Lamont, Ganim Position For Urban Support, Bysiewicz No Show In LG Forum

Democratic gubernatorial rivals Ned Lamont and Mayor Joe Ganim appeared at a candidate forum on Sunday at Varick Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church in New Haven with Lamont responding to a question about his longtime membership in a country club that had racially and religiously exclusive practices and Ganim addressing his 2003 conviction on federal corruption charges. See video above.

Eva at New Haven forum
Eva Bermudez Zimmerman at Sunday forum in New Haven.

Lieutenant governor candidate Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, who is challenging party-endorsed Susan Bysiewicz in the August 14 primary, also attended the forum. Bysiewicz was conspicuously absent.

CT Post coverage here.

New Haven Independent coverage here.

Ganim New Haven forum
Ganim at Sunday forum. New Haven Independent photo by Markeshia Ricks.
Lamont New Haven forum
Lamont at Sunday forum. New Haven Independent photo Markeshia Ricks.


  1. Did any of the ‘panelists’ ask the candidates how they would handle the finances of the State of Connecticut? How about the unsustainable government employee union pensions and benefits?
    I suppose those are not issues with the black community.

    Lamont’s membership in a country club is an issue?

    And now we have Ganim taking issue with a supreme court nominee by President Trump. Nothing but pandering.

    Oh, did ‘lunch bucket Joe’ finally admit guilt for the felony crimes he was convicted of? The audio was poor. Maybe I missed it.

    1. Here we go again, Tom White being white.

      Republican gubernatorial debate at the Cabaret Theatre at Mohegan Sun Thursday evening. The first question of the night went directly to the heart of a key Republican issue: the Second Amendment. and another issues was abortion. All the candidates also said they would create jobs, balance the budget and turn the state around but they didn’t say how they would it.

      Conservative radio moderator Lee Elci told the group that all five of them sounded similar and voters who closed their eyes could not tell the difference between them. When asked why Republicans deserve his vote, Obsitnik answered, “Three words — makers versus takers. We’ve had takers in Hartford for 40 years that has led us down the road to ruin.’’

  2. What a DISGRACE, I was watching listening to 45 at a join press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, 45’s believes in “hate America first,” 45 committed treason with some of his comments and once again the Republican Party not saying anything, “hate America first.”

  3. *** However you want to spin it, “45” was briefed by the DOJ, FBI, Intel-supervisors, etc.. along with some of Trumps admin. that have the intel-clearence 1-week before the russian hacking news was given to the american news media. More than enough time to make any type of minor criticism about the DOJ’s investigation. But he did nothing till he went on his recent trip & then began tweeting some comments about these things not happening on his watch but rather during Obama’s admin. Also insulted England’s P.M & NATO members, then moving on to Russia where he continues to suck-up to Putin & agreed with Putin on the fact that there was no Russian intel-hacking nor any type of collusion! Is this American diplomacy at its best overseas that shows the NATO allies & its enemies just how weak U.S foreign policy & its government has become! *** I know, I know Trump supporters,”its fake news right”?***

  4. It’s fake news from the Fake President!!!
    Remember President Fake did not win the popular vote.
    The best reason for getting rid of the electoral college.

  5. The last presidential administration to look forward and take actual steps to create a better future for the US and the world was the Kennedy Administration (Carter and Obama were saddled with the residue of previous administrations and incompetent Democratic national organizations)… All of the administrations since have been regressive and have generally contributed to a more destabilized world with an increasing misery index. Obama had a progressive eye to the future but was impeded by the destructive polices of the previous, post-Kennedy Administrations, and was especially politically-handicapped by the devious, Republicrat influence of the Clintons and their plutocratic Republican and establishment- Democrat backers…

    Trump’s election, and nightmare, surreal presidency is the bizarre culmination of an American Democracy increasingly controlled by unpatriotic, maniacally-greedy oligarchs and plutocrats who would bring back slavery and serfdom — officially. If the world at large were not so politically-conscious and restive, and watchful, we would be in the midst of the stuff of bad political science fiction…

    And with Connecticut at the bottom of the US socioeconomic-progress barrel, we are less distracted by the fake good news of the Trump propaganda machine than most of the rest of the US… Look to Connecticut’s fall elections for a mini-referendum on the Trump presidency and as a change-readiness indicator for the country…

    Look for non-establishment primary picks in August (mostly…) and a (mostly) Democratic sweep in November with a loss of quite a few Republican seats… (Again, an independent, with a real message, $1,000,000, and a competent, if not extensive, organization could win the governorship… Otherwise, hold your nose and look to Polo Country Ned to lead the Gold Coast to further economic advantage while the rest of the state becomes more and more like Mississippi…

  6. Interesting contrast in these primaries.

    Democrats seem to be convinced they must appeal to urban voters. This appears to mean the ‘what will I have the taxpayers do for you’ pandering in the Democrat Party script will be all we hear.

    The Republican candidates are all promising responsible government and accountability to taxpayers.

  7. Oh my goodness Tom being White, the Republican candidates are all promising responsible government and accountability to taxpayers for white people. Republicans seems to be convinced that they must appeal to the card carrying anti-black,anti-migrant, white is right we own America white fringe. Republicans are a particular group of people who believe that they can and will end the persecution and oppression of white America, as if they really experienced any. Paging Tom being White.


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