Lamont-Stefanowski Money Race

Democrat Ned Lamont has pumped more than $12 million of his own money into his campaign for governor while Republican Bob Stefanowski has invested more than $3 million, according to campaign finance reports filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. See latest Lamont report here. Stefanowski report here.

In addition to his own loot Lamont has raised more than $600,000 in contributions from others since announcing his candidacy in January, while Stefanowski has received roughly $2 million from others in total. Although outspent heavily by Lamont in their respective candidate committee filings, Stefanowski is boosted by $3 million in an independent advertising campaign from the Republican Governors Association.

In the final push to election day, Lamont’s campaign shows $5.5 million cash on hand while Stefanowski has about $747,000.

Petitioning candidate for governor Oz Griebel has loaned/raised about $387,000 combined.

Most public polling shows Lamont with a single digit lead over Stefanowski.



  1. Looks like Stefanowski is hedging his bets. There is the old cliche,”Put your money where your mouth is.” I wonder what J.R. Romano is thinking about all this….. BTW..where is J.R???

  2. Stefanowski has done figuratively nothing and he is only trailing by 8 with 25 days to go I am not saying he has a shot, but Lamont supports should not take anything for granted.

  3. Stefanowski doesn’t have a chance. The Tea Party and the Freedom Caucus never took off in Connecticut because the political culture is too moderate. That sort of extremist conservatism only takes root in the rocky soil of trailer parks and storefront churches.


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