Jane Stern: Joseph’s The Best Steakhouse In Connecticut

Joseph's Steakhouse
The beef’s in Bridgeport, baby!

Where’s the best beef in Connecticut? Joseph’s Steakhouse In Downtown Bridgeport, according to Hearst Connecticut restaurant critic Jane Stern.

The Connecticut Post, part of Hearst’s digital footprint, has segued to a paywall for featured content, but here’s a sampling of Stern’s review:

I have eaten at Joseph’s many times over the years, but it is very expensive, so I try to limit my visits. I like steak and I like steakhouses, so the overwhelming urge to return to this phenomenal place had me in my car heading toward Bridgeport.

I think it is accurate and fair to say that Joseph’s is the best steakhouse in Connecticut. On this visit I was struck yet again with the perfection of it. As a restaurant critic, I am, well critical. Give me a menu and I will find the typos, give me a table and I will say it is right near the bathroom, give me a fanciful craft cocktail, and I will say why bother, bring me a gin and tonic. With all my critical radar in tip-top shape, I could not find one single thing about my meal at Joseph’s that was subpar.

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  1. I recollect that Jane Stern gave a great review of Ralph’n’Rich’s. I don’t know if she reviewed any other Bridgeport eateries. I guess I will have to put on my journalist’s and do some sleuthing.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to discover a genuine critic in any field who finds something in Bridgeport and terms it the best in the State? Consider all of us who post on OIB with our criticisms daily, how often do we discover and announce that which approaches the sublime? Something without spelling errors? Something away from the lavatory facilities? Something of excellence with nothing subpar? Something to term perfect in the moment? WOW!!!
    Thank you Jane for this wonderful review and support for the high value and significant expense experience.

    Of course, to maintain my personal critic credentials while waiting for additional exceptions in Bridgeport, I must call the CT Post on the carpet because on Saturday my delivery provided me with cartoons and advertisements but no NEWSpaper? And on Monday morning there was no NEWSPAPER at all. I am not yet on a conspiracy kick. But when I tried to read more of the story and was prevented from seeing more than an Intro teaser because I have not signed up for the paying platform, I am unhappy as a long term print subscriber.
    I replaced the Saturday paper by spending $3.00 newsstand price. Is there a better way to smoothly and efficiently support the investigative reporting and regional coverage I look for? Time will tell.


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