Linda, What’s The Minimum Wage? Duh!!!

Vince and Linda McMahon
What, Vince didn't know the minimum wage either?

What is wrong with Linda McMahon’s handlers? They’re all getting rich and they can’t even brief her on the mimimum wage?

From CT News Junkie:

Pressed further on the issue, McMahon admitted she didn’t know what the current minimum wage is or if any of her employees at World Wrestling Entertainment are paid it.

Connecticut’s minimum wage is currently $8.25 an hour and the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

Asked if the minimum wage should be increased, McMahon said, “you know what guys I’m just not going to comment any more.”

McMahon’s Democratic opponent Richard Blumenthal’s campaign wasn’t surprised by her comments.

“Linda McMahon laid off ten percent of her workers and takes home $46 million a year so it’s no surprise she’s thinking about lowering the minimum wage,” Maura Downes spokeswoman for Blumenthal’s campaign said Thursday. “Connecticut’s families are hurting and Linda McMahon puts her own profits ahead of people of Connecticut. That’s not the kind of U.S. Senator the people of Connecticut need.”

Full story here.

Linda’s latest spot:

Dick’s latest spot:



  1. Freakin’ America is scarin’ me.

    These Republicans put us in this mess and now that the Obama wave is over the wingnuts are gonna get votes and sink us deeper into the depths of hell.

    1. I wasn’t sure what the minimum wage was either. I do recall it was going to be incrementally increased a few years ago.
      The employers aren’t the ones paying their workers more; the consumers are paying higher prices; thus, the consumers are covering the minimum wage increase. Rich people don’t get there by worrying about the minimum wage–it’s the maximum wage they aim for. Grin, after thirty years of Dodd, and two years of Obama and Himes tell us what good they’ve been for Bridgeport.

  2. Lennie are you Tricky Dickie’s press secretary? I hope you are not going to leave this as the topic for the weekend. Yeah I know I can blog whatever I want but that’s why we pay you the big bucks.

  3. Interesting Linda McM article in today’s CT Post.

    While not a wrestling fan, I respect people who go through adversity, take chances and win big. Used to think that’s what the US was all about.

    This opposed to empty-suit, party hack Blumenthal who was born with all the advantages then married even more money … As opposed to fighting for it like McMahon.

    As stated earlier, if we keep electing the same hacks like Blumenthal, then how do we expect things to change?

    Take back neighborhood walk postponed
    October 1, 2010 at 11:44 am by Jim Shay

    Just announced by Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch’s office:

    This evening’s Take Back Our Neighborhood Walk at Park and Railroad avenues has been canceled due to inclement weather and will be rescheduled at a later date.

    For more information about the Take Back Our Neighborhood Walks, please call Bridgeport Police Department Community Services and ask for Officer Nick Ortiz at 203.576.8278.

    Does this mean the weather is so bad the criminals will be taking the night off or just merely that too much rain makes for a bad photo op???

  5. Grin: No self-respecting criminal wants to get a wet ass.
    I do worry about Anna in weather like this, it can’t be easy hanging in a tree upside down when it’s raining. Where do bats go when it rains?

  6. Does Charlie Carroll go on these neighborhood walks? It might be a good idea if he did. He could see first-hand the filth and debris that is cluttering our city harassing our residents as much as the out-of-control crime rate.

  7. Not with those coke-bottle eyeglasses. Fabrizi created a monster when he made the failed board of ed electrician his chief of staff then Charlie gave Johnny Fabs the staff where the sun don’t shine.

  8. Str8-Up this is the same stale comment you used the last time I posted about CC. I wonder what made you realize I don’t care for CC’s way of using his position to his advantage? I don’t hate anybody but he is a user and deceitful person and if you got your head out of his a– you would see and smell better.

  9. CC spends most of his day hanging out with his new wife. He is building up his BOE/City pension so he can retire with a nice monthly check which he will use to renovate his new house in Newtown. He is no different from Feeney, Nunn and the rest of them. They do nothing and collect a healthy salary courtesy of the Bpt taxpayers. The city has never been so mismanaged. By the way, how are those rain barrels going?

  10. The nepotism started to get worse when Fabrizi placed unaffilliated secretaries into a union and boosted their salaries to over $65k each. Hoffman and Charlie’s girlfriend and a few others were included. Also he placed dept heads who used to be appointed by the mayor into the Supervisors’ union. Now the nepotism has gotten beyond control!


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