1. To be honest.. I really don’t know why the BPT Transfer Station can’t do this all your round. When you go to the transfer station on Asylum Street,you still have to sub-divide the junk you have. Asylum Street should have a place for all this stuff too. Maybe OIB can ask John Ricci why the Asylum Street transfer station is not able to do this on an all-year basis. Now that would be news.

  2. you are 100% correct. They should be taking it year round. Why don’t the fire department collect the needles and syringes? Where my cousin lives they give you a container to fill with them all. You return when filled and get a new container……Bpt. gives nothing and make everything difficult but yet one of the highest taxes.

  3. Speaking of the transfer station there should be two lines. One for the pit on the right the other for metal,leaves,brush or cardboard. This way you don’t have to wait in the same line for a place you don’t need to go. They have the room to do this.

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