Lamont To Lobby Public Support For Tolls, Transportation Plan For Airport Upgrades

Governor Ned Lamont says he will host town hall forums to build public support for his revised transportation proposal that calls for 14 toll gantries on 8 Connecticut highways. His 10-year plan requires legislative approval.

Lamont says his proposal anticipates collecting $320 million per year in revenue.

The Hartford Courant reports:

“As part of his broad-based transportation proposal, Lamont is calling for expanding one of the airports and improving air traffic at either Tweed New Haven or Sikorsky Memorial in Stratford to establish a second major airport in Connecticut.”

… Base toll rates would be 50 cents to $1 at each gantry. There would be a 20% discount for drivers with a Connecticut-issued EZ-Pass. Large, heavy trucks would pay between $3.50 and $7 at each electronic gantry. Medium-sized trucks would qualify for a lower rate.

Bridgeport officials are trying to revive commercial flights that have been dormant for about 20 years.

Mayor Joe Ganim and the city’s federal representatives are lobbying the Federal Aviation Administration to approve runway and safety-zone improvements necessary to attract private investment to return the city-owned airport as a commercial passenger center.



  1. Asking the public to support tolls will be a tough sell-it’s like removing Santa Claus from a child’s Christmas and expecting applause.
    In airport news, let Tweed handle commercial flights, Sikorsky should go to an e-commerce giant. Even though it has a short runway, it’s takeoff velocity could swell Bridgeport’s coffers! It’s an undervalued asset.

    1. LE
      How swell our coffers? Spell out the swell please. Details are critical, aren’t they? When we first must develop, and wait for revenue flow just to break even, where’s the swelling when you know that profits at Sikorski will become part of a new revenue flow to Stratford? Time will tell.

      1. Coffer overflow!
        Like this: Company X buys an airport that delivers a comparative advantage and Stratford gets a new taxpayer-their biggest yet, right? Then
        Bridgeport gets the monthly income that comes from $1.4 billion if it signs a 35-year contract.
        It gets better. The AA is thrilled and the deal is quickly approved without any funding needed. Bridgeport is O-U-T of the airplane business, except key personnel who are offered new jobs. Taxes are lowered, home prices rise and Bridgeport becomes the darling of the financial community!

        1. So the City is able to sell the airport, and after settling any debt or obligations to the Feds and the State has some money left over??
          And Stratford has a new taxpayer who will make them happy with increase to taxpaying Grand List for their community!!
          Where does the 35 year contract for $1.4 Billion enter the vision?? Wouldn’t that likely still be Bridgeport’s property with the City holding a mortgage as a security interest? Just asking. Who are such players? What are City obligations under such a scenario that we are guessing at rather than knowing from competent sources? Time will tell.

  2. What is the financial benefit to the citizens of Bridgeport for improvement, and designation as the second City for airport consideration in the State? Currently we have been losing money because the operating expense of Sikorski is greater than its revenues. AND IF THE REVENUES AT SOME POINT INCREASE TO THE POINT OF MAKING A PROFIT ON A REGULAR AND CONTINUING BASIS, THEN WE WILL OWE PROPERTY TAXES TO STRATFORD? Is that an accurate picture? And does staying in this competition mean we will need to expend additional amounts of taxpayer funds (or bond repayments) for years into the future without knowing what it would mean if we are selected and what it means if we are left by the wayside?? Talk about buying a pig in a poke? And who is providing an open, accountable, transparent and honest picture of alternatives at this time? Why are the essential positives of such a move for Bridgeport not more widely presented and understood? Is it because taxpayers will get the privilege (responsibility) of funding but no offset to the too high rate of current taxation? Time will tell.

  3. Bridgeport needs to do whatever it takes with respect to that airport to facilitate Amazon coming to Stratford. Nothing proposed in the last 30 years will uplift the financial well being of Bridgeport residents better than Amazon coming within 2 miles of the Bridgeport border.
    Amazon recently started a minimum of $15 per hour for all employees, fulltime, partime and seasonal. Where else are Bridgeport residents going to get those kind of jobs with full benefits? Bocca? The Amphitheater? Bass Pro?

    Bridgeport politicians have done so much to kill the dreams of their residents and even though they can’t pat themselves on the back on this one, do something just for the people that you profess to love and care about! Don’t mess this golden opportunity up by doing the same ole, same ole!

  4. Keep dreaming all of you.
    First of all, Stratford is hiring a handful of employees compared to North Haven. So if Amazing n is the reason for airport expansion then it will be East Haven not Bridgeport.
    Secondly, did anyone ever try to book a flight out of East Haven? They are not flyer friendly. It takes forever because everything is a connecting flight. And more expensive than anywhere; Hartford, Westchester, and definitely any of the New York / New Jersey airports.
    All of this is to try to get momentum for the tolls. Once Lamont gets his rolls passed then it will be bye bye airport.

  5. I say we should have tolls for trucks and cars, Connecticut registered vehicles should be able to buy a year pass and discounts (even free) for lower-income earners. That revenue needs to be used to upgrade our transportation system and not 300 million dollars for the train station in the Port. It’s the wastefulness that gets us nowhere fast. I mean 2.5 million dollars for tiger exhibit. For the other 2.5, you can get this. JS


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