Is It An Employment List?–The Machinations Of Selecting A New Police Chief Swirls With Controversy

Does the Civil Service Commission and City Attorney’s Office consider the testing results to select a chief in 2018 an active “employment list?”

If so, Mayor Joe Ganim, per the City Charter, could name a new chief from the employment list and forego another national search saving time and money and providing much needed stability within the fractured department following AJ Perez’s resignation as chief after federal officials charged him with allegedly rigging his placement on that list.

Former Personnel Director David Dunn, who also resigned his position engulfed in the federal probe, had considered the test ranking an employment list back in 2018 and thus subject to City Charter regulations. The list is due to expire in October.

Luiz Casanova, the assistant chief in New Haven, finished at the top, followed dubiously by Perez and then Captain Roderick Porter, the highest ranking African American in the department. With Perez now resigned and out of the picture it bumps former Bridgeport Assistant Chief James Nardozzi to number three on the list. He had placed fourth.

Ganim, on the day Perez resigned, named Assistant Chief Rebeca Garcia acting chief.

A lot of this depends how Ganim wants this to play out. Does he keep Garcia in place temporarily while another national search is done or pick someone among the new top three? Casanova is now chief among the Connecticut Capitol Police Department and would presumably want to stay put there.

Porter, who has a number of community supporters urging his ascension to chief, would be Ganim’s logical choice given the swirl of controversy choking the department, if the mayor goes that route.

Of course lawyers being lawyers if Ganim wants to keep Garcia in place, the City Attorney’s Office could rationalize it’s not an “employment list.” Such a move could lead to lawsuits.

City lawyers are noodling this one over in concert with the Civil Service Commission.

(Director of Labor Relations Eric Amado on Tuesday was appointed by the Civil Service Commission acting personnel director. He will now oversee both labor and personnel departments, according to an announcement by the city.)

Relevant language from the City Charter:

Whenever a vacancy arises in the position of chief of police, the personnel director shall, upon request, certify to the mayor the names of the three (3) candidates standing highest upon the employment list for such position. If no such list exists, the personnel director shall, within 150 days of the request, hold a test for such position and shall, upon the establishment of an employment list, certify to the mayor the names of the three persons standing highest thereon.

Within sixty (60) days of receipt of the certification required by subSection (a)(3) of this section, the mayor shall appoint one (1) of the persons so certified as the Chief of police and shall notify the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Police Commissioners of such appointment. The mayor may designate the time when such appointment shall take effect, provided it shall not be more than ninety (90) days from the date of his receipt of the personnel director’s certification. Unless otherwise stated such appointment shall be effective immediately. In the event that the mayor fails to appoint a chief of police within sixty days of receipt of said certification, the board of police commissioners shall, forthwith, make such appointment.



  1. The City Charter language above was not done when the vacancy when the opening for the Personnel Director which was open vacant in 2009, it wasn’t done with the Police exam that AJ Perez took, it wasn’t done when Brain Rooney and the Fire Chief vacancy, he was made an Acting Chief, then a Provisional Chief before he took the exam, all of this in violation of the City Charter. It’s obvious that the members of the Civil Service don’t have a understanding of the charter and can just forget about the City Council having any understanding or concern about the charter and the Cities unions Presidents didn’t care but Only In Bridgeport.

    1. “Of course lawyers being lawyers if Ganim wants to keep Garcia in place, the City Attorney’s Office could rationalize it’s not an “employment list.” Such a move could lead to lawsuits.

      Ron Mackey, how can anyway say that it is an “employment list” of three, seven, ten or whatever when only Porter is ’employed’ by the city? Think about this! The Charter calls for a list of three.

  2. I’m not a rocket scientist but:

    A. Don’t the charter state once a vacancy occurs the mayor has to start a national search where he is to select one of the top three?

    B. If the search was corrupted, would it make the entire list and process corrupt? So picking from the flawed and corrupt process is corrupted. Who is to say how many people didn’t apply because they felt the fix was in. I mean Dunn did takeout the degree requirement for AJ that was unprecedented.

    C. That’s the problem in the Port, most, don’t care about the corruption as long as that corruption goes their way.

    D. I watch Council members and groups protest for the Mayor’s resignation without ever being mentioned, or charged in the scheme. Yet they are out there for political reasons. None of them have called or protested to have officer # 2, who was mentioned in the complaint to rig the process of AJ to resign or be suspended without pay for the department. So what does that tell you? It’s more about political power then routing out corruption and bad behavior, which is the game. They (Gen Now) bounced on opportunities to exploit the residents and their emotions. Just like when they made a false claim that Maria leads the charge to have Columubus statute returned. It was a dishonest way to get residents to view Maria in negative light voters. When corruption calls out corruption you know you have corruption, Port. 🙂 JS

    full disclosure not saying the mayor didn’t have anything to do with it, but charging and asking someone to resign for something that has not been charged never mind proven, is like when a white person makes a false claim against a black man ( Just keeping with the race game that is being played out over the Columbus statue)

    Also, this is just my opinion with no factual bases but my imagination. 🙂

      1. Thank you. I don’t understand the October 2018 date especially the year(2018). When you refer to the “short list” is that the 3 finalists..(ironic that Nardozzi becomes eligible) per your explanation above. Thank you.

        1. Anyway..Ganim has already ignored the Charter by maintaining A.J.Perez as ACTING Police Chief for 2 1/2 years and doing absolutely nothing about Dunn(ACTING Personnel Director throughout JG2,3. I still think Ganim will ignore the Charter and keep Garcia as ACTING Chief through the rest of JG3. BTW,. Have you heard anything about that City Council press conference that was happening today? Thank you.

    1. The date we know a certified list existed is Oct. 18, 2018. That was clear in the FBI Records. We know from CT Post that the mayor got the 3 top names 3 days later, so we can assume it was “Certified” in that window.

      From Today, the mayor has until 10/18/2020 to offer a 5 yr permanent chief position to either Cassonava, Porter and Nardozzi. I know Cassonova and Nardozzi have taken new positions/ career just last year. But hey the mayor can offer the job.

      BTW, Lennie, I have to admit, Maria Perriera is at the root of a lot of this information coming to light. So I want to give her that credit.

      1. When you say, “I give her credit.” Do you mean Maria Pereira can go to Moe’s Burger any time and you’ll let her pay you when she can? She sounds dumb and off her rocker. Ask her how the mayor is supposed make any requests (per charter) to the Personnel Director who doesn’t exist?

  3. Lennie, I’m not sure if that exam is valid by the Federal US Guidelines on Hiring Procedures. There are testing standards that both the City and testing must meet and base on what Randi Frank stated to the FBI and on what David Dunn did it’s possible that the could ruled invalid.

  4. Civil service rules could refine what the charter says but it can not over rule the charter. Although I am sure that the City Attorneys Office could have a different opinion if it doesn’t fire what the city wants.

    1. Bob.i raised this point earlier. I believe that Civil Service rules/regs are at the FEDERAL level and would supercede any lower government (state, municipal etc) rules even if it’s a City Charter.

  5. Allow me to quote Harvey Weintraub who ask the most cogent questions and had the most profound commentary about this dubious issue.

    Harvey Weintraub says:
    September 11, 2020 at 12:53 pm
    I don’t see how in the world Joe should have the privilege of choosing a new chief,if there was just a slight trust in the process,it’s obviously gone now. The very little credibilty and trust we had for Joe is gone. The writing is on the wall that the feds have MUCH more info than was let out. I fully expect Joe to be indicted in the near future, not necessarily for this fiasco, but for other things. At that point Aidee Nieves becomes acting Mayor(oh lord)…Does anyone want Joe hiring another Personnel director at this point??…
    Joe, you have taken everything you possibly could from our once great city,again & again you you took advantage ,do the right thing and step down before you’re forced too.Bridgeport has no more you can take from us,go away now.

  6. Lennie, let’s keep in mind that Ganim did not permanently appoint Garcia as Chief. She is only acting chief. This is not a violation of the charter because he didn’t appoint Garcia as permanent chief. Now, regardless of when whatever list expires October or November 2020, it’s very close to expire. Once expired the argument is mute.

    1. I get a sense that Joel Gonzalez is setting the rationale to discard any previous list. Joel,where are you getting your legal information. Ohhh..excuuuse me. I forgot to refer to you by your proper title…Joel Gonzalez Esq.

      1. Okay you little prick, answer my question.

        “(3)Whenever a vacancy arises in the position of chief of police, the personnel director shall, upon request… Lets stop here. Didn’t the Personnel Director get arrested and resigned the Next day? How in hell was the mayor going to make such request to the personnel director? Keep in mind that the language call for director not acting director and there wasn’t a deputy director.

        Since you’re the smartest, biggest prick in OIB, I’m sure you have the all the right answer.

    2. First of all,Ganim cannot,under any circumstances,appoint Garcia as permanent Chief. So your point on that is moot. You continue to advocate ending all consideration of the last Police Chief Exam. WHY?

  7. Acting Personnel/Labor relations Director Erick Amado (counts for two). PUERTO RICAN. Acting Police Chief Rebecca Garcia and staff support like Manny Cotto jr and Deputy Chief Barajas. PUERTO RICANS. City Clerk Lydia Martinez. PUERTO RICAN. Council President Aidee Nieves. PUERTO RICAN. Rep. Chris Rosario. PUERTO RICAN. City Council Maria Valle, Jorge Cruz, Martinez, and Castillo. PUERTO RICANS. The honorable Carmen Lopez. PUERTO RICAN.

  8. For years you hateful, ignorant, racist, mother fuckers have been taking cheap shots at all mentioned above and others. The minute this PUERTO RICAN enters OIB (The only place I blog) you winning, little, racist punks, quickly turn to personal attacks and character assassination. Remember not long ago when the Honorable Carmen Lopez (PUERTO RICAN) posted a commentary on the Black Rock elite? Remembers the highly disrespectful and offensive post by a white, male blogger? Judge Carmen Lopez (PUERTO Rican) endured lots of abuse in a system run by white males. About 12 years ago I started to rattle the cages mainly on PUERTO RICAN elected officials. I was compelled to call them out on anything questionable with the goal of keeping them clean and avoid the kind of situation we’re going through. I’m delighted to see more doors opening for PUERTO RICANS. We’ve come a long way but, there’s more distance to follow. I will defend, con Escudo y Espada these and other PUERTO RICANS when necessary and deserved. Que Viva PUERTO RICO!

    1. All of Joel’s legal arguments have gone “poof.” So,now,Joel resorts to ethnic/racial “reasons” to support the situation with ACTING Police Chief Rebecca Garcia. Joel is saying it is OUR is the time for Puerto Ricans to be given favorable standing. Actual qualifications can go to hell.


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