1. You cant grade her as she was only given a portion of her budget. Shame on you Lennie!! You want to stir things up try the fact that Sacred(I will screw Bpt every chance I get)
    Why not look into the fact that Sacred Heart bought the nursing school from St Vincent’s it expands and we lose more PILOT money.
    I just finished an 11 day stay at St V’s and if you have not been there for awhile stop by and see what a dump they have turned it into.
    Here is wgere our leaders such as the are failed, here is where the media failed// There should have been set asides for Bridgeport students to become nurses, technicians and such. That was not done and the leaders are silent as usual. the press just out and out sucks

  2. *** Average *** to say the least on both sides of the education aisle. (B.O.E members, City-Council, Mayor & the State’s Budget). Time for an Independent Education State Budget, State & local BOE member’s board, City management of school security, school cafe & maint. also school busing & cross-walk attendents. Operational & Financial audits every 2-yrs. to start & Once a month parents, teachers & admin’s school meetings. *** What say you? ***

  3. Now this is a true Bridgeport vote reflective of the political shenanigans that goes on during elections. The total percentages add up to greater than 100%.


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