, Tests or other council members about anything. I’ve tried to point out that there needs to be a coalition of council members to gain their own control from Joe, Mario and Hamilton Burger who tells the council how they should vote. Maria had a chance to do that but she has no desire to form a coalition. Yes, we been having a long running history of council members who just take up space, ex-council members from the 130th district, Spain and Smith were good, smart council members but they got burned out from lack of to many other council members who just wanted to go along to get along. Power is like a drug and these members are addicted to the photo-op and no one is pushing these members to the City’s business.

      1. Good post Ron. I think our views are now being channeled in the right direction. Lisa points this out clearer then we do. Her experience leads the way.
        One can only hope for the best.

    3. Great post Lisa, you hit the nail on the head once again!.. This Council is more concerned with not upsetting Joe,and “ sticking” together than actually speaking up. You watch these meetings and you can see they all just want the meetings to be over as quick as possible, no one has the “nerve”to question anything the administration puts before them..

  8. Good to hear from you Lisa. You will know when the time is right to become vociferous again. Can’t wait.
    I absolutely concur with your assessment of the council. I thought that there was some hope two years ago but between people just not able to make the personal commitment, people becoming totally frustrated by the lack of action by the do nothing council and other being stabbed in the back it has turned into a total embarrassment.
    It really seemed to go downhill once you were no longer President.
    If there is one thing the recent past has shown is it’s easier to take back some seats next time around when the mayor isn’t running and doesn’t really give a damn about 20 council members.

  9. One thing you always taught me is that in Bport when nothing makes sense wait a little time and it will become crystal clear.
    When reading the Guideposts website whatever they’ve been involved in it has got to be big.
    And as always the administration would be far better off coming clean now rather than waiting until it comes out on its own.
    Kind of reminds one of when Ganim went down, doesn’t it.

  10. Ernie. it may seem like I’m unloading on you, but you are the one council member making comments.
    You co-chair Contracts and are assigned to Budget. So, are we supposed to be impressed because you get quoted in a newspaper?

    Did you know that the City Council is authorized by charter to order city officials attend a committee meeting and explain all matters related to the city department budgets?
    Did you understand what Bob Walsh was referring to regarding transferring funds out of certain accounts?

    From who do council members get advice as to what they can do and how to do it?

    Has the budget committee been assigned a replacement co-chair to join the bartender? Will one of the high school drop-outs be assigned as co-chair?

    1. Tom, Ernie will reply to your questions just as soon as Anastasi tells him what to say… We may be coming down on Ernie to hard here, he is a few weeks away from finding out if Mario will let him run for state senate, now is not the time for Ernie to ask/ answer anything.

    2. Tom White, you are good when you talk about the running of the City Council. Tom you said, “the City Council is authorized by charter to order city officials attend a committee meeting and explain all matters related to the city department budgets,” Tom that’s so important but its not done. Let me bring up one example to make your point, Donald Day and myself have been talking about women not being hired for 12 years because they can’t pass high enough in taking the Candidate Physical Ability Test which cost $150, the City Council could have the fire chief to come before them answer their questions and concerns and to let the fire chief of their displeasure with women not being hired and asked for what is going on. The City Council has to ok the fire chief’s budget. Tom, you asked, “who do council members get advice as to what they can do and how to do it?” Hamilton Burger gives the City Council members their direction and if they don’t follow those instructions then Mario Testa will be looking to primary those who go against those instructions.

    3. Tom
      First of all you can’t tell me anything about what my role is or what committee’s function are. If you guys attended council meetings or committee meeting you would see who’s doing his or her job. Let me just say this and Ron has said it well. The magic number is 11 or a majority of those voting. I can only speak for myself. You can’t get anything by yourself it’s a teamwork. I want all the big mouth 👄 people on this Blog to go back to the days I served as council President under Lenny Paoletta we fought but we also worked together and former Council President Lisa can bear witness. Lone wolves can only talk like Tom White. Tom I know the charter from A-Z I read everything so I don’t need your help in what my role is as a councilman


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