Judge Tosses Martinez Complaint In Personal Battle With Pereira

Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez

When it comes to issues, Board of Education member Maria Pereira and school board candidate Jessica Martinez are pure passion. They’ve occasionally dueled in the comments section of OIB. It can be personal and even litigious.

Calling their differences a political dispute, Superior Court Judge Richard Arnold on Wednesday dismissed Martinez’s request for a civil protective order against Pereira.

In an application, according to a story by CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer, Martinez claimed Pereira “has been threatening, harassing and a terror to the entire community. I know it’s because I am an endorsed Democrat for the Board of Education and the election is November 7. She is threatened by my leadership and continues to harass when I do nothing to her.”

Pereira, who said she was unaware of Martinez’s application, declared “Great job judge.” Several months ago Pereira filed a police complaint against Martinez after receiving what Pereira termed harassing emails.

Pereira OIB statement on Martinez:

“What this stunt proves is that Jessica Martinez is impulsive, doesn’t understand the statutes that govern harassment, stalking, etc. and lacks the intelligence of a third grader. As someone who has received repeated derogatory emails from Ms. Martinez, I can assure you she cannot spell, punctuate or capitalize. Both the BPD and a BPD detective contacted Ms. Martinez to direct her to stop emailing me or face arrest, and she continues to email me. This serves to demonstrate her complete lack of self control. Ms. Martinez supports charter schools, supported the illegal state takeover of our schools, was (former school chief) Paul Vallas’ number one supporter, and supported taking our right to vote for our school board away. However, she is now asking voters to cast their vote for her. Please consider all these factors before voting on Tuesday, November 7th.”

Pereira and Martinez, both Democrats, are high-octane personalities. Martinez supports more choices for students such as charter schools that run independently of traditional school districts but receive public funds. Pereira rails the opposite, charging that charters suck financial oxygen from local districts. Martinez is the lead complainant in a federal lawsuit challenging state restrictions on charter schools.

Martinez is among four endorsed candidates vying for three Democratic seats on the school board. Under state-mandated, minority-party representation up to six members of a major party may fill the nine school board seats. Pereira, Dennis Bradley and Ben Walker are incumbent Dems on the school board.

Republican, Working Families Party and one petitioning candidate will vie for the other three slots.

On the ballot in November will be a two-year school board seat to fill out the four-year term of Republican Kevin McSpirit. Mayor Joe Ganim appointed John Weldon to temporarily fill that void last November until the next general election. Democrat Sybil Allen, a former City Council member, and Republican James Carbone, a former board member, will vie to fill the position.

Hernan Illingworth, a former board member, Martinez and Chaila Robinson, will appear on the Democratic line for four-year terms. Republicans will run Joe Sokolovic, Weldon and Chris Taylor. Sokolovic, Shavonne Davis and school board incumbent Howard Gardner will appear on the Working Families Party line. Sokolovic has two lines. City minister Sarah Lewis is running as a petitioning candidate.



  1. But besides all of that, it does appear that Ms. Martinez is supportive of Charter Schools and I for one will not support a member of the BOE who takes that stance.

          1. Lisa,

            You can always be counted in to have the best interests of the people of the city of Bridgeport as your oriority. I applaud your wirk with the Young Democrats.

  2. I ask that all board members, current and future, to please maintain decorum while conducting board business. Bridgeport is fighting for it’s very survival when it comes to funding our Public Schools.
    We are a city of diversity in nationality, and in opinion. We should respect each other even when debating contentious issues. We need to maintain a professional demeanor at all times and have the maturity to understand that an attack on ones position is not a personal attack.

    The work we have to do is too important and much bigger than one or two individuals. Let’s hope with the new incoming board that we could fight for what truly matters. I’ll do my part.

    PS if I come under personal attack on this blog I will not respond. Questions are welcome.

    Vote Sokolovic.

    1. Bob, I usually agree with you on most things but on education the Bridgeport public school system is failing Bridgeport school children. I want whatever is the best system that will educate black children and we know that it’s not the public school system. If it means magnet schools, charter schools and even public schools whatever system would do the best to educate black students then I’m for it.

      1. Interdistrict Magnet Schools ROB the home districts of needed funds to educate all students.
        October 1 is census day, this is when the state funds are distributed to the schools. The Magnet schools don’t facilitate transfers of students back to their home districts ion September. Oct 1 the state money arrives paying for the entire school year. October 2, transfers out are approved. The student goes back to the home school, but the funds stay in the magnet school.
        Also, because of special funding from state and federal government, a prominent local interdistrict magnet high school can’t return failing students to their home districts until they have failed two years in a row. Then what should be an 11th grader is sent back to the home high school requiring remedial help.

        Furthermore, The hone school bears all the expenses if the magnet student wants to participate in High School Sports.

    2. Bob, just know Joseph Sokolvic isn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer.

      We are only telling voters to vote for Howard and Shavonne and Sarah Lewis on Row D in the 138th.

      Neither Martinez or Sokolvic are on the BOE,therefore his diatribe is completely pointless.

      Let us pray neither ends up on the BOE.

      1. Ms. Pereira,
        Your top priority should be the education and welfare of the city’s school children. Casting aspersions is not constructive. If you stop acting like a pain in the ass you will earn the respect of others.

        1. You are the LAST person on OIB to lecture anyone on their comments or give advice on the appropriateness of their comments. YOUR THE KING OF CASTING ASPERSIONS. In addition, you often use foul language.

          You are a racist, a sexist and a narcissist.

          1. By the way,

            Every time you post a negative comment here it can be used against you in any legal proceeding. Think about that before you file the next frivolous civil complaint.

  3. First let me state this: I do not blame parents who seek out charter schools for their kids. That being said I am anti public funding for charter schools. Each public $ going to charter schools is one dollar directed towards the few after being taken from the many. Charter schools also woefully underrepresent English Language learners Special Ed amongst other things. I believe that if every charter school student was returned to Our public schools and the funding followed them back we could afford a Para in every Kindergarten classroom, one hundred literacy and math coaches and much more enrichment for our children.

  4. Joseph, contrary to popular beliefs the Bridgeport school system was failing long before the advent of charter schools in the Bridgeport’s school system. I had four children in the Bridgeport school system from 1974 until 1993 so I kinda know that which I speak.

    You say you BELIEVE that if there were not charters in the system and all that money was funneled to public schools then the children would thrive. The parents of charter schools are telling you that they raised children in Bridgeport prior to charters and their children still received a substandard education. You believe, they know.

    The fact is that most charters do better academically than most public schools and most parents that had children in public schools and was presented the opportunity to move their children to charter or magnet schools would Never go back under any circumstances. Joseph, you would be hard pressed to find a public school parent that wouldn’t choose charter or magnet for their children because they think, feel and believe that they are better for their children and they know that public school aren’t.

    1. Yessir Mr. Day. I appreciate your opinion and as I pointed out I do. I do not vilify any parent for doing what they think is best for their child. Now sir, you bring up Magnet Schools which are Bridgeport Public Schools in the truest sense of the word. Are you aware that our Magnet school children out perform state sponsored charter schools on a regular basis?

      Charter schools are for profit whether it’s on The books or is down in a backroom basis. I.E.: renting real estate from a family member, buying supplies from a business owned by an entity connected in someway to a charter school. It is in the best interest of charter operators to defund our schools and cause the failure of our students. This is the only way they increase their numbers.

  5. Pereira knows the thankless task is can be on the BOE. She & others helped in making it a personal politico battle-zone. And did very little to make long term positive changes for the city schools! Now, here comes Matinez full of ideas that will meet with resistance because she favors Charter Schools in the city aswell. Catholic Schools, public schools or Charter Schools allow for a choice for parents looking for better quality and safe education for their kids.

      1. *** Ideas that every new comer that’s interested in being on the city’s BOE has, or hopes to make a positive difference towards better changes for the school system in Bpt. Yet for some it’s just another stepping stone and notch on their job resume towards bigger & better things in their personal lives!

        1. Right, just as I thought. You can’t articulate her ideas because she doesn’t have any. And, you just made up an answer that didn’t support your claims.

          What ideas???

    1. I have no problem with choice, I have a problem with tax dollars being spent on non-public schools. If we don’t like the way the public schools are run, we can vote out the BOE, Mayor, City Council…BUT we can’t get rid of the owners of the Charter School who are spending public funds. No accountability.

  6. Let the state of Connecticut live up to its constitutional responsibilities and insure that the children in New Haven and Hartford and Bridgeport have an equal opportunity to learn at the same level of Greenwich and Darien and Fairfield.
    Once an adequate funding formula is developed and instituted then we can talk about charter schools. But until such time there should be no money diverted from the Bridgeport Public School System.
    And by the way, Magnet Schools are part of the Public Schools so there should be no distinction drawn about these.
    What the sate HAS been doing a good job with is getting people fighting over what little funding there is and avoiding the basic questions of state funding.

    1. @Bob Walsh

      There actually is a distinction to be drawn about Interdistrict Magnet Schools.
      They are part of the public school system, BUT…………
      There is no difference in expenditure for the BPS if the child is in Harding or FW. and that child returns to Harding at 2:30 for sports with a coach and equipment paid for by the BPS.

      However, if that child is from one of the other towns that feeds FW and returns to his town’s High School for sports, that town pays for the coaching and equipment from its PS budget. Any state per pupil funding for education is paid to BPS to include ALL associated costs of the high school experience.

      If on October 10, the child leaves FW and returns to Harding, BPS still has every cent of the state funds.
      If on October 10, that child leaves FW and returns to high school in his/her home town, the funds stay in Bridgeport.

      Theoretically, Bridgeport is limited to 70% of enrollment at FW, but controls 100% of state and federal funds received.

      Now that BPS is billing the sending towns for tuition (and yes I know there is a court challenge) these distinctions are worth mentioning.

      Disclaimer: I live in Trumbull, a sending district, but Mrs. Marcus owns property and pays taxes in Bridgeport as well so we have a vested interest in the school systems in both municipalities as they affect our property values. Our children are long past public school age

      1. Bridgeport public high schools have a 48% dropout rate. Most of the departing students are male and poor. Failure to address that tragic statistic counts as mismanagement. 

        Are there enough text books to go around? Are the text books current? Are special needs students being treated with respect? A few years ago a report was leaked out detailing some appalling abuses. Are the parents involved in their children’s education? I know a few teachers working in the Bridgeport school system. They don’t issue homework assignments because the students don’t do homework, a clear sign that education is not encouraged at home. Are the schools offering nutritionally balanced meals? Are the schools safe? I used to live on Clinton Avenue a block from Bassick High. There were gang confrontations there every afternoon. 

        Granted not all of these problems are the result of ineffective administration. Many of the social ills begin at home. Children that know only poverty and despair usually have a bleak outlook because that is all they know. 

        1. The BPS does NOT have a 48% drop out rate. That is a number you made up which is not factual. The data is available on the state’s website but is always two years behind.

          Name three specific examples of financial mismanagement in the last three years. Getting specific answers to support assertions on OIB is like trying to get specific answers out of Trump appointees.

          Please don’t write ridiculous responses such as the nutritional component of meals served. That does not equate to financial mismanagement.

          1. If the cafeterias offer unhealthy foods to students that qualifies as financial mismanagement. We’re talking about the health and well being of school children.

  7. So what’s the answer Bobby, take all the money and put it in public schools and let ALL the children of Bridgeport receive a substandard education? If we can’t help then all just let all of them fail can’t be the approach when you’re talking about a child’s education.

    Again, Bridgeport had a failing school system prior to charters, they have a failing school system after charters and until money isn’t an issue then charters just might be the answer, because money is always going to be an issue when education in the cities are considered.

    1. Don, as you notice since this woman been on the BBOE she doesn’t talk about efforts to raise the level of education, the only thing she cares about is calling people names and patting herself on her back.

  8. Off topic: Trump threatens to pull Fed. aid in Puerto Rico. 5- Permanently inhabited U.S Territories. P.R acquired by U.S in 1898 after Spanish/ American War. Given U.S citizenship in 1917 & P.R’s have fought in every major military engagement since W.W-1 & onward!

    1. Excellent book titled “The True Flag” details the internal political arguments and machinizations how we aquired those territories in late nineteenth century. A good read.

  9. The major problem is one no one wants to talk about. The biggest problem is main streaming ALL of the kids enrolled in the school system no matter what their problems or handicaps are.
    That is nice in the make believe world but here in the real world its killing our educational system. My teacher friend has about 6 kids that should be in special classes or a school for kids with problems. When these kids act up the other kids in the class suffer while this problem child is taken care of.
    You cant main stream problem kids as they take up a good part of a teachers day and the other kids suffer. Wake up its not money its hard decisions that need to be made.

    1. Ron, they are not held to the same standards. They are private schools funded with public monies. A lack of transparancy and accountability ripe for malfeasance and fraud.

  10. So Donald, you are willing to risk your child’s education on a lottery of being selected or not. You are OK with one child gets in the whole family gets in. You don’t have a problem with the deck being dealt from the o\bottom so that certain politically connected families getting the inside track for the slots.
    As long as your child gets in, the hell with a quality education for all.
    You’re doing their job by dividing and conquering and the hell with anything else. So sad.
    Save a couple of thousand and let 20,000 fail.

      1. A school building is just that, a building.

        The state utilizes one test per year to determine whether a school is meeting proficiency or not. That is not acceptable. Students work at their academic performance 180 days per year.

  11. Charter $chools are absolutely not held to the same standards. They are allowed to hire 30% of their “teachers” as noncertified while traditional schools MUST hire 100% of certified teachers to teach.

    There are many more examples.

  12. *** Why be given U.S Citizenship so the territory inhabitens can fight for America, to only be treated like 2nd class citizens from a 3rd world country by the U.S government/ Trump Admin. When it’s people need humanitarian aid & vital life saving measures instead of politics over budget money!

  13. From the CT Post, legislative leaders were “going over potential school funding formulas.”
    Even as we speak, they are playing games with the budget.
    A Superior Court Judge has already said the the school funding formula is “illogical” and yet legislative leaders continue to take money away from where it is needed most and use it as a political bargaining chip to balance the budget.
    So sad.

  14. Maria welcome back. Hope you are doing well. OIB has been a lacking without you. The two afro-centrics of OIB has been trying but it’s not the same without you. 🙂

    1. Mojo, 45 doesn’t believe that those who live in Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Somoa, U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico they are American citizens. There are still federal government workers still in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina since 2005. You will the gentrification of the U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico for American investors like they did in 1898.

  15. This just the latest example of what is WRONG with the Bridgeport Board of Education. The lawsuits, civil complaints, restraining orders, et cetera ad nauseum, do not accomplish anything constructive. The pettiness, infighting, power struggles and other bullshit has to stop. No one on the BOE is comporting themselves with a particle of professional dignity. One would think Ms. Pereira and Ms. Martinez are campaigning for a student council presidency or the chair of the homecoming committee, running to the faculty advisor whenever either doesn’t get her way. Shame on you both. Enough already.

    If the public school system wasn’t a massive rupture parents would not be looking to charter and nagnet schools for their children’s education. Education is the ONLY priority here, not the tender egos and self importance of the individual board members. As an administrative body the BOE is completely worthless, as FUBAR as can be. Charter schools take funds from the district, as if that’s the worst thing that can happen. Bridgeport’s public schools are a failure. It’s time for the state Dept. of Ed to take over. The BOE is collectively incapable of fulfilling its mission, which is looking after the welfare and educational needs of the city’s school children.

    1. I am not campaigning for anything because I am already elected to the school board, and I have two years left like it or not.

      Effective December 2017, I will be the most tenured board member with six years.

      I have never seen Day, Mackey or Kid at a BOE meeting in my almost 9 years of involvement, therefore your opinions are not rooted in personal testimony, data or facts.


  16. The problem with Bridgeport Public schools and many other cities/towns
    #1 Parent(s) and Parent(s) and Parent(s)
    #2 School are massive daycare center were education and learning is not the priority.
    #3 Parent(s) and Parent(s) and Parent(s)

    1. When was the last time that a failing Bridgeport public school was shut down for failure of educating their students? If a charter school had the failure rate that the Bridgeport public schools have they would have been shut down. The BBOE has been had nothing but petty bickering and arguing over nothing. Fighting and name calling has been a embarrassment, there has been nothing about education, just in fighting.

      1. Many parents do not encourage their children to persue education, do not discipline them to study. Is that really surprising? One reason may be just good old fashioned cynicism. Mom and dad know the public school system sucks. The high schools are the most effective recruitment program the street gangs have.  

      2. The people of the city of Bridgeport contend with many many problems that successive administrations have failed to address. The lack of a  decent public education system is just one. The teachers have my respect. They are handicapped by the institutionalized dysfunction of the BOE and the apathy of students and parents. 

        The BOE is indifferent to the needs and welfare of Bridgeport’s school children. Maria Pereira likes to think of herself as the World’s Greatest Advocate for Public Education. The rest of us see her for what she is, an obstructionist pain in the ass. You’ve shown your TRUE colors: shameless, arrogance, petulance, conceit. (Yes Maria, I use profanity. This isn’t “Sesame Street.”) We deserve better from our elected officials, ESPECIALLY the Board of Ed. 

        1. I AM Bridgeport’s greatest public education advocate.

          While you just blog and do nothing to make our community better, I volunteer countless hours on a number of fronts.

          You are just jealous of my commitment, following, advocacy and effectiveness. 🙂

      3. You have not attended a single BOE meeting in 9 years, yet you proclaim to know what has or has not been done.

        You are simply all talk with no supporting facts or substance to substantiate your assertions.

        And, how many underperforming charters have been closed by the SBOE. Absolutely none.
        And they receive $11,000 per pupil while we receive about $8,500 per pupil from the state.

        1. So what? I don’t go to BBOE meetings. I already know what is accomplished at those meetings: nothing. It’s common knowlege that you disagree with everyone else and promote your own agenda.

          You ought to do a talk show. Contact NBC. Megyn Kelly’s show is tanking, maybe they’ll give you her time slot.

  17. Constitutional Responsibility by CT. To give the same dollar amounts for education to urban public schools as they do to some of the other city’s or towns like Greenwich or Westport, etc. is just dreaming & probably would not change the out come if managed right for quite some years! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink till it wants too, no?

  18. When you can separate the grades & ages in a school setting, staff & parents have better control. Less older peer pressure and exposure in the separate school buildings & setting. Educational competition, music & school sports builds school pride & a sense of belonging and better student and parent involvement. Kids don’t have enough or none at all, activities before or after school in most Bpt. Public Schools.

    1. Mojo, it has been three weeks since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurraine Maria and 45 has NEVER mention that Puerto Ricans are American citizens, NEVER. This shows 45 disrespect and disdain for brown people.

      1. Ron,

        Did you notice that 45 said nothing when David Duke the self-appointed defender of honkiness declared “We are here to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump”? His response was “there were some very nice people” among the white nationalists, skinheads, Ku Klux Klansmen and other psychotics that gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. 

        Mr. Trump is completely disconnected to the day to day lives of ordinary Americans. His antipathy toward people of color is well documented. The people of Puerto Rico are suffering unimaginable horror. Their homes have been destroyed, 85% of the island is without electric power. Potable water is in short supply. Hospitals are running low on needed medicines. People are literally starving and all Donald Trump can do is toss rolls of paper towels to the crowd, as if it is a big laugh. Melania dressed as if she was going to have lunch with friends. 

  19. A ‘Civil Protective Order’ relates to a complaint of stalking. This was an easy call for Judge Arnold.

    I agree with Gary Tobin.

    Let me echo his comment:

    The problem with Bridgeport Public schools and many other cities/towns
    #1 Parent(s) and Parent(s) and Parent(s)
    #2 School are massive daycare center were education and learning is not the priority.
    #3 Parent(s) and Parent(s) and Parent(s)

      1. Ron,
        It’s a cultural thing. Many parents do not encourage their children to persue an education. Bridgeport public schools have been a failure for for several generations. (Joseph P. Ganim made a direct appeal to the voters living in poor neighborhoods and housing projects, the parents and grandparents of youth lost to a failed school system. There he was at Trumbull Gardens mending a fence. “Here I am to save the day!” just like Mighty Mouse. Now he’s gone, tilting at windmills.)

        Change the culture, change the outcome.

  20. Mojo, you make a number of good points like “Cramming a thousand students (K-8th grades) into 1 building is not good nor productive. Having middle schools for grades 6 tru 8th is better, then on to high school.” One of the worse problem with public schools system is the fact that where you live with your zip code determines children go to school.

    Where a child attends school usually depends on where he or she lives.  

    Historically, school assignments were determined by your address: a map in the school district office defined school attendance areas, and kids went to school where the map says they go to school.
    These attendance areas were created for practical reasons, students had to be within walking distance of school. The arrangement also had a financial basis: local property taxes determined school funding, so for homeowners it made sense to connect where you live and pay taxes with where your children went to school.

    Today, there is rarely a significant connection between property taxes and the amount of money a school receives, but the pattern of rigid attendance areas continues to be the norm.

    “Where Do You Live?:
    Zip Codes and School Quality”

  21. Wow, say or feel as you may about Maria Pereira, but she provokes people to think about issues, in particular education. In my opinion, there’s no right or wrong posts surrounding this “debate,” everyone who contributes views are to be commended for caring enough to do so. I happen to find Maria an interesting woman with a high-passion level that some may find irritating, not me. In my long history in Bridgeport politics I learned more from those who challenged me, whether I agreed entirely with their positions or not. It takes a tough skin, an open mind, and without a doubt the inclination to sometimes make it personal. Oh well, welcome back Maria!

    1. Lisa, with Maria there is only one way, her way, there’s no dialog, no discussion, there’s nothing. It’s her way or no way. She doesn’t have the ability to form a coalition, all she does is to create enemies.

      1. I have to agree with Ron here. With Ms. Pereira it is “my way or the highway.” If someone disagrees with her she takes it personally, responding with insults and name calling. The BBOE is bogged down with frivolous litigation, obstructism, infighting, petty arguments, most of it caused by Ms. Pereira. She IS passionate, as Lisa said. But it is misguided and misdirected. Disrupting the business of the Board of Education with a myopic personal agenda is not constructive. The needs of the school children are not being met, their welfare neglected. 

        1. I’m sorry, but did you just point the finger at me for “name calling” and how I conduct myself and my enemies. That is just sooooo rich coming from you.

          Once I finish a thread, I don’t think about you, Mackey, Day, Fardy, Kid, etc.

          You all have two things in common. They are as follows:

          1) You’re all insecure men who can’t handle a woman who won’t take your crap, is unintimidated by you, and is confident in who she is.

          2) You’re all ineffective politically

          All of you simply post on OIB without any organized effort behind you. I, however, have hundreds of votes at my fingertips.:)

          1. Maria, you are the most ineffective BOE member out of the entire nine members, plus none of the other BOE like you. You have NO accomplishments in raising the educational level of the Bridgeport school students. The other BOE members don’t have any working relationship with you. You ran and supported Joe Ganim for mayor and Dennis Bradley for the BOE, Maria how is that working out for you? You did at one time have a good working relationship with Sauda Baraka but now how’s that working out for you now Maria? Yes, you are the mayor of Thomas Hooker School but a number of the teachers there can’t stand you but you keep patting yourself on your back and see how far that will get you.

          2. There is no Board member more prepared for any given meeting than myself. I take great pride in being completely prepared.

            I can’t worry about Sauda. She is done on the SBOE and I am not. I told her I would not vote for her for president and she became upset. A president has to have a solid work ethic, and Sauda does not.

            I have never been friends with BOE members. They are simply my colleagues.

            If the Thomas Hooker teachers don’t like me, oh well. If they don’t live in Bridgeport, I just keep it moving. They just need to focus on their students and not worry about me.

            I have hundreds of followers in the Thomas Hooker Precinct, like it or not. You have no followers.

      2. I have to disagree with you. Last spring I voiced my opposition to Maria’s desire to eliminate the Asst. Principal position at Madison School. I have spent about 60 days there in the past year and am familiar with the workings of the school. I laid out my observations about the physical layout of the school, the student population numbers and the high numbers of SPED classes/students in the school and the corresponding high number of PPT meetings which require an administrator to be present. If there was only a principal and an assistant it would require a teacher with a 92 license (administrator) to act as admin and a substitute to be paid for the classroom.
        Maria was very open to my observations (when comparing to the few other K-6 schools).
        I was happy to see that the Asst. Principal position is still in place this school year. I believe that Maria took my presentation of facts and observation of how the school is functioning into consideration when attacking overall costs of the school system.
        Maria is relentless in seeking the most and best for the 21,000+ students in BPS, and that may ruffle some , but it also yileds results and focused the city’s attention on the schools and their needs.

        1. Marshall, what results, maybe the media is not covering those results because the only thing that I see are news stories about Maria is involved with name calling, petting in fighting with other BOE members, arguments with parents but nothing about the upgrading of students education. Marshall, let’s look at the results for all of the 21,000 Bridgeport school children. Maria act is a embarrassment and terrible example to the Bridgeport school children.

          1. Great to know. Please post three links to media stories that support your assertions from the last 18 months. Once again, this should be good.

            Post all the stories about how your “brother”, Dennis Bradley orchestrated a boycott along with Larcheveque, Weldon, Negron and Fonseca

        1. Maria you really do look for trouble. You can use my name even though you are full of it. BTW what have you and your TC done help the neighborhood? Let me answer that NOTHING!! Its like everything. you get involved in. You holler and scream and basically do nothing. Name something you have done that makes life for the school kids better Nothing. You put up candidates for office up here that have no idea what the neighborhood needs. Why is that ? Its because you don’t know what the neighborhood is about/ Go crawl back under the rock you came from

          1. It was myself and the town committee that organized the neighborhood to SUCCESSFULLY block the building of two apartment buildings in a single family residential zone. They would have been within two blocks of your home.

            We recently went door to door to discuss a cell phone tower in the Vazzy’s parking lot, and we testified against it.

            I have helped constituents with a variety of issues.

            That is why I am so respected and loved in our precinct.

          2. Maria,

            You flatter youself. Maybe in your own mind you are “respected and loved.”

            When it comes to the needs and welfare of Bridgeport’s school children you are a belligerent obstructionist.

        2. You have created a few, Maria. From the Connecticut Post, September 2016:

          “The long-simmering feud between school board Chairman Dennis Bradley and board member Maria Pereira turned into a war Monday.

          “On the day Pereira filed a lawsuit against Mayor Joe Ganim for filling a Board of Education vacancy after the school board didn’t, Bradley announced that Monday’s board meeting was canceled.
          Not only that, Bradley called on Pereira to resign.

          “Board Vice Chairman Joe Larcheveque, as well as members Kevin McSpirit and Annette Segarra-Negron, are backing Bradley, and say they, too, refuse to convene any further regular board meetings until Pereira steps down…”

          Messrs. Larcheveque and Bradley are still on the board. My guess is they and their more recent  colleagues hold the same opinion today.

          1. This story is about board members boycotting their responsibilities to 21,000 students while demanding my resignation.

            The story reflects negatively on them, not me.

            They behaved inappropriately not me.

            I believe Larcheveque knew the boycott would hurt him if he tried to run again. We will definitely be using it against Dennis when he runs for Senator again.

  22. Maria Pereira, as the DTC district leader in the 138th district has done nothing for her district since holding that position. Maria as one of the ten district leaders on the Bridgeport DTC has no allies with the other district leaders. The same is true about Maria as one of the nine Bridgeport Board Of Education members, she no allies on the BBOE, in fact the one BBOE member who did get along with Maria, Sauda Baraka, well Sauda has nothing to do with Maria. Maria has no ability to form a coalition with the DTC or the BBOE. 

    1. I am successful and effective and it gets under your skin. I’m glad it does. What we do know is Ron Mackey is not politically effective, nor will he ever be.

      How sad…

      1. Maria the 2 apartment buildings have been on the agenda before you came here. The reason they get beaten is they require a zoning change. Gee you didnt come to my house. Thank God

        1. We organized the immediate neighbors, did the research, made the signs and testified against the proposal. We got the proposal for two apt. Buildings rejected.

      1. Maria, you win at Thomas Hooker School but you are a true loser and so is your district because as a district leader you can’t get anything done like other district leaders are able to do. You can’t get anyone appointed to any board and commission. You can’t get anything done on the BOE because nobody likes you on BOE and none of the other nine DTC district leaders will work with you. Maria, why don’t you list what you have done to improve the educational level of the Bridgeport public school? Maria, what have done as the district leader in the 138th district? There a few things that you can take credit for, first Joe Ganim and BOE member Dennis Bradley, thanks for nothing Maria. By the way, who are the members on the BOE who will work with you?

          1. That is without doubt the best way to describe Maria Pereira, that she’s a legend in her own mind.

          2. What Maria disrupting a BOE meeting by blasting Public Enemy on her cellphone. The Board of Education is meeting to discuss business and Ms. Pereira disrupted the meeting because she was dismissed. Way to go, way to look after the interests if the city’s school children. 

          3. Connecticut Post, 5/16/16:

            “Parents and supporters of the charter school Achievement First Bridgeport showed up in force at a city school board meeting this week with a simple request: assign any board member as an liaison to their school but Maria Pereira….

            “‘I feel Ms. Pereira is a toxic individual judging from videos on YouTube, articles in the paper, posts and comments on Facebook and seeing for myself at these meetings,” Melissa Baez, a mother of five, told the school board. “I know she is not a good fit for my school.

            “Baez said Achievement First does not need a voice of negativity or hatred toward the growth of her school.

            “Ebrima Jobe, another parent, asked if the board might consider a more open-minded appointee who will do right by their children.
            LaQuita Boles, a parent leader at Achievement First, said she is enthusiastic about the city school board trying to create ties between her school and their district, but worries that Pereira’s agenda would be to divide not find common ground.

            ‘We need someone who understands all perspectives,’ Boles said.”

          4. I am proud that charter $chool parents stood against me. I don’t represent them or their children. I represent BPS families and students as per CT state statute.

        1. Your beloved Sauda got the WFP to endorse Dennis behind my back. I already knew I had made a mistake and tried to warn Sauda. She wouldn’t listen.

          In the end he walked right over her to become president and betrayed us all.

          I have hundreds of votes and am loved and respected in Thomas Hooker, and you have no votes and have no votes. That’s gotta hurt.

          1. Maria, what have done as the district leader in the 138th district? There a few things that you can take credit for, first Joe Ganim and BOE member Dennis Bradley, thanks for nothing Maria. By the way, who are the members on the BOE who will work with you? Maria, who bought Dennis Bradley to the public as a candidate for the BOE? Maria, it was you who got Dennis Bradley on the BOE and not Sauda. It was also you who was it those election pictures with Joe Ganim and Dennis Bradley smiling with them.

          2. Maria, you don’t even represent BPS children, you are a real loser on the BOE because you have no accomplishments of upgrading the educational level of BPS.

          3. This is real simple. Post any photo I took with Mayor Ganim right here. We will be waiting forever.

            Just a plain old liar.

          1. Go ahead. I meant the First Amendment. My bad. I’ve been exercising it every day here. Your explanations don’t hold water. Why djd you blast rap music on your iPhone during a BOE meeting? Was that on the agenda?

          2. Ask Joseph Celli how well I exercise the First Anendment rights to free speech. He and his “art center” lost the lease on the Black Rock Bank & Trust building after I exposed him as a fraud and a con man.  

          3. I blasted music cause I wanted to exercise my First Amendment rights, too.

            Who doesn’t like a little Public Enemy?

            They must have poor taste in music.

          4. Next time you ought to use earphones. A BOE meeting is not the place to blast gangsta rap music.

          5. You’ll have to explain that rationalization. “Gangsta rap” is a genre. Public Enemy is considered one of the seminal contributors to the firm. (See http://www.allmusic.com for the short course.)

            Gee, we all thought you knew everything. Apparently you are ignorant of trends in popular music.

      2. Maria,you are a do NOTHING elected district leader for your district and a do NOTHING elected member of the BOE. Maria, keep up your do NOTHING work. Keep patting yourself on your back.

        1. Well, Ron Mackey, your opinion about me and what does and does not happen inn the 138th is irrelevant. Not even retired fire fighters care about your opinion because they are some of my greatest supporters.

          Your opinion does not matter in the 138th.

          1. LIAR, Maria, why don’t you share a few names, I know firefighters wouldn’t care if you post there name.

          2. Maria, I don’t know who Mr. Sharp is but Mr. Mihalek, Mr. White and Mr. Young, nobody knows who they are. Asked them what have they ever spoke out publicly about anything at anytime?

          3. s These guys are all retired firefighters who came on the job at the end of the 60’s . Ron you may not have heard of them but they were there.

          4. Andy, thanks, I have the highest respect for those who came before me who would put their life. When that bell rings and those lights go on it’s time to put all disagreements away because somebody needs our help.

  23. From the Connecticut Post, 5/16/16:

    “Parents and supporters of the charter school Achievement First Bridgeport showed up in force at a city school board meeting this week with a simple request: assign any board member as an liaison to their school but Maria Pereira….

    “‘I feel Ms. Pereira is a toxic individual judging from videos on YouTube, articles in the paper, posts and comments on Facebook and seeing for myself at these meetings,’ Melissa Baez, a mother of five, told the school board. ‘I know she is not a good fit for my school.’

    “Baez said Achievement First does not need a voice of negativity or hatred toward the growth of her school.

    “Ebrima Jobe, another parent, asked if the board might consider a more open-minded appointee who will do right by their children.
    LaQuita Boles, a parent leader at Achievement First, said she is enthusiastic about the city school board trying to create ties between her school and their district, but worries that Pereira’s agenda would be to divide not find common ground.

    ‘We need someone who understands all perspectives,’ Boles said.”

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