Jack-In-The-Box–State Rep Hennessy Mum On Vaccine Questions

State Rep. Jack Hennessy at a rally in support of the religious exemption allowing Connecticut parents to refuse vaccinations for their children. The exemption was eliminated by the state in 2021.

On June 30, OIB emailed  questions to State Rep. Jack Hennessy to clarify his position on vaccines and fractured relationship with Speaker of the House Matt Ritter.

Ritter sanctioned Hennessy on at least two occasions, stripping him of a deputy speaker position and a place on the Public Health Committee because Hennessy’s vaccine views breach Ritter’s public safety concerns, and that of a majority of the state legislature, according to a source close to the speaker.

In a follow-up text Hennessy acknowledged receipt of the email. He said he would work on a response over the Fourth of July weekend. He has not responded to the questions after a follow-up text reminder.

Hennessy faces City Councilman Marcus Brown in an August 9 primary. Connecticut’s 127th State House District encompasses the North End and a portion of the West Side.

The questions sent to Hennessy:

Q. You hosted Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vax critic, at an event a few years ago. Institutional health organizations say vaccines save lives including that of children. Environmental activism has been one of your public career calling cards. Do you trust science on the environment but not vaccines?

Q. Are you vaccinated for COVID-19 and if so at what level?

Q. In the 1960s fetal cell lines were used for some vaccines, but according to the CDC COVID-19 vaccines do NOT contain ingredients like preservatives, tissues (like aborted fetal cells), antibiotics, food proteins, medicines, latex, or metals. How does that square with the image of you–see below still accessible from your government web page–at a rally fronted by a sign “Vaccines are made with aborted fetal cells” when the science does not apply to COVID-19?

Q. Your embrace of the religious exemption, now eliminated, conflicted with that of legislative leadership. Did your support for the religious exemption that had allowed Connecticut parents to refuse vaccinations for their children create a support backlash from leadership?

Q. Did House Speaker Matt Ritter have a direct hand in reshaping the district for your defeat? He’d have to sign off on it.

Q. Abortion is now once again a front-burner issue, although in Connecticut legal abortion is codified into law. What is your position on abortion? If pro choice does that conflict with your passionate religious position on vaccines?



    1. There’s no such vaccine available for HIV/AIDS prevention. Furthermore it appears that Marcus is in a monogamous relationship with his fiancé. How does Marcus’ sexual orientation and choice of mate fit into all of this? Unless you’re getting the sloppy seconds why would care what kind of healthcare protocol Marcus is following?

      1. Eric, Jim has always been sloppy seconds. You can tell by his mouth he’s always been an oral man. While he enjoys it and swallow he’s not happy with it so takes it out on others. 🤠

          1. While I concur this tread took a non-hereroexual turn, butt, you are the one who brought it up. 🤣

            A psychologist/Sigmund would say you have a deep-down sexual desire for Brown’s chocolate. It seems that mouth has a sweet tooth. 😍

            I depart with the Prophet Bruno, The Dove of Peace. How’s that for equality. 🙃

          2. Like Alexander the Great, Tchaikovsky, Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, King David and Jesus. I am in Good company and proud to be who I am — You?

    2. Mr. Fox I have heard of ignorance on this blog but that question was just about as reprehensible as you. If there is a vaccine for HIV/ I am certain the world would be aware. The fastest growing HIV population are men and woman in your age bracket- Heterosexual and quite frankly to even make such a comment is sad at best. HIV like Covid doesn’t discriminate. The only good news here is that you don’t vote and Pereirra has no clout in the north end. You want to have Jacks Back after 18 years- Get off your ass and get busy. It doesn’t look to good for him.

    3. I have been sitting back and watching this primary unfold. It is extremely telling that Marcus supporters support Marcus, while Jack supporters seem to be focused on tearing Marcus down.

      This homophobic comment is not the first on this blog during this campaign cycle, although they typically come from Marshall Marcus. Perhaps he is too busy being a sloppy and disheveled racist today and needed help with the anti-gay comments. This is a new low even for you, Jim.

      It appears that Marcus Brown is the only one actually embodying the values of the Democratic Party. Team Hennessy is pulling plays from the GOP with their anti-science, anti-vaxx, homophobic, and racist rhetoric. The fact that Jack has been silent about these comments is also very telling.

      A bunch of old washed up hacks all hot and bothered because a young gay man of color dares to run for office. Give me a break.

      I hope Marcus Brown kicks Jack’s teeth in on August 9th.

      1. @Steven Green
        You are free with false accusations.
        I have opposed Marcus Brown in his run for City Council, State Senator and now State Representative.
        I do not care about his sexual orientation and don’t make homophobic comments about him.
        My comments have to do with him following marching orders, from Ganim/Testa, until recently, as head of the Council’s Ordinance Committee never having submitted an ordinance for consideration. Being untruthful in his April Press release claiming to have raised the necessary funds for CEP funding for his campaign (he was short dollars at that time), he emails (I know he isn’t Hillary) saying he would support Jack’s reelection campaign and then stabbing him in the back.
        I don’t care which consenting adult he has or doesn’t have relations with.

        BTW>>>why do you wish Briown to commit a violmet acton State Rep Jack Hennessey?

          1. The only person you hurt Jimmie is yourself- you portray yourself as as asshole. like I said as Maria Perierras main bitch , you should get busty Hennesy is about as p0pular as your other boy Keely and he proved to be a tad off his rocker as yourself. Pretty sad commentary. There was an extremely wise observation on this thread. It seems that those who can not vote and have no political clout are bashing Marcus. The question is why? Fear?

  1. Unlike Hennessy, Marcus Brown is on the Park City Wind payroll. Wouldn’t it be great if he found eighteen acres of Bridgeport waterfront. This way, he could hit the ground running by sourcing the land that sources the training that sources the jobs that source happiness throughout Bridgeport.
    He’d be the leader of it all!
    Winners say, it’s not my fault but it’s my responsibility.

  2. Hennessy, say:

    I believe in science. The principle of science is ” the test of all knowledge is an experiment” Just because you believe in science doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question it, or those making scientific claims based on their experimental inquires. In fact, it would be reckless not to. Science is to question.

    The event in question with Robert Kennedy Jr was not about anti-vaccination but rather the need, and the effectiveness, along with the associated risks of Covid vaccination of young children. There were and still are lingering questions regarding children’s vaccination and the side effects associated with them.

    As you are aware covid’s leading cause of death is primarily in the elderly whose own immune system has a hard time defending itself against covid, which underlining health conditions attributed to it. But children were/are able to defend against Covid with their own immune system quite effectively, fare greater than the elderly with a vaccination.

    We are still dealing with the devastating effects of Big Pharm’s greed on the epidemic of drug addiction with 10s of thousands of Americans who die each year of an overdose, No we have a duty/right to question and protect against such greed in the name of science and health.

    Science once claimed black people were inferior to white people. Would you ask Brown if he would’ve agreed with that premise because science claimed it to be, would you?

    I’m planning to stop by a black museum in Stratford you are free to join. They have an exhibit about the Tuskeegee Airman. Let’s not forget the history of humanity in the name of science where health officials applied scientific experiments on black people in name of science and health. I am sure councilwoman Simmons has a take on vaccination that deviates from the Democrat’s line of Ritter

    Am I wrong because I dared to question the need for vaccination for children who have been receptive and able to fight of covid with their own immune system? It would be like a person without pain being prescribed Oxys without question.

    It’s hypocritical to make the claim of human choice with their own body when it comes to abortion, but then deny that same right to choose when it comes to getting vaccinated. It is even baffling that the Democratic party finds no fault with stripping religious 1st amendment rights with regards to vaccination, while the Republicans cry foul. Yet they, the Democrat party will stay silent on any abortion ban that would violate someone’s 1st constitutional amendment rights where the Republican party finds no issues with stripping the 1st amendment religious constitutional rights of people, throwing them under the bus/or lack of, for their political agendas/causes

    So yes, I am sure politics played a role in the redistricting that lead to Brown’s ability to run against me, coupled with my failure to get the endorsement of the DCT that I enjoyed for the last 18 years. (I assumed) 🙂

    P.S If I didn’t take the Republican’s stance on vaccination and towed the Democratic line would the district lines still would have to be redrawn and Brown getting the endorsement, who knows, perhaps? Maybe I wanted to retire or I was told by the Democratic Party and forced/compelled to, and only took the R’s anti-vac stance to pave the way for Brown political stardom.

    (side notes: young/kids women/girls, with a high percentage, have had menstrual side effects, and unfortunately for science, the long-term effects are not in, it can’t be, Scientifically, it will not be in until many, many, years, whose natural immunity has been proven to defend itself against covid.)

    BTY, The science states the vaccines last for six months. So basically unless you got a shot within the year 2022, you are technically unvaccinated. That’s just the available science Big Pharma/CDC has given.


    I have the right to remain silent.
    Lennis did you read Hennessy his Miranda Right? 🙂

  3. Sweet tooth, you don’t have to apologize for your inner desire for Marucs’ chocolate. 🙂

    We understand. It is “Hard” to “Cum” to “Grip”, him being out of your league. Have you ever suc-“cum” to the internet to satisfy that sweet tooth for chocolate? I have seen some freaky midgets going at. 🤣



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