Why Ganim Won And Moore Lost, Includes Results By Precinct

Ganim addresses crowd on election night win.

One week after the general election it’s time to take inventory of the vote. We start with the premise that write-in candidacies are extraordinarily difficult given no ballot line for State Senator Marilyn Moore, the closest rival of incumbent Joe Ganim who essentially doubled her vote total with Republican John Rodriguez and three other write-in campaigns trailing far behind.

Moore’s lack of a general election ballot line was a self-inflicted laceration when her campaign operatives failed to secure the required signatures to appear on the Working Families Party line.

The WFP line was the intended back-up plan if she did not prevail in the primary. Ganim won it in a close vote. Moore supporters brought a lawsuit challenging the results but Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens ruled allegations of absentee ballot fraud were insufficient to alter the outcome. The case is now before the Connecticut Supreme Court under appeal.

In the primary Moore won white precincts while Ganim took Hispanic areas. The black vote was about even with Moore having an edge in the machine count.

It was a different story in the general election with Ganim running up large margins in all demographic areas except for heavily white Black Rock which has emerged as the liberal lion, anti-establishment of city politics when once the bastion of Republican turnout. It was the only area Moore won. She did not carry her home voting precinct Central High School.

In the primary Ganim suffered a Hispanic turnout lapse that was corrected in the general election when his campaign organization paid closer attention after taking it for granted. The Hispanic precincts that underperformed in the primary such as Marin, Barnum and Harding produced Ganim’s largest percentage margins by more than 3 to 1. Moore’s outreach in those precincts, be it messaging or organizational woes, failed to materialize beyond a handful of Hispanic operatives opposed to Ganim.

Black precincts that were competitive in the primary also went heavily for Ganim such as Dunbar, Wilbur Cross and Hallen.

In the primary Moore had significant support in her senate district that did not materialize in the general election, except for Black Rock.

A number of things came into play in the general election that carried Ganim to a substantial win: Moore, as a candidate, tone deaf to establishing a core foundation for running, a message of contrast, how she’d be different, building bridges instead of an ivory-tower-come-to-me mantra, reaching out to all segments of the community, Ganim’s campaign operation getting its act together and the incumbent putting his seasoned retail skills to work.

Timing is crucial in politics. The Ganim anti-vote gravitated largely to Moore in the primary. It was there for Moore to take out Ganim in the primary.

The momentum shifted back to Ganim after Moore failed to build upon the “Moore movement.”

She never took ownership of gaffes. It was always someone else’s fault.

Hard to win that way.

Link to full precinct results ELECTIONVOTINGDISTRICT-11052019 – November 2019 Municipal Election (3)

Mayoral results by precinct:



    1. Grin,
      You have known me for many years. You know that I enjoy knowing the facts and reasoning to a conclusion if a story seems off somehow.
      I enjoy many (though not all your comments when you turn bullyish) of your quips and absurdities, as they often are the basic material of humor.
      However, I need a fact check: Where and when did Marilyn Moore assign ownership of gaffes to anyone else? Where was the direct quote presented to the community? Or was it conjecture, presenting itself as fact unless contradicted?
      I found Senator Moore relentlessly quiet about the workings, decisions, etc. of her campaign. That made things more difficult on many grounds, but pointing fingers and blaming was something I did not observe and likely would have proven even more destructive. So perhaps Lennie G and you can point me to the info I have been seeking daily? Thank You.
      Money!!Wo(man)power!!! Message????
      “But no real message won the day from either side, did it?” So folks are still left to deal with concerns remaining from a public safety pyramid without a commitment to “community policing” precepts. And their children face classes with tests, quizzes and report cards that the BOE does not face itself with in terms of accountability for priorities met. And overtaxing in one year past, may lend itself to some breaks in one or more subsequent years, but where is the increase in the rise of values in the net taxable Grand List that can get us out of MARB land? Or face the bonding mountains into the future from poorly managed benefit obligations? Or deal with Boards and Commissions, closed to new blood, poorly trained, with no formal supervision, and in the case of the Fair Housing Rental Commission with too few appointees to meet, and the last of those with a term expired in 2007? Woe is me……. Time will tell.

      1. Dear John,
        You, at times, can use your pen like a rapier dipped in vinegar. The Senator failed to lead in her campaign and her court case. Caruso in 2007 owned his campaign and court case hook, line, and sinker. Be well!

        1. Tom,
          Marilyn Moore and Chris Caruso are two different political survivors.

          I was checking out the comment about gaffes always being someone else’s fault. Some folks, for better or worse, do not point fingers, explain, or blame, and they leave history telling for others. Gaffes were spotted in one or more places by many. Crickets, right?
          Your assumption is that the Caruso method is the “high road”? Perhaps this candidate, who did consider the importance of taking the “high road” had a different method of “owning” by non-response? Are we used to ‘stoic’ behavior in Bridgeport? Or maybe you are right? Time will tell.

          1. I must have missed the part where she said “I made a mistake”. “I made alot of mistakes”. Where was the owning up JML??? Time has told. She did not do so. She tore up that office she sure did looking for those papers she is sure she had. That is what Lennie said. Time will tell? Yes it did…

            You can set a watch to your siding with the abominably losing candidate. That should say enough. Twisting the gigantic truths to suit your relentless narrative in the face of unmistakable defeat and not owning up to facts is unflattering particularly when you open your remarks hypocritically stating yourself being a man of facts.

          2. stevenl,
            Of course you can read and discover what is not there. Good for you. But then you must search for motivation? Look for a possible reason under “Stoicism” or high mindedness. If one wished to move campaigning commentary from high-school pep rally level and a blame game status, one might not expect a Stoic to go there.
            What is “owning up” anyway with the WINNING Candidate telling voters who would provide him a “second chance” that Stop Raising Taxes (2015) was his intent on yard signs, and instead increased them in such a major way. Of course he promised to support education (buildings, according to bonding from State and local) but nothing more for the classrooms for four years at budget times. You want more specifics that you cannot rebut? Don’t get hoarse from cheering for the Ganim3 iteration. The fact is Ganim won. And he won with the OIB formula. MMM. He is good for four more. But where will the City be at that point? Care to make a prediction. I have looked for priorities that can be substantiated by the incumbent when budgets are presented annually. And perhaps those priorities can receive an accountability report later in the year or at the next presentation? Why not?

            You almost sound like an unhappy supporter of candidate Moore in your searching for a comment from Senator Moore. Perhaps she will carry the message about our CT Supreme Court’s real focus on our AB issues in the City? Perhaps others in the delegation will assist? She heads to Hartford with this experience under her belt to do the work of the people.

            I am a man of facts. But I also have opinions connected to those facts. And offer them for what they may be worth to all. What is the objective and personal fact behind your hiding your identity routinely, and not going off to celebrate your win, rather than attempt to humiliate a losing candidate? Can you see the hypocrisy there? Or are you sick of mind? Perhaps you owe Senator Moore a heart felt and humble apology for chasing this issue? Perhaps you are a man of feelings alone for your teammates?

            Bravo. Ganim3 won and your best offense was an attack on the opposition rather than a positive commentary on why Ganim2 was a man of his word on taxes, defending the youth of the community with genuine increases in education operating dollars, and finally opening up on his own routine failures to fund existing City pension obligations in a pragmatic manner while standing by and watching them increase in this financial market of low fixed dollar return investments. Time will tell.

  1. Ganim won because his AB operatives were better and more equipped at stealing the primary through the Absentee Ballot process than Moore’s people. Is it her fault that she didn’t get better thieves?

    1. Marilyn Moore had several operatives being compensated in her AB operation who had plead guilty to several felonies related to AB fraud as recently as 2018.

      In fact, two of them were serving probation for their felony convictions while on Marilyn Moore’s payroll.

      1. Maria, keep earing that $1200.00 from John Ricci and his boss and friend, Mayor Ganim, you don’t see a bigger problem with Joe Ganim and Mario Testa absentee ballot fraud everything was Marilyn Moore fault who was stealing votes. By the way Maria how did a poorly run campaign that was getting illgeal AB ballots beat Joe Ganim at the voting polls first time in the history of Joe Ganim being the mayor.

    2. Day, not better, more thieves, considering Joe had probably 10 times as many operatives (thieves) working for him and only beat Moore 3-1 in absentee ballots. Moore did pretty well considering.

      Ron, there were many black and brown elected officials openly supporting Ganim. Ernie is a contributor on OIB are you going to bring that up every time he makes a comment? Or are you just going to bring it up for the “white” Spaninh-ish? 🙂 speaking woman?

      Maria, I remember a time you adamantly, on several occasions, told me to not respond to Ron’s Day’s comments. I’m glad to see you building bridges. Ron and Day said you are incapable of that achievement. Way to prove them wrong. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the bridges you build on the CC. I”m sure Ernie urine to see you in the City Council Hall. 🙂


  2. Please. This is like beating a dead horse. Anyway,in the previous posting,we looked at the percentages of voting etc. Ganim was not a winner. Ganim might sit in the mayor’s chair but he is an insignificant leader. Crunch the numbers. Ganim was supported by 5-6-7 percent of the total population of Bridgeport. It must be a no news day to regurgitate
    This stuff. And the commentary Is the same regurgitated puke. I would recommend that OIB just delete this single entire post. Same old stuff. Yaaaaawwnnnnn.

    1. I reread the above commentary. I think it’s a fitting obituary for this election. So,indeed,it does have value. I think I was having a bad day yesterday. Anyway……On to 2023!!!!!

  3. I’m just glad it’s over.At this point,we should be more concerned with where Bpt goes from here now.I’m sure we can expect a major tax hike next year, other than apartment developments downtown, will we ever get something developed that will create decent jobs?.Will this administration EVER admit the Majestic development isn’t happening and was nothing more than a farce to create a talking point in Joe’s attempt to get the hell out of Bpt with his ridiculous run for Governor?.How the hell are we going to fund our schools??. Drive around the city,notice how many houses are for sale, how many store fronts are empty, how neighborhoods are falling apart, it’s alarming.Bpt is in some serious trouble,why are we still talking about AB abuse at this point??.

    1. the for sale signs are sprouting like mushrooms in the 134th, because of taxes and the SHU debacle that Ganim, Lyons and Vizzo-Paniccia REFUSE to meet the problem head on and enforce the zoning laws that already exist
      of course there will be a tax increase. that small tax decrease was an election year ploy to win votes. and there will be no tax credit for seniors because Ganim will need every single penny to pay for what he proposes
      there is one HUGE empty storefront on Madison Ave in the North End – the Stop&Shop that replaced Dewhirst Dairy. how much you want to bet that SHU acquires that property in spite of their saying that they’re not interested?
      Ganim keeps fiddling while Bridgeport burns. Why should anyone elect him to any higher office?

    2. Harvey and Lisa,,,,both of you nailed it. Another issue that rarely is discussed is the collapse of the housing infrastructure in Bridgeport,specifically the multi-family houses that were built circa World War I to house in booming industrial expansion in BPT. These houses are now 100 years old and a large majority are in disrepair. Again,Ganim can’t see anything outside of Downtown. What is going to happen when the multi-family housing stock literally and figuratively begins to collapse. Is everyone going to move Downtown because that seems to be Ganim’s answer.

  4. I’m not sure why the majority of blame for Marilyn missing 207 Signatures does not lie with WFP party. They had one job and paid operatives from Hartford. If I’m the candidate and the party endorses me, I expect that party to go all out and ensure my ballot candidacy. Her mistake here was trusting them to do their jobs. Has WFP ever failed to petition endorsed candidate?

    I dont know the answer but it sounds fishy that the same time 3900 signatures for primary petition and seperate petition. The most important one can’t garner 207. Somebody got paid to eff up in my opinion.

    Lennie Simple question.

    One mayor election do over with ganim/moore at ballot box. No other names. I would estimate turnout of 25K and Moore would win by a solid margin.

    9700 Ganim supporters is not convincingly the will of the city (7.5% of pop.). It has more to do with the city is just done with Joe’s antics and the depreciating quality of life here. The voter turn out reflects people are more concerned with leaving the city than trying to stay in it.

    1. Kelvin, you always post thoughtful commentary and you make some good points here. However,acquiring the WFP line was critical and at the heart of any possible Moore mayoralty. Let’s remember 4 years ago when Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign failed/screwed up getting a line on the November ballot. The Moore strategy was that any primary loss would automatically lead to the November General on WFP line. I don’t think anyone here would have made a prediction that Moore would beat on the machine. The only analysis I read here was from Lennie where he said that if the primary was close and the view was that Ganim win because if the DTC absentee ballot operation,this would give the Moore WFP candidacy momentum going into the general. In fact,IMHO,if that had happened,I truly believe that Moore would have won. The focus on the AB lawsuit and the difficulty of a write-up campaign was virtually fatal but Moore was still able to get close to 5000 write in votes. Considering how important and critical the WFP line was,the Moore campaign should have examined the WFP petition with both a microscope and a fine toothed comb. Moore, Caruso,Maya and lawyers should have examined the petition and every single signature on that petition. Had that been done,it would have been quickly obvious that it was a failed petition. Kelvin,I would have to disagree with you on putting the onus if the petition failure on the WFP. Like I said above, considering the Finch fiasco four years ago,the Moore/WFP petition should have been scrutinized so that it would have been as tight as a drum. To say that the Moore campaign assumed that the WFP operatives would have submitted a perfect petition reminds me of a saying.”If you assume,you are making an ass out of you and me. If the Moore campaign assumed that the WFP would do their job,then whoever in the top circle made that decision made an ass out if themselves. There is another saying,”The buck stops here.” Ultimately,Marilyn Moore,the candidate must bear full responsibility for either success or failure and in this case it was failure with the WFP fiasco playing a central role.

    2. Kelvin,

      When I ran for the Board of Education on the WFP line in 2009 Lindsey filled out all the paperwork, reviewed it with me, I signed the forms and WFP staff submitted it to the Town Clerk.

      I was an absolute political novice and had no idea what forms I would have had to complete to run for office.

      Ten years later I cam complete all the required paperwork myself and contact the Secretary of State with questions.

      Marilyn Moore is certainly not a political novice, and the WFP has a responsibility to ensure their candidate is on the ballot

      They are both responsible for this major fumble that likely changed the outcome of an election Superbowl.

    3. Yes possibly paid to f-up….By Marylin herself who took an entire of now disenchanted supporters for a ride.

      All the candidate had to do was look at a few pieces of paper totalling 207 valid signatures. One cursory glance showed glaring inaccuracies. Seems pretty unlikely of any responsible candidate not to look at the papers THAT THEY SIGNED THEIR NAME TO AS HAVING COLLECTED.

  5. When life gives you lemon you make lemonade, well Lennie has listed the formula for winning and defeating Joe Ganim and it’s something o build on. Instead of all of this doom and gloom it’s time to look at the Democratic Town Committee election of their 90 members with the election in March 2020 as a start for 2022 and the election for mayor 2023.

  6. Lennie,
    Welcome back from a three day weekend.
    Just was offered some info that I had never factored into my past reckonings. What is the size of the adult green card population in Bridgeport? An adult citizen can register and vote and most do register when they become of age, or move into Bridgeport as new citizen. However, voting becomes optional, as learning about the City and its problems, issues and concerns.
    Is non voting green card status significant more than in other CT urban communities? Time will tell.

    1. Let’s start with the SIXTY THOUSAND- plus registered voters who could’ve this past Election Day. Where were they. As has been pointed out,there was about a 22% turnout of Registered Voters. Ganim “won” with 15% of Registered Voters. My recollection of the Tisdale/Paoletta/Mandanici mayoral election(I don’t remember the year) was that if an EIGHTY-PERCENT RegVoter turnout. And the Republican Paoletta win because if the Tisdale/Mandanici split of the Democratic vote and there was actually a viable Bridgeport Republican Party.Talking about a viable BPT Republican Party,let’s not forget Mayor Nick Panuzio. So my question is how did we get from 80% voter turnout to 23 % voter turnout?

  7. Connecticut’s General Assembly is a part-time.legislature. Maybe voters were unsure of MM’s ability to withstand the rigors of full time employment.
    Everyone became upset when Ganim challenged Lamont while Mayor of Bridgeport. He was an effective Mayor while beyond city limits and those claims were unfounded.
    But nobody questioned MM when she ran a campaign for Mayor while holding another office. Unlike Ganim, her actions have put Connecticut in a perilous spot.

        1. LE, you said, “But nobody questioned MM when she ran a campaign for Mayor while holding another office. Unlike Ganim, her actions have put Connecticut in a perilous spot.” Again, was JG judge by the same standard when he first for mayor?”

  8. Kelvin, while I agree that 7.5% of the pop is hardly a mandate for the election of Mayor Ganim, I don’t think that 92.5% of the Bridgeport pop is clamoring to leave the city. I think that voting apathy is running rampant through the voting public of this great city. They have been given the shitty end of the stick so many times that they would rather not participate than vote for change.

    Kelvin, as you so eloquently stated the Senator’s campaign garnered 3900 signatures for primary petition yet couldn’t get 207 for the WFP and how is that a failure of the Senator and not that of the party? What’s defies credulity is how this mistake by the WFP lead to the vitriol that followed saying that because of this failure she’s now not fit to lead this city? That somehow this lady who’s integrity, character, work ethic and honesty are above reproach, is now unfit to be the Mayor of Bridgeport? I question whether the vitriol she’s receiving fits the failure or are there other nefarious reasons for this contempt?

  9. I’m actually shocked she had so much votes for being a write in candidate. End of the day I’f you are on the dem nominee you will win. Black rock is a solid dem precinct now and everytime I vote there i see more and more minorities voting In most white towns black rock would be considered a more of a mix precinct whith whites still the majority. I’m curious how many votes did Rodriguez get there and is Winthrop more white than black rock precinct???

  10. Let me first say to Lennie, Grin, Maria and everyone else who is making it a federal crime not to file the proper paperwork drop it. It is not. But I will talk to Marilyn about this snafu once the mayoral candidate who did commit numerous federal crimes and spent several years in the slammer fully and publicly admires to all of his criminal acts; both charged and found guilty of and those not charged or whose statute of limitations had run out.
    PS, by the way, that candidate is none other than the WINNER JOE GANIM. Surprise!!!!

    1. Bob,

      Let be the first to respond to you that I will not “drop it ”

      I don’t report to you or anyone else. Especially someone residing in the suburbs.

      The nerve.

  11. My nine year old grandson asked me, how is it that some who’s been in jail can get elected mayor again but someone who was in jail could never be a cop.
    Why don’t youall work on that answer and when you have a satisfactory answer then I’ll answer your question about how did Marilyn fail to get the signatures for the WTF line, we I mean WFP LINE.

  12. And Lennie, what about MOM??? Money, organization and message.
    I believe Ganim outspent her by more than 3 to 1, but we’ll continue to just blame it on the paperwork snafu.
    Hate to say it Len but you’re beginning to sound like Maria.

    1. Bob, NOBODY attack Senator Marilyn Moore more than Maria, NOBODY, Maria single handedly did everything that Mario Testa and Joe Ganim wanted done, they didn’t have to a mailing or hold a press conference, they didn’t need anything because Maria on her own did their dirty work for them and it only cost $1200.00 which came from John Ricci, so naturally Ricci boss Mayor Ganim was thankful for Maria hard work to help Joe and Mario.

      1. Wow! I single handed torpoeded Marilyn Moore’s shot at winning her election.

        I was so effective by simply not supporting her candidacy that the hundreds of thousands spent by Ganim, Testa and the East End PAC was not necessary.

        You know what this means, right?

        I am worth significantly more than John Ricci’s $1,200. I better let him know my price will significantly increase for the next election.:)

        1. Maria, Mario Testa and Joe Ganim already know how you helped the both of them to stay in power and voters should thank you for keeping Mario and Joe in power for the next 4 years.

    1. Hey Bob, was good working with you., Not sure if you have mistaken someone else comments for mine. I’ve only made one post in this entire thread and it was in defense of Marilyn whom I think was the best candidate and did get her message out.

  13. I think that Frank G has the best handle on the real “outcome” of this election — which was the failure of our 75,000-strong registered electorate to come out and vote… Obviously, Moore and Ganim, despite spending money months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as abundant media coverage, direct outreach, and tons of expensive mailers, couldn’t convince the Bridgeport electorate that they had anything of substance to offer that would improve the lot of the residents of Bridgeport…

    The mobilization of Bridgeport’s potentially mighty electorate is the key to Bridgeport’s resurgence. With neither major party fielding a candidate with any plan or vision for the city, much less exuding the confidence that they would aggressively pursue Bridgeport’s needs and best interests without regard for personal political risk, the electorate had little reason to make any real effort to vote.

    While voting should be made “fraud safe” and easy, even fraud-safe early voting or e-voting won’t solve Bridgeport’s apathy problem without the emergence of real leaders -with determination, vision, and an altruistic political ethic –from among Bridgeporters, with deep Bridgeport roots. The closest we have come to the latter, in recent years, was Chris Caruso. But Chris comes up a bit short on a comprehensive “vision” for the city. That situation can be fixed by a
    candidate that is willing to delegate and share power, on a given area of influence, but Chris, like most politicians, is reluctant to entrust too much influence to even his inner circle…

    So, election results (with “winners” and “losers” notwithstanding) Bridgeport remains in an ever-more untenable place.

    And to be clear; Marilyn Moore would have done nothing real to ameliorate Bridgeport’s situation. She, and Joe Ganim are much concerned about political appearances and ambitions than about duking-it-out for Bridgeport in Hartford or within the City. And they are both clueless about how to move Bridgeport forward, in any event… Joe has had 20 years to make us Stamford’s equal, but, because it doesn’t understand how to get that done, and even attempting something in that direction presents risk to his political ambitions, nothing has moved, nor will it move under is tenure. And Marilyn can’t help but fawn over her suburban constituents’ entreaties to hand over the rest of Bridgeport’s assets to them to further their primacy — and, at least in that context, she is politically dangerous for Bridgeport, and we dodged a bullet in the outcome of this election…

    So. Better for luck for Bridgeport next time? Time will tell. Right, John.

    1. Talking loud and saying nothing, Jeff that’s all you do and it’s always the “hold coast” the Bridgeport for Bridgeport. Try starting where the real power starts in Bridgeport, the Democratic Town Committee Chairman and their 90 members of who make all of he elective endorsements. Bridgeport is a one trick City with no Republicans to challenge the DTC for voters so the only game in Bridgeport are Democrats and Jeff the ” gold coast” has no control over that.

  14. Ron, if it were 90 members of the DTC making all the decisions I’d feel a little better about it. Fact is, it’s Mario and a few others making the decisions and the 80 something others going along with i. They fear either not getting endorsed themselves or in some cases losing their given city jobs if they go against what Mario wants.And for the foreseeable future, nothing will change.

  15. Harvey, as a former Vice Chair of the Bridgeport DTC, Ron is fully aware that Mario is the shot caller within the party and the fear of the 90 members is instilled by endorsements and city jobs. Although your point is well taken.

  16. RONDON: Tell Maria Pereira about how Mario Testa and the Town Committee decided on her and Samia’s big win in the 138th. And then continue working on your book on “Rust-town Politics: How Pizza Destroyed an Industrial Powerhouse.” I think that the Chinese Free Press might be willing to publish it — if it includes a forward by Mario Testa…

    And last week you said, on this blog, that you don’t (and never did) “attenuate” to run for political office. We’ll, you really should reconsider — and attenuate yourself…

  17. Harvey, let me break it down a little more, Don pointed out the key to Mario’s power. Harvey there are 90 DTC members with 10 districts with 9 members in each district and a district leader for each district. If I recall there are just 3 meetings that all held because of the by-laws but special meetings can be called. City business and policy are not voter on or debated. The power that Mario has first with the 90 DTC members is the 9 members in each district are appointmented by the district leaders and none of them want to be challenged in a primary, they don’t want to go out and knock on doors, get signatures just to get on the ballot to run and then they have to go out again to get voters out to vote and this done in March when it’s cold and it’s dark when voters get home from work. DTC members, City Council members, the City and Town Clerk and the Mayor DO NOT want a primary because that means work and money. Mario controls the money that he can help with campaigns so as long as you follow Mario directions then he won’t find someone to primary you. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics,” so having good policies and doing means nothing if you don’t have the power to elected then to get things pass and you need money to get elected before you can do anything. When I was nice chair I haad no power or say so about anything but I know how to listen and Chris Caruso showed me a lot of information then Lisa Parziale, Mary Bruce and the late George Pipkins guided me to understand the system. Take out Mario Testa is the start of change, trying to find the Perfect Candidate to be mayor is a dream, hard work to take over the DTC is the Genesis.

  18. Jeff, I think RONDON said that if it was in their heart and psyche to run for office RONDON would never put a half ass effort into running for office or any other endeavor like you good man. RONDON thinks that their intolerance for bullshit was attenuated by a bloviating fool. Jeff how does it feel to be the hero of Maria, or should I say the hero of the low expecting?

    1. RONDON,

      Mackey ran for City Council in the 130th District in the late nineties and only garnered about 27% of the vote.

      In other words he was absolutely trounced.

  19. It gives me great pleasure to get under RONDON’s skin.

    Just two guys who do nothing but whine on OIB!

    I challenge both of you to run for any office as unendorsed candidates. You would both lose.

    Enough said.

  20. I don’t understand why one of my comments was not posted. It was the one about neither Joe Ganim nor Mario Testa/DTC not caring one bit about the City and People of Bridgeport. Ganim,Testa,DTC members and the TestaGanim cartel are all in it for themselves and forget about the People of Bridgeport.

  21. Maria, Ron or myself have NO INTEREST in running for political office because we understood that we could do more for the uplift of our city and its residents without the need of holding office. Politics are for those that need a team to accomplish anything and we felt that we didn’t need anyone other than righteousness and ourselves.

    We got 40 to 50 young Black, Latinos and women jobs in the fire service. We got another 30 or more promotions from Engineer, Lieutenant, Captain to Chief in the BFD including all three Black chiefs as well as the one Latino chief. As even you can see we did this without the benefit of holding a political office or without asking one politician for a damn thing because we knew they all had their heads up the ass of the mayor. NOW, what have you or your hero Jeff done to make a difference in the lives of Bridgeport residents? Go ahead I’ll wait!

    1. I was instrumental in protecting democracy in Bridgeport

      It is due to the efforts of Bobby Simmons, Judge Lopez and I that over 70,000 Bridgeport voters, 74% of which are Black and Brown, are able to elect their school board which makes critical decisions that impact 20,400 students, 88% of which are Black and Brown, their parents, and 2,700 BPS employees.

      What ya got RONDON?

      1. Maria, it’s Ron or Ronald or Ronald Mackey, not RONDON, ok MARIAJEFF. I notice that Bobby Simmons has not at anytime on his own to come out and make a positive comment about you on OIB or in campaign literature. You wrote, “over 70,000 Bridgeport voters, 74% of which are Black and Brown, are able to elect their school board.” What has the BBOE done beside having a boycott against you until you stepped down from the BBOE, that’s what the voters got, the BBOE became unable to conduct school business so what good is it to elect a bunch of fools who do nothing but argue about you, PLEASE.

        1. Ummm.. .

          Bobby Simmons has NEVER posted on OIB.

          Bobby has called me several times since the July convention to express his support and was even kind enough to visit my in the office in Stratford.

          Feel free to call him and confirm this information and report back on OIB.

          1. Maria, that’s not my responsible to call someone to confirm a phone call about you. Anybody who knows Bobby Simmons knows that honest, truths worthy and someone who speaks his mind. I find it very interesting that NOT one former BBOE member is willing to step up and support you, NOT one, not Howard Gardner, Sauda Baraka, John Bagley or even Bobby Simmons, especially seeing that these are BBOE membes that serve with you on the BBOE and one would think that a former member of the BBOE would gladly speak up for someone who was doing a good job.

          2. And somehow you think it is my responsibility to prove YOUR point and assertions?

            Roll up your sleeves and do the work to prove your assertions.

            That’s what I do.

    2. Translation: “Neither of us would ever run because we all know we wouldn’t garner a single vote. And that is why we would never embarrass ourselves. We like to bloviate on this blog as if it means something to be an armchair quarterback from behind the screen.”

      1. Hey coward, I ran for the City Council position in 1997 in the 130th district which is Black Rock where Mayor Joe Ganim had reside at that time. You are nothing but a punk who is scare to use the name that your mother gave you, what kind of child would turn their back on their mother and her name, nobody but a scare punk.

        1. Ron Mackey did run for City Council did run in 1997 and received less than 27% of the vote and was absolutely trounced.

          Those kind of results are quite embarrassing and is why Mackey has been relegated to critiquing those of us who are on the ground doing the work and delivering results.

          Ron Macley is living his political dream through those of us that have actually won.

          I meant those of those that have won over and over again. 🙂

          1. Maria, we were running in Mayor Ganim’s district and Joe was very popular but we were at a 3 year impasse with our contract in the fire department and we made the decision to make that DTC members and Joe to work to keep their candidates elected. We knew we wouldn’t win but wanted to get our members involve and to put pressure on about our negotiation plus we knew the there was a bigger problem of what to do if two city employees were elected. Joe had a meeting with us to find out what it would take to get us not to run. We told him it was our contract and he told us that we couldn’t run on that issue, we told him that is what it would take to get us out of the race but our campaign was about the Seaside Park dump and the air pollution that was coming from the continuing dumping of garbage. I was still on the DTC and I knew when you go giant hunting that the giant will strike back if you don’t take the giant out.

          2. So Ganim was shaking in his boots regarding your candidacy for City Council in the 130th.

            Clearly he had nothing to worry about when you received less than 27% of the vote.

            What you are publicly stating here is a “quid pro quo” which is unlawful.

            Trading this for that in any campaign is highly unethical and reflects negatively on your character or lack there of

            I have NEVER engaged in a quid pro quo.

            The honest and ethical way to prevail on your issues is to get out and work hard to beat those who are not doing what is the best interest of those they serve.

            Sounds very Trump / Ukraine like.

  22. Don, as you well know that I made the decision that I had another calling instead of City elective position and to continue the work that the both of us were already doing and that was to help and assist to get the City to hire as many blacks and people of color who are Bridgeport residents to a career as firefighters and to prepare them so that they could provide their family with a better quality for their family during the time that we were President of the Firebird Society of Bridgeport. We both understood that the best way that we could utilize the time that we had to gain the most in helping others. We also made the decision that we didn’t like the direction that the Bridgeport Fire Union Local #834 was going so we form a coalition to challenge that leadership of we won four of nine of the elected union top positions with myself and two other Firebird members and the President of the Hispanic Firefighters. I had previously had been elected to two different union executive boards, The Bridgeport Brass Company and Jenkins Valve and serve on their negotiation team. We had a much bigger role and goal than just getting someone elected to a City position, we knew after getting people hired that we had to prepare them to elevate them to a higher position by preparing them to pass promotional exams and we were very successful in both of those endeavors.

    1. As Marilyn Moore would say ” you can find my resume on my website.”

      It was a good attempt at deflecting from your massive defeat when you ran for City Council and asserting you chose to never seek elected office again because you could do so much more as an ordinary citizen.

      I mean I would likely never run for office again if I was trounced with only 27% of the vote.

  23. Lamo Maria, “I was instrumental in protecting democracy in Bridgeport.” REALLY? LOL! That’s the same thing Trump says he is doing in America! How generic is that? Maria, fighter of democracy, truth, justice and the American way! LOL!

    A little Clarity please? I’ll wait!

    1. Don, it’s “Truth, Justice and Maria’s Way.” “Truth, Justice and the American Way” was the catch-phrase that is used as the motto for Superman in comic books and related television and film series and now CBS television series Supergirl, which aired on February 22, 2016, that’s Maria, just a comic book.


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