Funds And Suds For Walker At Brewport Campaign Event–Scinto On Tap

Walker event

Many Bridgeport angles accompany the 2018 race for governor including candidates Mayor Joe Ganim and David Walker, the former U.S. Comptroller General who lives in Black Rock. (No suburbanites, Black Rock is a Bridgeport neighborhood, not Fairfield.) Shelton mega developer Bob Scinto is backing Walker over Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, also a GOP gubernatorial candidate, citing Walker’s “experience and ethics.”

Scinto issued a call to action on his Facebook page in support of Walker’s upcoming Monday night fundraiser at Brewport.

CT has gone from a top 5 state to a bottom 5 state and we have to do something about it because it is our livelihoods. I am supporting Dave Walker for Governor because of his experience and his ethics. Please click onto his website,, and listen to his interviews for yourself.

I’d love for you to come to see for yourself by attending this fundraiser for Dave at the Brewport Restaurant located at the Rt 8/95 intersection this coming Monday, October 16 at 5:30. Respond by clicking here:

In 2011, Scinto was sentenced to six months in prison for making false statements to FBI agents regarding its federal probe of Lauretti who was not charged. Scinto has made a major comeback resuming his focus on Shelton development and numerous philanthropic efforts including Bridgeport nonprofits and arts community.



      1. Look at all of the Connecticut natives laboring away at the State Capitol to find a way to get the money right, please? Walker has a way of knowing the numbers, showing their reality, and sharing the current bad news in a way that changes our current trend. Who wants to invite such a person to leave the State? Time will tell.

        1. JML… I know that DaVe Walker knows numbers. What I am concerned about is what he will do with those numbers. Based on his previous political associations(and his latest declaration of support for the choice of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court)what I am worried about his what he will do with his numbers. Along with all the other candidates for Governor of Connecticut, Walker is just as vague as all of them. If,by any chance ,you know of anything more specific that Dave walker would do,please share it with us. I do notice that you are part of the hosting committee.

          1. What are you concerned about Frank? Seriously, the guy who cannot manage his own finances to pay his taxes when they are due and you’re worried about one of the most respected government accounting experts? While this may sound harsh, what possible concerns could you possibly have that we should consider?

          2. Jennifer Buchanan.. i did post my car tax situation hereon OIB which had a lot of grey areas but you decided to use that information to undermine what I am posting here. Let me say this. You decided to leave the BPT area and,from what i have heard,that decision was to your financial benefit. You have made a physical decision to leave BPT but you still have not made a mental/psychological decision to leave BPT. You moved to Indiana. Maybe you should become more concerned with what is going on where you actually lived versus where you used to live. Get involved with Indiana please.

          3. Frank, I am on 2 local boards and 3 Commissions here and getting ready to work on a Congressional campaign. I have many friends in CT who have asked me to help in campaigns for local and state candidates. I don’t turn my back on friends, no matter how far away they live. I’m asked for help and I do what I can. I’m sure my comment was not welcome by you – i didn’t use anything against you that isn’t public record. You’re awful good at telling Walker to leave, telling Local Eyes he has no credibility, calling Scinto a crook, bashing anyone you don’t agree with. When facts are presented shedding less than flattering light on you, you don’t seem to like it much. No one does. Hurts doesn’t it? Peace to you Frank.

      2. It’s very jingoistic to suggest somebody move back to their place of origin. MOVING AROUND is one of the benefits of being an American.
        While you’re complaining he’s testing his viewpoints in Connecticut where he thinks they can do the most good.
        He’s put himself on the playing field while you remain dedicated to the bleachers.

          1. Local Eyes..there is a historical theme in the USA narrative. That theme is ..GO WEST,YOUNG MAN. You moved slightly north. It’s called …WHITE FLIGHT.. and you are part of many who are members of WHITE FLIGHT. Your digital exposure does not absolve you of the white flight movement.

  1. Omg, you can’t make this stuff up. With respect to Joe Ganim running for governor Dave Walker said, ““I believe in a second-chance society, but not for public corruption. Having said that it’s aight for a person that that served time for lying to the Fed’s to finance his gubernatorial endeavor.

    Just like the Republican congressman, a staunch advocate against abortions except when it came to his side piece that got pregnant. Dave, C’mon Man.

      1. And you’re a self admitted tax “deadbeat”. Many people think people who don’t pay their taxes are crooks and cheats. Does the degree of the crime make one a better judge of who is allowed to speak of ethics and judgement?

          1. have a great memory. I forgot about that mess OR maybe I wanted to forget. It’s a long story but I learned a lot about booting cars in BPT,the role(or lack of role) of The Tax Collector Department,the big stink about wPCA foreclosures, MidTown Towing making money off towing in BPT. I got rid of a car that needed extensive repairs and BPT got
            their money. It ended up being a huge headache.

        1. Honestly,Kid..I don’t like any of the candidates. That may sound like a cop-out but that is my honest opinion at this time. IMHO,All of the present or even possible future candidates just offer the same line)an I have tried to look at the websites of the various candidates). They all sound the same..”I will lower your taxes and correct all the ills of Connecticut.” No specificity at all..just vague generalizations.

    1. That’s twice that you have posted that comment and I believe that you have misunderstood Walker on “second chance”. He believes in folks getting second chances to begin a climb back from the “time out” provided by the legal system.

      (But does it mean in Ganim2s situation that he can bridge the 12 years lost due to his own felonies for benefits? Just asking? And who decides that one?)

      I think that Walker was saying that if found guilty of public corruption, it means there is no “second chance” at the money machine!! Perhaps Walker will correct me and tell us both how we got it wrong? Or one of us has it correct? So that you don’t need to use a “third chance” to accuse him of something you think he said? Time will tell.

      1. JML, as we all can see you are truly a Republican with Republican views so don’t be so surprise that Democrats don’t listen to you. Hey, that’s your right.

        1. Lennie, of course Dave Walker is selective about second chances for someone running for elective office because he doesn’t believe that the voters in Connecticut can be trusted. Walker wants to take the Connecticut voters right away because Walker knows that he can’t beat Ganim. Let the voters make that decision Dave.

          1. Interesting points Ron. At the federal level, felons can be elected to Congress and the Senate, with both houses having the ability to censure the elected representative and render them ineffective. Hardly something most voters would want in their elected officials. States can determine if convicted felons can hold state and local offices. Texas voted to not allow felons the ability to hold state and local office. Perhaps putting the question on a state wide ballot in CT would resolve the issue for everyone. So yes, I agree with you, put the question on the ballot and let the voters decide. Which is what Walker supports.

        2. Lennie,
          Thank you for your correction. I was not aware of Walker’s opinion about running for office as off the table for “second chancers”. I stand corrected. In a number of states I suppose his opinion is law but not in Connecticut?

          To Friend Ron Mackey, The people I meet in Bridgeport almost universally thank me for my writing (on OIB) and speaking to the City Council. I am a Democrat as I write and have been for most of my years. My registration is dishonored in my own District and my opinion is not provided a place to reach others, so we have to work on developing new ways and places to be heard. Ron, assuming you are a lifelong Democrat, you are very aware that Democrat opinions come in many shades of the rainbow rather than the narrow portals in Bridgeport. What are the issues I have fought for in Bridgeport? Are they party issues? Do parties in Bridgeport have any issues or published planks that identify their “thinking”? Perhaps a good start? Time will tell.

    2. Donald,

      No one is saying Joe “Smoke and Mirrors” Ganim cannot seek public office. His felony conviction prevents him from receiving public funds for his campaign. I will say his lack of remorse and contrition for his crimes–and his administration’s lack of transparency–should give pause to anyone considering a vote for him.

      1. Derek, Walker is on record multiple times that Joe Ganim must be barred from running for public office. He doesn’t believe voters should decide who should represent them – good, bad or ugly – if the candidate has a felony conviction related to public office. He’s not opposed, however, to accepting campaign donations from individuals who have felony convictions involving a public corruption case, as is the case with Scinto.

        1. Very interesting points Lennie. Scinto was a private citizen giving bribes to government officials. Ganim was an elected official demanding bribes and kickbacks. Yes, ethnically Walker believes neither should be allowed to hold public office entrusted with the public trust. Some people agree with this, and some think it’s unfair, a fine line between ethics and judgement. My best guess is, Ganims donation would be returned. Scinto admitted his guilt, granted not at the first discovery hearing, and served his time, and appears to be walking the straight and narrow path. I’ll give Ganim credit for appearing to be working hard to earn back the people’s trust.
          As I’ve said before, you’re a rock star in the second chance game of life. And you had to do it alone with your wit, talent and intelligence. Your check he would probably keep.

        2. As far as I’m concerned his disbarment is enough to disqualify Ganim from holding public office. He was a sworn officer of the court, took the stand at his trial and lied.

          Mr. Ganim has a second chance. He completed the requirements of his sentence and is a free man. Given his takent forretail promotion he ought to take a sales job with an automobile dealership. I am in agreement with Mr. Walker. He should be disqualified from holding public office.

    3. Don,

      David Walker believes that violating the public trust is a sin that cannot be forgiven no matter no many novenas.

      I believe in second chances. Convicted felons should and ought to be rehabilitated, assusted in re-entering society. Mr. Ganim can chose the career if his choice. He violated the public trust for expensive French wine, custom tailored shirts, paving, and cash. (If MGM is successful in building a casino on Bridgeport’s waterfront maybe They will have an opening in the public relations deoartment, given his talent for retail shmoozing.)

  2. Derek, I concur with your observations about Ganim that’s why I walked neighborhoods, passed out yard signs and made calls for MJF. I think this second chance bullshit was/is a ploy by a rich entitled white man to get the votes of Blacks while having no benefit to the average person with a felony arrest. NONE!

    Having said that, Dave is just like most of our Republican legislators that speaks out of both sides of their mouths, I’m for something until it doesn’t benefit me then I’m against it. I understand he’s the savior of Black Rock and you guys support your own, good, bad or indifferent, but he’s just like 45, will say anything to enhance his chances of being relevant. Dave Walker is viewed by me and others as being perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist. Well?

    1. Donald, thems fightin words – to use the Hoosier vernacular. I can see why you would say opportunist, based on the number of years he’s lived in CT and running for office, much like Clinton did in the NY senate seat she won, except he’s lived here a bit longer, has a very good job and was approached both times to run for office by CT business leaders and regular ole citizens. Unscrupulous- the man has a long and very public history and record of Federal appointments and service, never has been accused of or found to be unscrupulous. The first time I heard him speak, he sincerely said, I just want everyone to have the chance to succeed, his policies and actions back up his words. Unlike Clinton admitted, he doesn’t have a public policy and an off the record second policy. Politician on both sides of the isle have been found to speak out of both sides of their mouths, and they get elected again and again. You may not like or agree with Walkers policies, but he’s consistent in his message and actions.
      So Donald, what candidates do you support in the current line up for governor?

      1. Jennifer, you mentioned one of the biggest problem that Dave Walker has, “the man has a long and very public history and record of Federal appointments and service.” Appointments, Walker has been GIVEN positions with no competition.

        Jennifer, you also said, “The first time I heard him speak, he sincerely said, I just want everyone to have the chance to succeed, his policies and actions back up his words,” really? Walker doesn’t want EVERYONE to have the chance to succeed because if he did he would have talked to the black and Hispanic communities and he would listen to what their concerns and issues are but Walker doesn’t feel that their issues are not worthy us his time.

        1. Actually Ron, Walker did have competition for the positions he earned at the Federal level. It’s easy to google the history. As well as competition in the private sector for every position for which he was hired.
          There are more than a few people of color and Hispanics that would disagree with your claims regarding his lack of engagement with those broad and far reaching communities both locally and state wide.
          So who do you support for Governor?

          1. Jennifer, what competition? I’m not saying that Dave Walker is a racist but as a resident of Bridgeport that is predominantly black and Hispanic one would think that Walker would have a relationship with these communities to listen to their concerns and where Walker would have a chance to not only listen but to come to a understanding of their concerns even if that disagree. Now here are again four years later and Dave Walker is running again to become governor and he still has NO relationship with the black community. Why should blacks and Hispanic statewide would want to support Walker when Walker has no relationship with blacks and Hispanics? As for whom am I supporting for governor, well none of the Republican candidates have shown any concern with the large cities in Connecticut. As for Democrats running for governor I need to see more about their positions and their past record.

        2. Ron, you can say the same thing over and over. It still does not make it true. As to competition, you’re absolutely correct- what competition? While many candidates were being considered for federal appointments that he received, much like the lineup of governor candidates now, there is no competition based on experience and merit, and his abilities to make sure every tax dollar is spent for th benefit of all.

    2. An unscrupulous opportunist? That’s a description that fits Joseph P. Ganim and more than a few members of the state legislature regardless of party affiliation.

      You’ve made your disdain for David Walker abundantly clear. Who would you support as GOP candidate for governor? So far the pickings is mighty slim. The Democratic field is not ny better.

      1. Let me speak for Ron Mackey, I wouldn’t for any of this group of Republican candidates running for governor because none of them including Bridgeport resident, David Walker, because they have no vision or ideas for the big cities in Connecticut. As for Democrats I need to see more and to see their past record. I’ve said before that I had wised that Jodi Rell had ran for governor four years ago because I definitely would have gone out worked to get her elected.

    3. An opportunist? Of course he is. All politicians are. Joe Ganim pimped votes from the African-American community. Did you complain about that? Did you notice the dog-and-pony show he put on at Reverend Stallworth’s church that Sunday not long ago? The quality of life in Bridgeport is no better now than it was when he was mending that fence at Trumbull Gardens. If anything it is more dangerous. (21 homicides this year, the latest victim an eighteen-year-old robbed of his bling and forced to strip.) Now Ganim is engaging in a quixotic legal battle to qualify for public campaign funds. He wants to be governor, crashed a private party of Democratic fat cats. He appealed to them by making light of his criminal past and unmitigated chutzpah. All the while the city of Bridgeport is still on the skids. You never complained about that, never complained about Ganim campaign workers driving busloads of public housing tenants to the polls and paying twenty bucks a vote.

      The field of gubernatorial candidates is colorful, clowns and jokers and a few unknown quantities scattered about. Who would you prefer, Donald? Whomever is nominated must appeal to all voters. Black, brown, white, red, purple, pinstriped, blue collar, uniformed, short, fat, bald, skinny, tall, handicapped…

  3. Re-electing Joseph P. Ganim was a big mistake. He doesn’t give a shit about the failed school system. He doesn’t give a shit about the violence plaguing the streets. (21 homicides and counting this year.) He doesn’t give a shit about the city’s crumbling infrastructure.He doesn’t give a shit about the abandoned factory buildings cluttering the landscape. He doesn’t give a shit about the brown-fields all over town, the industrial chemicals leeching into people’s lives and affecting their health. Oh no, his priority is a quixotic battle to qualify for public campaign funds in a futile effort to by governor. 

    Live Nation is offering pie in the sky to convert a baseball stadium into an amphitheater. There’s more to this story than meets the eye. Maybe it is a done deal. The baseball team was hustled out the door before the sweat dried. Who will pay for this, Mexico? 

    MGM Resorts are all over television and the ‘Net with an expensive public relations campaign extolling the virtues of a hotel and casino on Bridgeport’s waterfront, promising 6000+ permanent jobs and wads of cash for local municipalities. Pardon my cynicism but I’ve been to Atlantic City, New Jersey, before and after the casinos moved into town. Most of that town is still decrepit and rundown, troubled by failed schools, poverty, welfare, crime and violence. Gee, sounds like Bridgeport. 

    Hizzoner has to be benefiting from this, somehow. His previous experience with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice taught him to be discreet. 

  4. Derek really you say, “Joe Ganim pimped votes from the African-American community. Did you complain about that? Hell yes I did to anyone that would listen in this forum more times then I can count. There has been no one in this forum and this city that has been more critical of JG2 then Mackey and myself.

    You ask, “Did you notice the dog-and-pony show he put on at Reverend Stallworth’s church that Sunday not long ago? Hell yes and I was extremely critical of Rev. Stallworth in this forum and on numerous occasions. I saw how he was pulling the wool over the eyes of Blacks with his second chance BS which I knew that was for him and not my people.

    The last two gubernatorial elections I vote Republican because I couldn’t in good conscience vote for Malloy who as mayor did nothing to enhance the lives of Blacks in Stamford. Voting for Dave Walker would be the same thing for me, voting against my own best interest and those of my people. I’ve heard him speak so many times about pensions and how they are crippling city and states economy and that is where my livelihood comes from.

    I put my life on the line for over 20 years, a few commendations for heroism, a bad back which is surgically repaired, heart & hypertension problems and for all that I was promised a pension for life. I fulfilled my obligation to the city and its residents and it troubles me dearly when someone questions whether my commitment for over 20 plus years is worth it today to the city or state that I made that commitment with.

    I’m not saying he would do that, but he’s talked about it and I’d be a damn fool to give him the chance to see if I was right.

      1. The big question is what will Dave Walker(or any candidate for CT Governor) do with present and future state employees and the role og government in CT and how that government will be financed. I base my opinion about Dave Walker on his previous actions and associations with various political movements. BTW, I think that all other candidates are just as vague and disengenuous.

        1. How’s that? How can Walker keep that promise and keep Bridgeport out of Bankruptcy, which he says cannot happen? Well, how does he do it then? What are his ideas? Real ones? Actually stated ones not vague political statements? Gots to agree with Gyure on this. He may have had his car booted for not paying his car tax on time but that hardly makes him a hoodlum. So Mr. Gyure, I toss that out in Ms. Buchannan’s assessment of you. I think you make very good points. He’s a talker of talking points with thus far, no actual ideas. Just a lot of everything sucks in CT.

          1. Thank you..stevenl….all of this is an ongoing discussion but I acme here to OIB to talk about what the City of Bridgeport(booting cars and WPCA foreclosures) and I began to find out some of the dirty undersides of the rackets between city of BPT and other private enterprises that take advantage of people in Bridgeport. JHB has a good memory and used any info(that I happened to share here on OIB) to undermine my questions about Walker.

      2. Jennifer, one of the of the first things David Walker started posting on OIB was about the fire and police retirement plan and what was needed was a way to lower their retirement benefits. I retired with a bad back then years later I had to have knee replacement for both knees from injuries. That is one of the main reasons that I started questioning Walter’s position on a lot of things. I could not trust this NON FELON.

        1. I get that Ron. Many election cycles you post about how “they” are blaming public union retirees and coming after your promised and earned benefits. Aren’t you tired, year over year worrying about your promised benefits, with no union representatives to help or protect that which you have been promised? Walker at least had pledged, and his extensive record shows he doesn’t make pledges or promises he can’t keep, to honor the current retiree benefits. Your state, as well as,many other states are in dire financial straits because of public union contracts – yes you agreed to a pay cut for future benefits, which are unprotected. You’ve suffered through this angst, wouldn’t you like to see your future brothers in retirement not face the same angst? The state and citizens cannot fund the promises made in current contracts, it’s impossible. While I know you’ve never going to support republican Walker, what peace of mind have the last 20 years really given you regarding your benefits? What peace of mind will your current smoke eater brothers have going forward? Over promising and under delivering can’t be easy for anyone dependent on taxpayer dollars. They’re drying up,fast in CT. Which do you think is more important, money for education or money and benefits for future retirees? You can’t have both, because uneducated and poorly trained students today won’t be paying enough in taxes to support near future retirees. There needs to be a balance to support and sustain the system, and you have often written of the poor financing and results of Bridgeport schools. It all ties together, there’s only so much tax dollars to spread around. Having both is of course ideal, but history shows that hasn’t happened in CT, or Bridgeport for decades.

          1. Jennifer, David Walker has no answers to solve Connecticut’s problems, has political skills to bring different political parties together in order to get legislation passed. Walker couldn’t form a coalition of different efithic groups right here in Bridgeport, in fact Walker couldn’t even have a meeting with different church groups or social organizations.

          2. Ron,
            “Walker has more experience than the other candidates for lieutenant governor AND governor, from both parties combined, in dealing with the biggest single issue facing Connecticut.
            As leader of the federal Government Accountability Office under multiple presidential administrations, Walker was the country’s “top auditor.” He’s literally in the Accounting Hall of Fame and, through his leadership of the “No Labels” movement, has proven his ability and commitment to a pragmatic, bipartisan approach to public policy. He has been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate. Connecticut would be very lucky to have him.”
            This is the endorsement from the New Haven Register when Dave ran for LT Governor. It applies even more today

    1. It disgusts me that the city of Bridgport is playing games ith the oensions of men and women that chose careers in public safety upholding the kaw and fighting fires. For what it is worth I commend you for your service to the community, sir. Thank you.

    2. Donald,

      I’ve always been cynical about politicians. Living in BPT for seventeen years has only made me more so. 

      I understand what you say about GOP politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths. These days the GOP talks out of its collective asshole, especially on Capitol Hill down there in Washington. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is the only one to speak out against Donald Trump. The rest are gutless cowards, afraid of pissing off the rednecks that voted for Donald Trump. 

      I beg to differ with you about David Walker. It is very early in the race for governor. (Joseph P. Ganim’s pregame efforts at raising his profile has been met with near universal pans and snickers so he may drop out before his campaign becomes a bad joke.) Mr. Walker may not have reached out to the African-American and Latino communities, not yet. It’s safe to say he will. It won’t be for show. He’s not the mayor of Bridgeport. 

      David Walker is a northeastern moderate Republican, a vanishing breed. Give it time, and please have an open mind. As I said, he is a moderate. I will venture a guess that he didn’t like the political culture in Washington DC. 

      1. David Walker is a typical southern politician from Birmingham, Alabama. Walker served as United States Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008, so he enjoy being in the being in the swamp in D.C.

        1. Hmm, was it such a swamp then? Clinton has a pretty strong record of getting bipartisan support for his initiatives and the US economy was very strong. One of Walkers issues in CT is that he has never been a typical politician, the issue is CT has a history of electing typical politicians, and look at the state of the state today.

          1. I have no problem with that but I do have a major problem with anyone running for public office who can’t find the time to sit down and to listen to people of color in the city where live with their wife but can’t find the time to associate and to people but look different than he does, that what 45 is doing.

          2. Ok Ron, have you called every person of color in Bridgeport to verify your statement? I know for a fact he has, I have been at the table during these conversations more than once. One thing I know for sure, you weren’t there. You’ve been invited more than once by both Walker and others to be part of that sit down you keep talking about and asking for, but you refuse every invitation. It seems to me, and I could be wrong, but you seem to want it both ways – saying he doesn’t engage, yet you both refuse and discourage engagement.

          3. Jennifer, I had no problem in voting for Republican Stewart McKinney the former Representative from Connecticut’s 4th District, and the same for Republican Chris Shays.  I turned against Shay later in his career as he started following his relationship with Newt Gingrich. Chris Shay never had a problem going to black churches and staying for the sermon without bringing his staff.

            Jennifer, the heart and soul of the community is the black church, this goes all the way back to slavery. If you are a politician seeking votes where there is a large number of black voters then they need to pay a visit to black church or two and not in October just before an election. A lot of white candidates feel uncomfortable being in a room where most of those there are black. Dave Walker has not been in that environment here in Bridgeport and going somewhere once or twice means nothing. If Walker has been visiting and talking with black church members there would be a buzz about his visited and what he said.

        2. Ron,

          Donald Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about ordinary Americans. Those political rallies are held in deep red states where his followers live. You know who I’m refering to, Hoot and Curlie and them boys with a “Make America Great Again!” caps, a wad of tobacco bulging one cheek and a cooler full of Budweiser in the truck bed. A few if them keep their  hooded white robes in the plastic from the drycleaners’ so they’ll look extra spiffy at the next cross burning.

  5. Seeing how Gimme Ganim has done while I watch from afar in my sunny FLA retirement (still investment property owning town), I am just glad I got the hell out. I stayed through Norwalk’s redevelopment and Stamford’s Harbor Landing, exiting after Finch crowed over Bass Pro changing the business and employment landscape of Bridgeport. I left with these thoughts- There is no intelligence, foresight nor economic intelligence currently occupying any role within the city of Bridgeport. Never have I lived in a city with so much potentially going for it and seen it squandered like a drug addict squanders his life. That’s the best parallel to Bridgeport I can see. I’ll continue to own my property here because rentals are strong- but I seriously question people’s thinking they can lift the Titanic and get it going- without a successful bid for Bankruptcy. The only way to clean the sewer and get serious bailout dollars- and reorganize the pension issues.

    I’ll probably die, tan, happy and in my golf cart before Bridgeport has any turn around- and I plan on living another 50 years.

    I’d stand behind anyone who was a visionary. And who hired good qualified and intelligent planners who could get things done. As Norwalk and Stamford have so eloquently shown is possible.

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